First AA Disco Pant Summer Wearing!

Guess what? I wore my American Apparel black disco pants today! Yes, I did!! I know it’s not the first time I wore these pants, but it is the first time I wore them in summer. There were no tall boots to hide behind today.

I pulled out my large pair which I bought on ebay a couple of years ago. This is one from the original made-in-the-USA stock. They fit very comfortably. In terms of my ideal fit I would prefer tighter up top. But these are great nonetheless. I put them on and rolled up the hems about 4 widths. I thought that would give them a more sporty look and less of a full leggings look. Then I slipped on my white high top Converse and I was ready to go. I loved the look! Oh, and I wore a bright green checked shirt to kind of distract from the pants.

Considering that I dressed like this on a Saturday and went to a really busy store (that I really dislike may I add) I was rather impressed with myself. By the way, the store is Sam’s Club. I hate any store where I have to wait a long time to pay for the items I need and then go to another line where I have to show proof that I paid. Not only that but  they’ve been allowing pushy, outside marketers/salespeople to set up shop in strategic areas of the store and try to sell you things you don’t want or need. Furthermore, there are a lot of rude small business owners who shop there and cut in front of you and are very annoying. They act as though the world is ending right now. Regardless, I saw at least one woman looking down in the direction of my pants. Nothing else there but then again I don’t continually peruse the scene to see if anyone’s looking at me. I want to appear relaxed, comfortable and as though I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks.

After there I went to Dunkin Donuts and there was a guy sitting by the window who saw me as I was walking towards the doors. I’m sure that after I passed him inside the store he looked again and wondered what the heck I was wearing. Or maybe not. Finally, I stopped at a Walgreens to drop something off. This particular Walgreens has mirrors up on the wall as you go towards one end of the store. These mirrors are tilted down so that you can see who is in the aisles. I looked at my reflection in them and felt I really looked good. I didn’t want to go to this store initially but I forced myself to walk around and be seen in these pants. The more you do that the less inhibition you have about it.

And that was it. I consider today to be a milestone day. Did something new and different in regards to disco pants. And I enjoyed it. In fact, I even started thinking about getting some other colors in a size similar to this black one to wear out. Perhaps not the really loud colors but in all honesty AA currently only has black, navy, royal, pearl, peacock & menthe. The red sold out some weeks ago and they haven’t restocked. I’m wondering if that’s some kind of a harbinger. But I can definitely see myself wearing the navy, royal and pearl. Of course I already have charcoal, brown, navy, hunter green, gold, purple and menthe. But most if not all of them are medium or small.  Regardless, I have to think most anyone who saw me today probably thought I was wearing running tights or some kind of spandex athletic compression wear. Our society has grown so casual that you can combine your exercise gear with casual clothing and wear them together as a casual outfit. I think that’s great. That’s one of the things I love about this modern day and age. Even in the late 70’s and 80’s when the original disco pant were in style, most no one would wear them just to go out shopping or run other errands. They were considered a ‘nighttime’ or ‘party’ or ‘clubbing’ or ‘dancing’ or ‘concert’ or ‘special occasion’ garment. (However, for the hard-core fan all bets were off and they were worn anytime and anywhere). Nowadays disco pants are a much more casual item of clothing to be worn in most any scenario.

Last night I purchased two pairs of charcoal AA disco pants. One is a medium the other a large. Both were described as new without tags. And I got each for about $40. So finally, I can have my modded pair made up and a pair of shorts made. I am really excited about this. I have been wanting a pair of vintage fit disco pants in the AA gray color since forever and soon it will happen. Now I have to reevaluate whether I should get some of those gray Chinese disco pants I was thinking about. I probably still will but I wish they cost less.

That’s my news for today. Another point is I’ve got two wearings in a row now. Don’t know if I’m going anywhere tomorrow but if I do I will be sure to wear at the very least some disco pants shorts (aka mid-length m/leggings) if not some pair of disco pants.

Oh yeah, someone at home did ask me today if my AA disco pants weren’t too tight. I said no and that they’re very stretchy. That question was followed by ‘aren’t they too hot to wear in this weather?’ Again I said no and that they’re very lightweight and better than jeans in hot weather. I also added that they are good for folks with back problems, which I do suffer from. Another excuse to wear them and often!

Something I need to seriously think about is where to go from here. Should I try to wear these at least once a week now? Should I wear them without the hems rolled up? Should I start thinking about what color to wear next even though I don’t have any other AA pants in size large? I have a thrift store navy pair which is size small and fits amazing, but am I ready to wear it out? Ditto for the dark green. I have a few pairs of the charcoal in medium, but the made-in-USA pairs fit tighter than the new made-in-Mexico pairs so the mediums will still be a completely skintight fit. But since I have a large on the way I may be able to start with it and then slowly ‘downsize.’ We’ll see how all that goes.



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