Disco Pants Whether In Or Out of Fashion!

Maybe it’s because I’m older, or because I’m a guy, or because I grew up in poverty, but I’m not the kind to try new fashion fads and dump them as the tides of clothing styles come and go. I know there are plenty of women out there who do this just to have the latest things and emulate their favorite celebrities. I bring this up because I see so many women selling their disco pants on various online selling sites. I can’t help but think….

“Why are you selling these amazing pants? Clearly you liked them at some point. Surely you still fit in them. It’s very hard not to fit into a pair of disco pants you have owned unless you’ve gone through some major physical changes. So why?”

I’ve seen some of them write that it’s not part of their style anymore. Well, I can understand if a 13, 14 or 15 year old girl bought them, wore the heck out of them during their apex in 2012-13, and now at age 18, 19 or 20 has changed her mind about them. Fair enough. Teen girls are notoriously fickle. But how about these women who bought them at 18 or 19 or early 20s. Your style has changed and disco pants no longer fit into it? I bet you still wear leggings. I bet you still wear skinny jeans and jeggings. So how exactly do disco pants not fit in with those similar items of the legwear family?

I do believe this is a symptom of the fashionista lifestyle. You must deny yourself–even if you love disco pants–and move on to the next biggest trend. The problem is disco pants are still very much in style. It wasn’t a ’12-’13 fad that is dead and gone. Yes, all those other brands who jumped on the bandwagon during that time and made their own cheaper, lower quality versions jumped off the moving bandwagon just as quickly as they jumped on. But it was a moving bandwagon and their mistake was in abandoning ship when there was no clear and present danger. Guess what? American Apparel is still making and selling disco pants. And they have no competition now. Disco pants are alive and well nearly 10 years later. New colors are being released. If it truly were only a 2-year fad it would have completely disappeared by now. Thrift stores would be dripping with them. As you know I have only come across 3 pairs of AA disco pants since 2011.

So while I may not be keen on trying new fashion trends, if I do come across something I like I will keep wearing it even after it has faded into obscurity. Is it cause I’m older? Perhaps but even when I was younger I didn’t go with the trends of the day. Not willingly anyway. I have said that baggy was the norm during those days and you couldn’t find jeans that weren’t awfully loose. Even Levi’s 505 were loose during those times. And I wasn’t really into designer jeans then–I didn’t really know anything about designer jeans–so I bought and wore cheap store versions from Kohl’s, JC Penney and Target. I would have preferred tight jeans but there were none to be found. And I probably would have been hesitant to wear them. But there isn’t anything out there for guys that I wouldn’t consider wearing nowadays. Not due to age. The only thing I’ve never been into is ripped denim. Never cared for that.

Is it because I’m a guy that I don’t follow trends as much? Perhaps. But as a guy I do like and appreciate nice clothing. From tops to shoes to outerwear. And this has increased with the passage of time. I prefer the slim and fitted look and I will probably stick with this permanently. Even if things should go back to droopy, long and loose I will keep on with fitted, slim, skinny and skintight. As long as I can play the part, I guess.

But men have never had as much selection as women have and still do not. However it has improved for men and there is a lot more to choose from. We may even be headed towards a point where clothing is no longer gender-branded and everything will be for everyone.

Finally, is it because of poverty that I didn’t follow trends? Surely that had the most to do with it than anything else. My first pair of Levi’s was a hand-me-down. I was very excited to have those because Levi’s were out of my family’s purchasing power. At the time I came into those they were a tight-fitting pair of pants. They were tighter than anything I had ever worn. Because of that and due to it being the ‘baggy age’ I decided I would only wear them at home. But they were a solid pair of jeans and little by little I started wearing them outside the house until eventually I decided they were too good to not wear to school. And so began my excursion of wearing tight jeans to school while surrounded by everyone else wearing denim sacks on their lower bodies. Naturally, I couldn’t get away with being unnoticed and was the recipient of some comments which led to me wearing them only sporadically throughout that school year. I did continue to wear those jeans for another nearly 9 years after graduation until they no longer fit and started coming apart. Those jeans are the reason I wear spandex disco jeans today and try to wear them without regret. I allowed a few comments to keep me from wearing my favorite jeans and all I have no is regret for that.

So poverty kept me from following fashion trends. I would have loved to have the latest coolest clothing when I was younger. I would have loved to have Nikes like many of my school mates did, though I was thrilled when I got my first really good pair of sneakers in junior high–the Reebok 4600 high top basketball shoe. Nike shoes seemed to be more explosive in popularity in high school. There I wore my Reeboks for another year, then some Converse leather high tops and finally a pair of Adidas Phantom for my last two years.

As you can see, there were no Air Jordans for me. No Air Flight 89s. Not even a second pair of Reebok 4600s, which in all honesty, seemed out of style by then as I appeared to be the only one in my school sporting them. Converse and Vans were not popular then. Everyone wore leather sneakers of some sort.

