New AA Disco Pants

So I ordered two pairs of AA disco pants last night. And I also picked up two more pairs of the white Chinese disco pants. I figured I will have these whites used to make a modded pair and some shorts. Still awaiting the charcoal pairs. Once I have the whites and the charcoals I will take them and the navys to the tailor to have made. Yeah, it’ll cost a pretty penny but I will have some very nice and unique pairs of spandex disco jeans.

The ones I got from AA are deep peacock and pearl. I haven’t had peacock since 2012. I never really got into that color until my recent vintage teal pair. I thought it would be a good idea to get one before they sell out. My fear is that Gildan (the new owner of AA) is not going to keep these pants around as long as AA did. Their plan to sell these in charcoal never came to fruition. Red has just sold out and is not being replaced. Though I should see if I could chat online with someone and ask about that. The truth is that one day these pants will not be made anymore which means they will be totally out of style. The out-of-style part is not such a great concern for me cause I’ll still be wearing them. But it also means that you will not be able to buy them new anymore unless you get them from someone who is stashing away pairs for that dreaded rainy day. Currently, you can still get them new from AA and you can get them new and used from ebay, Etsy, Poshmark, Depop & Mercari among others.

After my first pair of red AA disco pants which I got back in 2012, I never bought another. I sold that pair and have been without that style in red since. Why did I never get another? I think I felt content enough with my several pairs in red of the original, vintage style version. Plus then I ended up getting a few of those Asian pairs in red. But now that the red AAs are gone I do feel I should have picked up a pair. And not even just because they’re gone. Also because now I am feeling I can really wear the AA style out and while red is a really loud color I imagine that sometime this year I will wear red disco pants. Regardless they are a nice color to have even if just for the sake of taking photos.

Today I received a medium pair of the charcoal disco pants. Now I am really excited about getting my classic fit pants made. I have three in this color and all medium. I am still awaiting the large to arrive. After I have all four I will decide exactly which one will be modded into straight fit and which one will become shorts. Yes, it still pains me to think that one pair will be cut up but I will make a lot of use out of both finished products.

One thing I still have to consider is inseam. Inseam has never been an issue for me with AA disco pants. Since these pants have plenty of up/down stretch they have never been too short on me. In fact there has always been plenty of material bunched up at the ankles when I’ve worn them. The reason being that they cling to your legs due to the leggings-like fit. That small leg opening doesn’t all for them to creep up. So my concern is that once the small leg opening is increased by adding material, there will be nothing to keep that part of the pants clinging to the lower legs. And if that’s the case I will end up with a pair of disco pants that are too short. And it means I will have wasted a perfect pair of charcoal disco pants and the money that went with the ordeal.

The key for me is to measure and compare the inseams of the charcoal pants, the Chinese pants and some of my vintage ones that were just a wee bit short on me. Those numbers should tell me the full story. But there is a very real possibility that this might not work out how I want it. I have to be 100% certain that it will or I must drop the project and just proceed with the Asian pairs. That means no charcoal shorts either as I refuse to destroy a perfectly good pair that cost $40. I’ll just get the dark gray Chinese ones and work with those. Or perhaps just take the two pairs of gray H&M disco pants I have and complete the project with them (again, inseam issues permitting).

One of my very first pairs of spandex disco jeans was a silver Frederick’s which had been hemmed/cut short and were unwearable to me outside of tucking them into tallish boots. And no amount of pulling down on them helped make them longer. That’s one advantage skinny disco pants have over straight leg ones. The skinny ones can have a much shorter inseam yet still cover your whole legs or reach far enough down to your shoes. The straight leg ones cannot. And even if the skinny ones don’t reach far enough down it still looks fine because they look like leggings and there’s no definitive length for leggings.

My large pair of charcoal pants which are yet to come will have a slightly longer inseam but it still may not be enough. I will measure what I can later on and report back at another time.

For now though I am really wanting to wear AA disco pants out again. I haven’t worn any spandex jeans this week and I am eager to do so but specifically the skintight AA ones. Tomorrow is my thrift store day and I’m even entertaining the idea of wearing a charcoal pair. But I don’t know. I’ll settle for wearing the large black ones again.

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