Cheryl Ladd in Disco Pants / New AA Color

A short while ago today I caught an episode of Charlie’s Angels that had the character of Kris Munroe (played by Cheryl Ladd) wearing what appeared to be black spandex disco pants. The episode is titled “Mother Angel” and aired November 15, 1978. This episode also happens to feature Farrah Fawcett as a guest after having left earlier on in the series. Ladd had replaced Fawcett as one of the regulars.

So it’s mid-November 1978. Shiny spandex jeans were starting to be seen everywhere on television. And here is Cheryl Ladd wearing a black pair with a leather/vinyl-looking red jacket. I’m not completely sure but these disco pants don’t seem to have any back pockets. I did catch a glimpse of a name brand tag somewhere near the waistline in the back. I haven’t seen that before. But they are clearly spandex disco pants. There is no denying that unique shine.

This episode is on but it was uploaded in a reverse negative fashion. Thus all the writing is backwards. Fortunately, that has no effect on the awesomeness of disco pants. But the stills below have been corrected by me.

I think this is a show worth having on DVD if you don’t already. I suspect there are plenty of episodes of The Angels in spandex jeans. I know for a fact of four different episodes, two having black pants and two red. And the most recent I’ve seen feature Cheryl Ladd wearing them in both instances. I’m sure there are more. I have not watched this show since I was a child so I’m rediscovering this stuff now.

Here are some stills. The video was not the clearest so we’ll have to make do.

cheryl ladd BDP 1cheryl ladd BDP 2cheryl ladd BDP 3cheryl ladd BDP 4cheryl ladd BDP 5cheryl ladd BDP 6cheryl ladd BDP 7cheryl ladd BDP 8cheryl ladd BDP 9cheryl ladd BDP 10cheryl ladd BDP 11cheryl ladd BDP 12

There she is in what appears to be a pocket-less pair of shiny spandex disco jeans. Would love to know what brand those are. I’m not huge on the ones without pockets, but they are skintight and shiny so I still like them. I’ll do a post on the episode where Cheryl’s wearing red ones soon.

Finally, I wanted to mention that American Apparel has a new color of disco pants for sale–“freesia.” It’s actually a wildly bright yellow color and I’m quite surprised by it. If disco pants were on the wane why would they issue a brand new color and an extremely loud one at that? Never having had yellow disco pants I plan to get me a pair of these. They look pretty nice on the website but I don’t think this color will do too well.


I’ll be ordering one of those ASAP!

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14 Responses to Cheryl Ladd in Disco Pants / New AA Color

  1. Russ says:

    They look awesome to me. I plan on getting some as soon as I can. Hopefully AA will re-release all of their known colors and a few new ones as well. Orange, taupe, copper, and bronze all come to mind. If they get enough business on the yellows maybe they will finally listen to the disco pants buyers and make the other colors available. It is up to us.

    I never watched Charlie’s Angels as a kid or as an adult. But now that I have seen YouiTube posts of the scenes with the ladies in disco pants, plus the fact that it is on antenna tv on MeTV everyday at 5PM Eastern, maybe I’ll watch to try and catch some live action footage of the women in SDJs. A specific episode list would be helpful.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hey Russ,
      Mine is coming in tomorrow and I will report on it. I also hope they bring back all the old colors to prevent the price gouging going on with some of them. And like you said some new colors. Why not, right? AA is the only major retailer making these pants now so they should try some wild things.
      That is surprising that you never watched Charlie’s Angels! Disco pants and attractive ladies aside, it’s a pretty good show. I am going to look into getting dvds of the specific episodes I am looking for. Seasons 3, 4 & 5 should be key in terms of SDJs.
      I don’t know if you caught the episode that was on today on MeTV, but the end segment featured Cheryl Ladd in black ones.
      I want to put together a special feature on this blog for all tv show episodes & movies that have SDJs in them. And one also for album artwork.

      • Russ says:

        An SDJ database? Works for me. Please do it. Charlie’s Angels was not my kind of TV show. I’m into sci-fi, so needless to say I was watching Erin Gray on Buck Rogers constantly.

      • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

        I never really liked Erin Gray because my first exposure to her was as Rick Stratton’s stepmom on Silver Spoons. She was kinda bossy and interfered in his relationship with his dad. I had no idea she had previously been in another show called Buck Rogers. After I found that out and that she wore SDJs almost all the time on that show, I came to appreciate her role on Silver Spoons a lot more, lol. I just wish she had wore some as “Kate”. She could have been Rick’s sexy stepmom. After all, Silver Spoons debuted in 1982 when disco pants were still in fashion.

  2. Dorian Gray says:

    I remember the actress Cheryl Ladd seemed to wear disco pants on as many occasions as possible. All the time on Charlie’s Angels and when she sang her music and when she appeared on the talk shows of the day

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hi Dorian,
      You’re right! I looked around for Cheryl Ladd photos and I found many where she wore black or red disco pants. And so far she does seem to be the one Angel wearing them the most.

  3. Russ says:

    I think that Frederick’s of Hollywood made SDJs with no pockets. During the summer of 2014 I saw two such pairs on ebay; one purple, one red. The red ones disappeared after one listing cycle with no buyers. The purples were scooped up very quickly. I haven’t seen any others since.

    Maybe one of us, or we, should find a pattern for making our own disco jeans. Then we could make whatever color or size we wanted whenever we could. Or maybe reverse engineer a pattern from an old pair. I’m thinking about it. I’ll have to learn to use a sewing machine first.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Russ, how do you feel about the pocketless SDJs? There are at least some people who don’t understand why they should have pockets. For me they are a must. I love putting my wallet in them because I know no one will be able to pull it out without my knowing!
      We’re in the same boat. I too want to make my own disco jeans but I have yet to learn to use not to mention buy a sewing machine. There was a young woman on Etsy who was making her own and selling them for $20. I’m not sure how she could sell them that cheap. They looked very good in the photos. But I would be curious to see how your design would look compared to mine.

      • Russ says:

        Pocketless SDJs are fine with me. I recently bought a pair of magenta Jeangles from someone in the UK and they only have one pocket, so a smooth rear panel is just as good as a pocketed one IMO. As for designing an SDJ of my own, I haven’t even tried it yet, but I think that a different pocket shape is necessary to creating something new and interesting. I would also try to create a different seam arrangement in the crotch to keep it from separating with the lycra. Definitely market them as unisex too. Right now it’s just a thought, nothing else.

      • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

        It would be interesting to see what design each one of us would come up with. I’d like to design my own even if it were just a one-off type thing. Put my own brand name on it and all the personal touches I prefer. I think that would make for an interesting next blog post if I haven’t already done so!

  4. Mario says:

    I spotted disco pants being worn in a 1980 episode of “Alice”. The character “Flo” is seen in a pink pair and the full episode can be seen here:

    She makes her entrance in the pants at the 11:10 part and she says “I’m ready to hit the road!” and her boss says “you better not hit it too hard or you’ll split those pants wide open!”

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Thanks for that episode, Mario! I will add that episode to the archive list I want to create. 1980 was definitely a pinnacle year for those pants.

  5. skippy says:

    Mario, Thanks for the episode. I’ve never seen that one but have seen others where Flo was wearing Disco Pant,Flo could be a Hoe sometimes,Lol. One of my Favorite Episodes is Cagney and Lacey where the woman cop plays a hooker,I especially like the scene at 33:20

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hey Skippy,
      If you can remember any of the other episodes where Flo was wearing disco pants that would be great!
      That Cagney & Lacey episode you mentioned is the very first one after the pilot. It was aired in early 1982 and Cagney was wearing a very nice pair of SDJs.

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