I did get one pair of fancy designer jeans in high school though. It was a pair of Girbaud jeans which were all the rage then. I went with a friend to the boutique downtown where I dished out $60 for a nice pair. It being the nicest pair of jeans I had at the time I wanted to wear them everyday to school. But I knew that wouldn’t be good so I wore them 2-3 times each week. Oh and I had a nice pair of black dress/casual shoes called Zodiacs. I think they are the reason I was able to wear my Adidas Phantoms for 2 school years. I wore the Zodiacs so much that the Adidas were relegated only for gym class and weekend use. I had to have the Zodiacs resoled because they were so worn down it gave the shoes a bad look. So my Adidas were still new for the next school year and I ended up wearing them everyday, my love affair with the Zodiacs having ended by then.

As you can see, I had a few nice items of clothing. But I scrimped and saved for those. I got as much use as I could out of them. The Girbaud jeans I wore till they ripped in the knees beyond high school. Mind you, I had a friend who got me into Girbaud jeans and he was also the guy who inspired me to wear those Levi’s to school as well. I noticed he had a similar colored pair of Levi’s and I liked how they looked on him so I wanted to wear mine. And I did once but I must have felt they were too tight and I would not wear them again until the following school year when they were even a little tighter then.

Basically I am at the point in life where I am going to stick with particular styles of fashion that I like. I am not going to try to go along with trends anymore. Thankfully, the trends I have wanted to come back have come back. Those include disco pants, tight jeans for guys and certain pairs of sneakers I thought I would never have the chance to wear or own. Tight pants for guys are all the rage now. You see them wearing them everywhere. Disco pants are still a fashionable item despite what fashionistas may say. So I can wear those things and feel that I’m fitting in. As I mentioned before, disco pants can appear to many people to be exercise apparel so when I’m wearing some they can be mistaken for being athletic clothing. And athletic clothing is also very much in fashion now. I have even been wearing Nike track pants and Nike joggers during this hot summer. These are super casual times. Spandex is very comfortable. As much as many people may not want to admit it, spandex garments are the most comfortable thing you can wear while looking good wearing them.

I guess if some women want to hop from one fashion trend to the next it’s their prerogative. But in doing so they never develop their own style and they will miss out on some great yet short-lived trends. All in the name of what? Being in fashion? Mimicking celebrities? It’s so sad when I see tweets from women on Twitter that read something like, “Can disco pants please come back into fashion?” I mean, really? You’re that willing to allow someone or something to dictate your sense of style? When I wished for tight jeans to be in style it was because they were absolutely not available. But disco pants are everywhere! Why cheat yourself out of wearing something you adore just because your friends or favorite celeb is not wearing it? Life’s too short. Just wear disco pants!

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4 Responses to Disco Pants Whether In Or Out of Fashion!

  1. Mario says:

    Disco pants have always been a big fetish of mine. Of course quality and characteristics can very greatly from pair to pair. I’m fussy about disco pants because while I couldn’t afford the original ones like LeGambi, I seek modern ones that look and feel as close to the originals as possible. A lot of the China ones I find aren’t as shiny as the vintage ones and the China ones of course don’t have the regular leg openings and are cut more like a legging with pockets and a zipper. I did find one pair that’s new but has all the charactistics of a vintage pair (besides belt loops). This pair I bought is black, very shiny, and most importantly, is a blend of spandex and polyester. It’s that nylon/polyester that gives it a shine. The fabric is more thick and heavyweight like the old ones too and has a metal (not plastic) zipper. The brand is ‘Glossy Girl” and sell for about $20. Yes, they too are China-made, but at least these are very close to the vintage ones.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hi Mario,
      I looked at your link and I remember seeing those on ebay recently. They look exactly the same as the ones I have bought on AliExpress–the shape of the pockets, the shine, the look. Everything. I suspect someone may have purchased them from AliExpress or DHGate or even from ebay when they were being sold a few years back. (Ebay is where I bought my first ones several years ago).
      You say the material is similar to the old ones. That’s the only difference I find. The ones I refer to are pretty thin but the quality has improved over time from when I bought my first pairs to now. So I don’t know for sure.
      As far as material goes, I guess the Chinese aren’t obligated to fully disclose what their garments are made from. I have a lot of these pants that have no info about the material and others that say 100% polyester which I find unbelievable. Polyester on its own has some stretch but not enough for a comfortable skintight-fitting garment. It is a cheaper material than nylon so I imagine these Chinese pants must be a polyester/spandex blend. But yeah for $20 you can get a pretty awesome pair of imported disco pants, but they are the leggings super skinny style.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Thanks for the link! I almost bought this type myself until I realized they were too similar to the Chinese ones I already have.

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