Got My Newly Altered AA Disco Pants

I must apologize for not blogging yesterday regarding my altered AA charcoal disco pants. I didn’t get the pants until today. Seems like everything has been a day late recently. But I did get them nonetheless today and they are excellent!

Let me say that the length of the pants is virtually perfect. I had asked for the original hems to be taken down because I figured I could use every last millimeter of available material. While they were taken down another small hem was made. It is no problem though as the length is perfect with my high top Converse and my Chelsea boots. They may be a tad short to wear with the low top Converse but I need to verify this more in depth later. I do need to make sure that the hems are completely let out and no others made on the medium pair I will have altered next. I absolutely-no-exceptions-made need that extra length on the medium.

I am really thrilled with this pair and am looking forward to creating some outfits with them tonight. I have some ideas for more formal pairings as well as some casual ones. And I’m anticipating wearing this pair this coming week. So exciting!

How long have I been wanting to alter a pair in this color? Seems like a very long time. First I had been trying to get a second pair in this color in medium just so I could have the original AA style and my altered style. Then I realized getting a pair in large might be a better bet for me. Once that happened I scrapped the idea of having shorts made and sought out an inexpensive pair to serve as the extra material. With all the cards in place I took the goods in on a Saturday and picked up the finished product a Saturday later. And the price was nothing short of reasonable. In fact, I went ahead and dropped off two pairs of bright white Chinese disco pants to have one altered in a similar fashion and the other made into shorts!

So what I really want next is to have a charcoal pair in medium altered and my brown AA pair as well. Brown is a color I could get a lot of use out of, especially now that it’s fall and it’s a dark color. But I only have the single pair in brown, and I would prefer having at least a second one. But if they were to turn out as well as this charcoal–they could be even better actually since they’re medium and fit perfectly tight–I would not hesitate to use it.

I’m taller than average so the length on AA disco pants is a concern for me when altering them to more of a straight leg. But if you are of average height or less then there is no such problem for you. I am hearing that wide-leg, flared-leg and bell-bottom pants are making a comeback. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I kid you not. In fact, I have previously mentioned frequently seeing on social media a disco pant with hugely flared legs. As much as I despise flared legs these disco pants are still skintight from the knees on up so if you can avoid looking at the lower legs you’ll keep your lunch. Not only that but on Levi’s jeans website I saw a new cut offered for guys that is totally 90s baggy garbage. I was so disappointed to see that. Personally I will never go back to that style. I don’t care how passé my disco pants and skinny jeans become. I will continue to sport the ‘sausage legs’ look while most everyone else is drowning in the denim satchels that drape over their lower bodies.

Anyway as I have tried my AA pants I have found some room for experimentation. Methinks the calf areas of the pants still fit rather skintight so I am considering having the pants widened further there. I don’t know what the options are, if any. One thing I don’t want to do is start adding extra material higher up on the legs. That may fix the problem but I don’t like how that would look. Stuff to think about.



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