Perhaps More Altered AA Disco Pants On the Way!

I heard some great news today. Without even asking I was told that extra length can be added to spandex disco pants to make them longer! Yes, this is what the tailor working on my disco pants told me today. She called to see if I wanted the white Chinese ones I took in elongated as well as widened. I told her not because the white ones are sufficiently long on me–no extra length needed. If I were doing the gray ones, then absolutely yes.

But all that aside, this means two great things for me:
1. I can have one of my medium charcoal AA disco pants elongated as well as widened
2. I can have the same done to my sole brown pair.

In fact, I plan on going sometime in the next two days with a medium charcoal and discussing this with her. I want to make sure we’re on the same page about this. And I want to see if there is a way she can widen the lower leg so that it’s less tight around the knee. I love what she did with the large pair but they are still form-fitting for much of the lower leg. If she can use a different method instead of an upside-down V-shape extra material insertion that might make them even better. Perhaps an upside-down U-shape. Instead of a gradual widening of the lower leg–which in the case of AA disco pants is not quite wide enough–perhaps a fixed widening with a little extra length. But it has to look natural. Again, I don’t want to start the insertion too high up on the legs. I know that if we were to begin the upside-down V-shape above the knees the lower legs would be loose enough to resemble the vintage-style spandex disco jeans. Definitely something we have to talk about.

Also, this has beckoned me to go ahead and buy a very small pair of brown AA disco pants just to be ready to have my medium pair altered. I just can’t believe I may actually have a vintage-fit brown pair I can wear around town. (Just in case anyone doesn’t know, the only difference between the vintage fit and AA fit is in the lower legs. The vintage fit is called a ‘straight-leg’ fit and technically is not supposed to cling to the lower legs but rather drape around them, whereas the AA fit is a super skinny or leggings-style fit and clings to the lower legs. The AA fit is skintight from waist to ankle. The vintage fit is skintight from waist to knees and then opens up to a vintage straight fit or comparably to a modern slim fit. But I must confess–I have a good number of vintage-fit pairs that are pretty tight on the lower legs, too, and only because they are a bit smaller than someone of my size should wear. But remember, there’s no such thing as too tight!)

In more good news today, I purchased a pre-owned pair of pink AA disco pants. I took a gamble with these; they’re a size small. Considering that I fit into both a forest green AA small and a midnight AA small convinced me that I could fit in these pink ones, too. Not only that but once I saw the main photo of the pants I had to buy them. An absolutely amazing fit pic by the owner. Take a look:

pink AA disco pants

That is one of the best fit pics I have ever seen. Reminds a bit of the ones Dorit Stevens wore in that Jeffersons episode a blogged about. Hers had a lot more shine because there were a lot more lights shining on them. But the look is very much like hers when she’d make subtle movements. Certainly hope those fit on me and I can get the same effect!

That’s one less color I don’t have now in terms of AA disco pants. The only one I really want to have is the cranberry red.  Let’s see if the new American Apparel will bring back the old colors and more.


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6 Responses to Perhaps More Altered AA Disco Pants On the Way!

  1. Russ says:

    Where exactly did you find the pink AA SDJs? Ebay? Poshmark? Depop? Or someplace else? I’ve only seen two pink pairs since AA stopped producing and selling that color, both pre-owned, and they were both XS, so I didn’t bother with them. I’ll never fit in that size, no matter how much weight I lose, and my wife says I have lost a bit of weight. I have a pair of Lee jeans that I bought in 2001 that haven’t fit me for ages, but now that I have dropped some weight they finally fit. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind having that color either, but only for in the house wearing. I have fuchsia and magenta for outdoor wearings if I’m so inclined. So, where did you get ’em?

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hey Russ,
      Got ’em on depop. The key is to checking each of those websites (and Mercari and Tradesy as well) every day multiple times per day. Highly desirable things can go within minutes of being listed. It’s the luck of timing.
      I’ll probably only wear those in the house for now too, but I like what the seller wrote in the description: “Perfect for Halloween costumes or just your funky everyday pair of pants.” I like the idea of being comfortable enough to make them an everyday pair of pants.

  2. Russ says:

    Good deal. If they don’t fit you, or if you ever get tired of them, let me know. I’ll take them off your hands. IF that ever happens.

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