AA Disco Pants Rolling In

Some people may wonder why or how I could spend the last six years blogging about something as trivial (to them) as spandex disco jeans. Well, there are blogs about everything nowadays. But there weren’t any about disco pants. So I started one. It’s not a “disco pants expert” type thing but rather someone who is just passionate about these pants and has been since childhood. Admittedly, these pants fell out of fashion during a large portion of my younger years and the only places to catch glimpses of them during those years were on television, record covers or magazines. But this is also very therapeutic for me. With all the problems going on in the world and my own personal share of them, thinking about and writing about spandex jeans is an altogether very effective escape from all those woes. When I’m writing here this topic is all I’m thinking about. And not that there may not be benefits to visiting a therapist, this is a lot cheaper!

I’m sure there are people out there who know a lot more about these pants than I do. There are some with huge collections. They could provide much more insight and history than I ever could. But they choose not to blog about it. So with my obsessive weirdness, I do.

Now to the good stuff….

Yesterday marked my 28th wearing of disco pants for 2018. I had 30 for the entire year of 2017. I’m a statistics junkie so bear with me. From June to July 2017 I had a single wearing. During the same period this year I have ten already and July is not quite over. I know I have at least one more wearing before the month is up. My disco pant shorts were worn eleven times during this period last year. This year, five. I don’t mind having less wearings of the shorts this year vs. last because I have a lot more wearings of the pants. And that’s really why the shorts’ wearings are down. Last year I was substituting the shorts for the pants due to the weather, having to carry some kind of bag, my weight issues, etc. This year I have, in a sense, thrown caution to the wind and have been wearing the pants even though it’s hot out; even though I need to carry a messenger bag to hold my essentials; even though the weather doesn’t permit a jacket to be worn in order to cover up my upper body weight. My attitude has changed to “life is very uncertain now, more than ever before, and who knows when I’m going to reach my ideal weight so I’m going to try to make it a little better by wearing disco pants.” But yes, this is clearly going to be a record year and if I’m wearing them this much in the summer I can only imagine what autumn will bring!

A few days ago I received the pearl and deep peacock disco pants from American Apparel. They fit absolutely perfect. Both are size medium. In fact, I was so pleased with their fit that I entertained the thought of getting the few other colors of AA pants I don’t yet have. That would include midnight and royal, though royal seems to not be available in medium anymore and appears to be the next casualty of the rainbow of disco pants AA has for sale. I’m not terribly disappointed–that is, that I never got a pair in royal; I am concerned that the selling out of another color which is not being replaced could signify the second and possibly final demise of the AA disco pant. However, just for completist’s sake I should look around for new or lightly-used royal and red pairs.

I have pretty much given up on my idea to convert AA skinny disco pants in charcoal to straight leg fit. As I wrote in the last post the inseam is too short and wouldn’t look right on a tall person such as myself. I did however examine the H&M dark gray disco pants I own and they appear to have a longer inseam. So there may exist a possibility in them. But, I did go ahead and order two pairs of the dark grey Chinese disco pants on Aliexpress since this one particular seller changed his shipping to free. Ideally I wanted to order two large and two XL but I figured I will gamble on the large being the perfect fit.

This particular seller is unique in that he has both ‘light gray’ and ‘dark gray’ for sale. I’m guessing the light gray might be silver but I cannot be sure. I ordered the dark gray and once I get the two pairs modded I may order the light gray and see if it’s really gray or not.

I already have the navy and am still awaiting the white and now the dark gray. Once I receive all of them I will take them in to be reconfigured. I’m really particularly excited abou the dark grey ones.

Other than that I am not awaiting any more pairs of disco pants. I really need to slow down now in terms of buying more. I may have to thin the lot a bit. Just a bit. Problem is, shiny spandex jeans are no longer selling for the prices they were around six years ago. If you want to sell you either have to drop prices drastically or sit and wait till someone is willing to pay your price. As for me, unless I’m selling a pair I don’t care much for, I have to get my price and if that means a year or two, I can wait.

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to AA Disco Pants Rolling In

  1. Dorian Gray says:

    I have occasionally read and posted to your interesting blog for a couple of years now. There’s nothing weird or unusual about it. You are just talking about a fun and sexy item of clothing that was very popular at one time especially approximately 1979-1983. And thanks to a general trend in vintage clothing, made a welcome return and are still made and worn today.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      And it has been a treat to hear from you each time! Appreciate the thoughts and insights you have shared over the years. Thanks for being a fan of disco pants and this blog as well. And thanks to that general trend in vintage clothing.

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