A New Record!

If you had told me that I would set a record number of monthly disco pant wearings during a summer month I would have said you are cray cray. I would have gotten up and started doing the Backpack Kid dance. But it happened. This is July and I have worn disco pants seven times (days) this month. And there are still two days to go. I’m pretty sure I will not get up to nine but it is possible I may end up with eight. That’s my big news for today.

I wore my favorite old pair of Le’Gambi black spandex jeans today. It’s the one with the small rectangular label on the back. I went to Kohl’s, then a relative’s house(!), a wings place and finally a Family Dollar store.

So going to Kohl’s in disco pants is nothing new for me. It’s the place I started wearing them after only wearing them at a place of worship. But then we went to one of my relative’s house to take her some fruit. That was a new experience. I have never worn spandex jeans to ANY relative’s house. But I didn’t even sweat it or think twice about it. The wings place was a fast food restaurant so I didn’t really care about that. Finally, the Family Dollar store is also a place I believe I have worn them to so no biggie. What was interesting is that I looked at people more directly today, both with and without sunglasses. And I noticed many of them looking at my pants. At Kohl’s I saw some people clearly looking down at them. At the wings place there were two women sitting down on the side as I stood ordering. I know they noticed my pants because as I turned around to leave the place I saw them looking at me. And at the dollar store I saw the people in the long line behind me check me out as I paid and made my way to the door. So people are noticing. Even weirder people who seem to have their own different styles going. All the while I am less self-conscious and feeling more relaxed as I wear them here and there. Serious progress!

There is one thing I have found myself doing more lately. On a day when I know I’m going ANew Recordout and I start getting dressed to go, I’ll pull out a pair of shiny disco pants and put them on, even though my mind’s not really set on wearing them. Perhaps even there was no intention of wearing them that day. But I’ll put them on and I can’t bring myself to take them off. So I decide to wear them. That’s what happened today. I was uncertain about wearing spandex jeans today. I was feeling more like wearing some very skinny jeans with my Air Jordan 4s. But after putting on the shiny nylon/spandex trousers I decided I was going out in them. And I paired them with my Air Jordans which may be safe for me to say that perhaps I am the only guy ever to wear disco pants with Air Jordan 4 sneakers. Perhaps even the only person ever but I’m not sure I can go that far. Regardless, it was my first time with that pairing and it looked a lot better than I thought it would. Come to think of it, maybe some of those guys who I saw looking down at my pants were actually looking at my kicks. These Jordans are a rare model and sold out rather quickly when they came out. Whatever. I don’t really care what they were looking at. I know I felt good in my vintage disco pants and 1989-style Air Jordan sneakers.

This is the first time I’ve worn this Le’Gambi pair in over two months. They really are a perfect-fitting pair in every way so I’d like to preserve them by not wearing them too often. I do have about six other Le’Gambi pants in black so I don’t have to wear these regularly. I did wear them a lot in 2012 when I didn’t have as many. This pair is the perfect tightness, perfect shine & perfect length.

A few more interesting (to me anyway) statistics:

  • today was the first Sunday of 2018 that I wore disco pants
  • today was the first Sunday since 2016 that I wore disco pants
  • the last place I wore disco pants on a Sunday before today was church

I find that interesting. I had not realized that it’s been so long since I wore spandex jeans on a Sunday! I need to make better use of those pants on the day of rest!



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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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