A Record 2018

I’ve been getting a lot of spam on this blog for the last week plus. I don’t know if that’s a good sign in any way, but it is annoying when you get a notification that there’s a comment for you and it turns out to be garbage. And garbage in a different language at that. I will keep labeling these things as spam so no one is going to read them. Whatever you’re selling take it elsewhere!

There’s another milestone I reached this past Friday. I wore disco pants for the 31st time this year, which shatters last year’s record of 30 wearings. And today I wore them for the 32nd time. And it’s very warm and humid here still. Clearly this means I will have a great deal of wearings come September, October & November. Pending nothing should happen to detract from that, of course. I’d like to try some more adventurous things come the cooler months. Definitely want to get into the groove of wearing my shorter, more form-fitting shiny American Apparel night jackets with disco pants. I think I’ve only done this once to this date. It’s a great look because these jackets are bomber-style and they have the elastic waistband which causes the jacket to creep up on you when you bend down or sit. Then when you get up, ta da! The whole upper part of the disco pants is showing, front and back. And I’d like to wear them that way. And some people like to see that. But I’m still hesitant so I quickly pull the jacket down into place. But what I really love about these jackets is that even pulled fully down they still allow some of the upper regions of the pants to show. That’s a good compromise.

I also want to try wearing my pleather jacket with them. I have never worn this combination out in public. I have used it plenty for photo shoots though. It’s a short-ish jacket like leather jackets of this style tend to be. So a lot of the upper portion of the pants is free to exposure and it’s a great look. But it does not have the elastic waist band so it doesn’t cling to the body there and makes it a little bit of a crappy look since I’m top-heavy.

Something else I’d like to try is wearing the louder colors. And of course getting more wearings of the steel blue color which is not really loud. And I’d love to get more out of the AA pants. If only I’d see more guys–any guys–around here wearing leggings I’d wear the AAs with more confidence. I still maintain I can get away with wearing the two-tone pair because it looks like exercise apparel. If I pair those with my black/white Nike running sneakers I’d really look like I’m in training. But I really love my various pairs of white Converse and want to stick with them.

The pants I wore today and on Friday was the modded Chinese pair. I adore these pants. They’re great. The thin material is perfect for this hot weather. And they fit skintight even though they’re not skintight on my waist. I could wear these non-stop and not feel any pair or soreness on the waist. This pair was one of those first few oddball XL pairs I bought on ebay that fit more like a large than an XL. The XLs I bought later were ridiculously large, not even resembling disco pants when I tried them on. To me they fit more like XXL. I would rather that the white, navy and gray ones I want to mod would fit more like this black pair. Don’t get me wrong–I love the look, feel and fit of skintight spandex jeans, but the extra-tighter fitting large ones they now make will probably come apart at the seams more quick. And after 3 public wearings and several hours of indoor wearings for photo shoots this black pair is going strong, and all because they are skin tight without being deterioratingly skin tight.

I remembered that on Friday the velcro on my messenger bag accidentally made contact with my disco pants and left a few marks on the pants material. Velcro and nylon/polyester/spandex don’t mix! Keep them away from each other as much as possible. The damage done is irreversible not to mention unsightly.

So the main point of this post was 2018 being the new record year in terms of disco pants wearings. I’m going to try to get in as many wearings the remainder of this year because frankly, next year may bring different things my way and I may not wear spandex jeans as often as I am now. Let’s hope not. But I am really focused on making this year a huge one just in case. As for this week I’ll probably get another wearing on Friday.

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2 Responses to A Record 2018

  1. John says:

    Speaking of jackets, I think a leather jacket worn in combination with black disco pants looks great. I remember seeing a photo in a rock magazine back in the day of Jeff Lynne from ELO wearing that combination during the Xanadu period. Very hot look.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hi John,
      That’s cool! I couldn’t picture Jeff Lynne in disco pants but that would be great. I looked around but didn’t find any pics. If you ever come across a pic shoot me a link. Thanks!

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