Perhaps No Charcoal Straight Leg Fit After All…

The good news is I wore disco pants today. Perhaps it wasn’t the AA version that I really wanted to, but at least they were disco pants and I was glad to do it. I went with my trust new Le’Gambi size 4 in black. It’s my fifth wearing of the month and I really believe I am going to set a record month. With a full two-and-a-half weeks to go before July ends, I’m looking at another three wearings for a total of eight. And that might be on the low side!

The bad news is that I may not be able to get the charcoal pants modded. I did some measurements last evening and their hems are from 2.5 to 3 inches shorter than the Chinese pants and my fave vintage pair of black Le’Gambi’s that are perfect length. Check out the photos:

DSC08188 (2)aDSC08190 (2)a

The top photo is of the AA pants and Chinese pants. There’s about a 3 inch difference there. The lower photo is of the AA pants and the old Le’Gambi pants. There’s a good two inch difference there. The problem is as I have written that those Le’Gambi pants fit me at a perfect length. I never have to hem them at all and sometimes when I wear my low-top Converse they would appear to benefit from an extra half-inch or so of length. That being the case, I don’t think I could get away with wearing the shorter, modded AA pants even with high tops. It won’t work. I’m too tall. My legs are too long. I could try wearing the pants a little lower but with such a high rise I don’t know how that would fly.

This was an issue I never at all considered with the Asian pants. I had not even bothered to consider much less measure their inseam to see if there would be a similar problem. And I was lucky because there were no issues. As you can see the Chinese dupes are quite long. That was my saving grace. And this is too much uncertainty to risk destroying two perfectly good pairs of charcoal disco pants that are already a rare commodity. I know what you’re thinking: “well, you’d still have a great pair of disco pant cutoff shorts.” That is true but at the price of having two less charcoal pants and about $60 in the hole? Not worth it. The only way I would take my chances with this project is if AA was still selling this color. I’d have a pair modded and if they really ended up being too short I’d wear them only in the winter with my Ugg or Emu boots. Otherwise, I still have two options as I mentioned in my last post: get the Chinese disco pants and have them modded, which is something I would most likely have done in addition to getting the AA pants done anyway; take the two pairs that I have of H&M disco pants in gray and transform them. I feel less hesitant about cutting them up then I do the AA ones. However, I still have to measure their inseam to see if it would be a viable endeavor.

H&M disco pants are very inexpensive compared to AA ones, and that applies to both new and used. Even though you cannot buy new ones from H&M anymore you can still find some online being sold by private sellers. I picked up two brand new pairs last year for $20-25.

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