Freesia AA Disco Pant & Dropped Pockets

They came in today! My brand new, bright yellow–uhh, ‘freesia’–American Apparel disco pants. And let there be no doubt; they are a very sunny, summery yellow. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Never had a pair of yellow spandex jeans before. This is my first and I’m quite thrilled.

I bought a size medium and the fit is skintight from waist to ankles. It was even a bit hard getting the leg openings through my feet. That’s the thing about the skinny/leggings style disco pants. You may want to get them as tight as possible in the upper regions but you may end up not getting them past your feets!

So I’m in love with these new disco pants. Love the color and fit. And shine. I will take some photos with them as soon as I can. Will have to figure out what tops will go with skintight shiny yellow pants.

I am really surprised that AA would release such a bold color as this. Seeing as how women are the main consumers of these pants, I don’t know how they will respond to this yellow. I know they all love black & red & pearl. But yellow? What is AA’s thinking behind this? Are they trying to see how wild of a palette they can create and get away with? Or is this some sort of last ditch effort to breathe new life into an item that is nearly 10 years old now? I know that many fans of these pants–myself included–want to see all the original colors return. I’d like a second chance to get those colors I parted with or never had to begin with. At the top of my list now is Cranberry red. But I also want pink, brown, red & royal blue. (Notice I didn’t say charcoal? Now that I have 4 pairs I don’t need any others!)

Anyway, there is something of rather significant interest that I need to mention. One of the first things I noticed about the new ‘freesia’ disco pants is that those lower pockets are placed a lot lower than I have seen on any AA disco pants in all these years. So I grabbed a few other handy pairs and I made some measurements. Here is what I found:

First, I took a black pair of the original USA-made disco pants in black size large. I measured from the top of the right corner of the right pocket to the top of the pants:


As you can see, that distance measures between 2-3/4 and 2-7/8 inches. And just visually looking at the pants you can see the pockets are pretty high up as they were traditionally on brands such as Le’Gambi, Bojeangles & Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Next I grabbed a charcoal pair size large. These too are USA-made and have never been made elsewhere:


Measuring from the same spot you can see it’s right about 2-1/2 inches. So the pocket here is even slightly higher up than on the black pair.

Then I took a few of the new Mexican made pairs. Here’s pearl:


Here you can already visually see that the pockets are placed lower. No need to measure even. On this pair the distance is between 3-1/2 and 3-5/8 inches. Compared to the charcoal, the pearl has at least a whole inch of additional space.

Next up is the deep peacock:


On this pair there is about 3-3/8 inches. Slightly less than the pearl but still a difference that is visually noticeable.

Finally, I measured the brand new “freesia’ pair. This one caught my eye even more than the pearl and peacock, which truthfully I hadn’t even bothered to notice on those.


The freesia is right around the 4-1/4 inch mark! While it’s not a whole inch more than the others, it is still a very noticeable increase over the previous two.

So what does this all mean? Is it a manufacturing defect or is this done intentional? Is there more to it than AA just coming out with a wild new color near summer’s end? Perhaps they are trying to update the look a bit. A lot of jeans nowadays have lower placed pockets and that is one of the features that gives them their modern look. Are they trying to give that modern look to disco pants? But even lowering the pockets does not exactly make them modern. I have repeatedly mentioned that Jonden’s disco pants all had the lowered pockets. But it was one of the few if not only brands to do so. That surely gave them a unique look which I really like.

It goes without saying then that I like the dropped pockets look. I like to have a little of the pockets showing when I wear my longer shirts. Are they going to do this for the other colors as well or will they just have two different lines of disco pants–the original and the updated? The thing is, as I have already shown, the pockets of the Mexican made ones previous to the freesia were already slightly dropped. Perhaps this is an anomaly. Speaking of different lines, remember when AA came out with that matte disco pant? I never understood the point of those. A skinny/legging style jeans-type pants that didn’t have any shine. Were they really anything more than jeggings? How could they even share the name of ‘disco pant’ with the real thing? From afar they would look like a pair of black skinny jeans. I don’t remember them lasting long either. Kinda fizzled away like the 3-tone and printed disco pants. I wouldn’t mind having one of the matte pairs as they could have served as a transitional pant to the shiny AA ones.

One final point is that there is only one photo of this new freesia color disco pant on the AA site. It’s a front view. Perhaps if they had included a rear view I could have seen the lower placement of the pockets. Not that it would have affected my decision to buy–again, I love the idea of lower pockets. But it would have been interesting to see the change and also to serve as confirmation that it’s not just the pair I received today. If you look closely at some of the rear shots of the other colors there you will clearly see that the pockets are lower than on the original AA disco pants. I hope they keep going this direction and keep adding more colors.


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2 Responses to Freesia AA Disco Pant & Dropped Pockets

  1. Russ says:

    They look awesome! I want a pair or two.

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