Spandex Disco Jeans in 1977?

It’s August now and I have my first disco pant wearing for the month. It’s also my 30th wearing for the year which equals last year’s total. And virtually 5 months to go before the year is up! By the way, I ended up with 7 wearings last month. I may try to surpass that amount this month. Actually a fun goal might be to try to get more wearings with each month until it gets too cold to wear them.

An interesting development occurred last night. I came across a French music group called “Belle Epoque.” They were a singing/dancing group of 3 or 4 individuals and there are videos of them on YouTube. The lead singer of the group, Evelyne Lenton (Evy), is wearing what appears to be none other than black disco pants in several of the videos. Here is one of them:

Belle Epoque – Black Is Black

The thing that is throwing me off here is that this video and at least one other that I saw are both labelled as being from 1977. The show they happen to be on in these videos was a German show called “Star Parade” which ran from 1968-1980. I cannot verify if the 1977 date is correct on these videos. The problem is I was convinced spandex disco pants were invented in 1978 after the “Grease” movie craze of that year’s summer. If these videos are really from 1977 that throws my theory completely out the window. Another possibilty though is that Ms. Lenton is wearing the same kind of pants Olivian Newton-John wore in Grease, namely sharkskin pants from the 1950s. After all, if you look at her pants carefully in the videos, they seem to have a belt similar to the one that was built into Olivia’s pants. I have written about this before but yes, Olivia’s pants had a belt closure, no back pockets and no stretch either. The zipper was broken. Did I mention they were 0% stretch? Remember, she had to be literally sewn into those pants for the movie in order for them to fit skintight. So while many young ladies may believe that “Sandy” wore the very first (spandex) disco pants ever, they were far different from the real disco pants that came out shortly after and the ones that American Apparel started producing in 2008.

So is that what Evy is wearing in these videos? Or is she really wearing spandex disco jeans? I can’t imagine anyone dancing around in skintight non-stretch pants, other than for the sake of making a scene for a film as Olivia did. And if my memory serves me well, she didn’t move around all that much or make any terribly strenuous moves during that final scene.

belle epoque2belle-epoque-french-vocal-pop-trio-about-1978-with-evelyn-lenton-in-FFNGW9

So I don’t know what kind of pants those are. They sure look like spandex disco pants. But 1977? Have I been wrong in my belief that disco pants came out in 1978? Or was this something custom made for her? That is a possibility, too. I sure wish I could ask Evy. That would help tremendously!

Still, if those were a custom-made garment it would imply that disco pants in general were not a commercially available item. Not to the general public. Perhaps I am still correct that they did not become available until after the Grease craze in the summer of ’78. All the evidence I have come across up until now pointed to 1978 as the year that these pants were becoming ubiquitous on television. And the year they started showing up on album covers.

I guess I will keep doing further research as evidence allows and see what I can come up with.

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to Spandex Disco Jeans in 1977?

  1. Mario says:

    I think those are just another variation of spandex pants from that period. Check out these disco pants in this video from the mid 70’s disco era

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hi Mario,
      The ones in your video link look more leather-like. There was a lot to choose from during that era. I think the nylon/spandex combination was and is still the best. Thanks for the link!

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