Vintage Fit Charcoal AA Disco Pants

I have some good news. For me anyway. I have determined that I can have the charcoal disco pants modded into a straight leg AND be just long enough to fit me properly. As a result of this determination, I have purchased a 5th pair of charcoal AA disco pants. I found a pair that is something like size XXS for a decent low price that I can use for the extra material needed. I can’t bring myself to cut up a perfectly good pair in size M.

So here is how I came across this discovery. I measured the inseam of the recent charcoal large pair I came into. It’s in the upper 20s which is not really long enough for me. However, I have a vintage pair of an English brand disco pant that is a bit short on me yet tolerable if I were them with boots or high top Converse. Basically as long as it’s not a pair of low top Converse or Vans, et al. I visually compared the length of this pant with the large charcoal disco pant and the AA pant is slightly longer! Additionally, it has about a 3/4 inch hem that can be let down. So it looks like it’s going to happen. I’m pretty thrilled about this as, I have said a million times, I really love this color.

When I get the XXS pair I just ordered I will take it and the large pair along with this vintage British pair and ask the tailor to follow the leg pattern of the vintage one. However, since the leg opening of this vintage pair is slightly slimmer than the vintage Le’Gambi black pair that I consider to be the ideal, I will have her add the extra width on the hem to give it more of a vintage straight fit look.

It’s important to take the English pair because of its similarity to the AA pants’ overall length. She can compare at what point the leg starts to widen relative to the AA pair and determine where to start adding the extra material on it. As far as having a pair of shorts made up, well, I’m putting that plan on the back burner. I haven’t worn shorts much this summer even though it’s been a tremendously hot and humid season. This includes my Chinese disco pant cutoff shorts. Now that we’re in September my focus will be more on wearing the pants themselves with perhaps the occasional wearing of the shorts here and there. Of course, all it takes for me to get really excited about the shorts again is to see anyone around wearing something similar.

I am allowing for the possibility that the pants may still come out a bit too short. If that’s the case I will save them for wearing with my various Emu or Ugg boots. But I am rather optimistic. In fact, I am already looking around for an affordable (ahem, cheap) pair of brown AA disco pants that I can mod in the same way. But brown is a lot harder to find than charcoal. There currently are several pairs on various websites for sale. The good thing is that size no longer matters. Condition neither. And yes, I would be willing to take my only pair of brown AA disco pants and have them modded. If I end up completely pleased with the charcoal, there is no question that I’ll do the brown.

In the time I await for this XXS small pair to arrive I have to decide whether I want to mod the large charcoal or one of the several mediums I have. I love the fit of the medium–absolutely skintight. The large is a lot more forgiving up top but still tight. It is very possible that I may end up having both sizes done. I shall have to try both in the coming days and see which I prefer mostly. I will have to verify if both the large and medium are the same overall length. If not then all bets are off and it will be a large-only type deal.

More on this as it develops

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