Disco Pants All The Time

I’m currently in one of those moods/modes where I just wanna think about, talk about and wear disco pants, disco pant shorts or even shiny leggings.

I wore my Chinese modded black dupes today but I almost wore a pair of AA disco pants. To make myself look good, I’ll just say I opted to go with the Asian pair because it was really hot today and they are much thinner. The truth is I’m still a bit hesitant to get into super skinny disco pants and get out there. But I was even toying with the idea of wearing the skinny version and rolling up the hems a bit for a modern look and a summery feel.

I feel as though I am almost there in terms of wearing the AA pants. Mind you, I did wear them a few times this past winter but, as mentioned before, they were tucked into my tall Ugg-style boots so no one could really know they were skinny/leggings style. For whatever reason, being out in public in skintight shiny spandex from waist to ankles is still a daunting task for me. On the one hand there is plenty of excitement at the thought of it since I love AA pants and wearing them. On the other hand, there is some dread. Of what I’m not completely sure, but probably something that would seem pretty trivial at the end of the day.

So why is it that I can feel comfortable in shiny skintight spandex from waist to knees but not from waist to ankles? Well, I have rather skinny legs, especially the lower legs. A long time ago when I was wearing tight jeans at one of my jobs, a co-worker said I had ‘chicken legs’ and that’s something I have never forgotten. Not that this guy’s opinion on anything actually matters to me. He himself had no sense of style or individuality. But it’s the term ‘chicken legs’ that he used and that I have seen all over the internet when the discussion centers on guys wearing skinny jeans or spandex pants of any kind. It’s a stupid term and one used only to discourage guys–particularly ones who don’t spend countless hours at the gym chiselling their legs–from wearing form-fitting lower body garments.

When you wear shorts are you not revealing the shape and definition of your legs? So how is it different from wearing something that is colored and fits over those legs like another skin? Aren’t you seeing the same thing, except that now it’s in a different color? I realize the style for men’s shorts has been horrible in terms of length and width. I, too have worn those baggy cargo shorts that resembled bells over my upper legs (and knees). I’ve seen guys wearing shorts that go below the knees even.  And crew socks up to their mid-calfs. What is the point of that? Might as well wear pants. It will feel the same and it won’t be half as foolish looking.

So when I wear plain ol’ regular shorts anyone can tell how skinny my legs are. I don’t think wearing AA style disco pants or leggings is going to exacerbate that. So why don’t I then? I think there is still the issue of my being top-heavy. When I wear my vintage-style disco pants (or any pants that don’t grip my lower legs) I feel it balances out my upper heaviness with the thinner legs. Sounds like a good reason. But it doesn’t explain how I have no problems wearing some of the super and extreme skinny jeans that I have. They wrap around my lower legs just like tights and yet it doesn’t bother me going out in them.

Every time I come up with a reason I can also shoot it down with solid reasoning.

I can’t wear AA-style disco pants out in public.”
— I already have several times this year

When I did wear AA disco pants a good portion of the lower legs were tucked into tall boots.”
— I have worn super skinny and extreme skinny jeans with low top sneakers, thus no part of the lower legs were covered up

I feel awkward wearing something that is skintight from waist to hem.”
— I wear skinny jeans that are skintight from waist to hem

I feel awkward wearing something that is shiny from waist to hem.”
— I wear spandex disco pants often

I feel weird wearing something that is skintight AND shiny from waist to hem.
— OK maybe I got one here. Still, technically I have already done it even though my boots covered them. It would be a first without the boots.

I feel people will know I’m wearing AA disco pants ergo they’ll know I’m wearing women’s pants.”
— I have already worn jeans that I would say were clearly women’s. And even with the many times I have worn spandex jeans no one has ever declared that I was wearing women’s pants. Furthermore, most people either will not notice what you’re wearing or not even know one way or the other

I want to wear them but I don’t see any other guys around here wearing them or meggings for that matter. Heck, I don’t even see any women wearing disco pants.”
— I can’t do anything about that. The only thing I will get by waiting to see other people wear what I like is older and more unattractive. Be a trend setter!

As you can see I don’t have any legitimately good reasons for NOT wearing AA-style disco pants. And I really do think that rolling their hems up a little will make them a bit more ambiguously modern, sporty and even metro.

At the thrift store I usually go to I found some months ago a pair of H&M joggers. They have front and back pockets and a drawstring waist. They have zippered, scrunched up hems which when fully zipped give a tight fit. So the upper legs are rather loose but the lower legs are tight. I blame these pants for stirring up my interest in the leggings-like fit of AA’s disco pant. I really like these pants but wish they were tighter up top. Oh, and they have a bit of a dropped crotch which I don’t like much either. The rear patch pockets hang very low on the bum. I would love to find a slimmer and even shiny version of these pants!

And speaking of thrift stores, today was my day to go. As I wrote in the beginning, I wore my black modded Asian pair. Since they have the wider lower leg I can actually roll them up to my knees and give the impression I’m wearing shorts. But why do that when I already have such shorts? Anyway I did find another pair of great leggings today. I came into a black pair of AA leggings. So four weeks in a row I find some awesome leggings. This pair today has the disco pant look more than the other AA pair I found a few weeks ago. That one has more of a leathery look to it. I also found a pair of Levi’s 510 in Rigid Stretch which upon my first attempt to get on did not fit. If I am able to get them on they will be a very, very tight fit.

In other news, I found something very interesting while looking around at meggings:


That is something that a meggings store calls “mid-length megging.” I was totally taken aback by that since they resemble my disco pant cutoff shorts. I was thinking that people were going to think I was wearing spandex shorts or biker shorts or something like that. But anyone who is hip might actually think I’m wearing mid-length meggings! And I may have to change the name of my disco pant cutoff shorts to mid-length disco pants. I love the name!

But as I started this post, I have disco pants on my mind all the time lately. I’m now in the mood to where them everywhere I go. I mean every casual place I go. Still wouldn’t wear them to certain places. But all my daily routine type places are fair game now. When I dropped off a package at the post office today there was a medium-small line waiting to be served. I went to the front and laid down my package and everyone in line surely noticed the super shininess of those Chinese disco pants. Later, when I was headed to enter the thrift store doors there were some 20-something girls behind me. With the sun shining as it was today there is no doubt they noticed what I was wearing. All of us reached the doors about the same time and two of them entered first, but the third stepped back and let me go in before her. Probably wanted to get a back view of my pants!

Tomorrow is going to be another hot one. And I will be going out for errands again. While I most likely will wear my ‘mid-length disco pants’ I will leave the possibility for wearing a pair of AA disco pants. Maybe the black size large. Or the medium 2-tone.

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