Baby Pink AA Disco Pants

I just received a new catalog fresh off the presses from American Apparel. And right there on pages 3 and 4 are their disco pants. There are 8 colors shown and in contrast to the last catalog, charcoal is not one of them. The eight colors are black, red, midnight, royal, freesia, deep peacock, pearl and menthe. However, I just checked online and only five colors are available there. Most surprising is that black is one of the three missing colors online. Also absent are the red and royal blue. I’m wondering if you can only get these missing colors in store or by phoning in. But that would make no sense! I should chat with an AA person online.

I’m really glad to have received another catalog. In well over ten years being their customer I don’t recall ever having received any before. But I’m thrilled to have some now especially with the disco pants photos in them and the lovely ladies wearing them. I love how the caption for disco pants reads, “You’ll need one in every color of this iconic style.” That’s for sure and then some!!

My baby pink AA disco pants came in yesterday. I was very excited to get those yet also concerned that they would not fit. When I finally tried them on last evening I had no fit issues! Fit like a glove and I would have it any other way. The pants had signs of heavy wear in the crotch and bum seam areas. No white fibers exposed but definitely a lot of over-stretching. Definitely not noticeable when wearing. So add one more color to my AA disco pant collection.

Now that I have three pairs of small AA disco pants and I can fit into all of them I am starting to think that perhaps small might be the ideal size for me. BUT, I must consider that these three pairs were all pre-worn and that could be why they fit me so easily. I’m not saying the women who wore them were all overweight as I am, but the whole cycle of wearing and washing and wearing and washing does take a toll on the material. That is precisely why I refrain from washing my disco pants (and jeans) unless absolutely necessary. Spot cleaning is about all I do with them. It’s pretty safe to say that every pre-owned pair I’ve ever worn I did not have washed first, except for that navy blue Jonden pair which I described as gross when I first received them. Everything else looked absolutely wearable as they came to me. Some people may find it gross that I hardly ever wash my disco pants or most of my jeans, but my belief is that you don’t need to wash those things unless you wear them everyday, sweat profusely in them or spend large amounts of time in unclean environments. I have enough spandex disco jeans and regular jeans that I can wear one each day without repeating for months on end. But I do find myself wearing a select few most of the time. Still my habits don’t meet the above criteria for frequent washing. I think Americans overwash their clothing at an alarming rate. That’s also the prime way to prematurely destroy raw denim and those beautiful dark blue rigid and rinse finishes.

Anyway, as I was saying earlier–I don’t think I’ll be buying brand new pairs in size small anytime soon. Used ones, okay. But not new. And since this pink one fits me to a tee, I won’t be giving it up anytime soon. Sorry, Russ! Russ is a long-time follower of this blog and disco pants enthusiast and wearer himself. He has provided a wealth of information regarding disco pants on television & movies and his own personal knowledge on them. Thanks, Russ!

Now pictures. Yes, pictures. I am slowly building up a nice portfolio of photos of me and my disco pants. When I first started buying these treasures nearly 10 years ago I was excited just to take pics of me in them. I didn’t care how I looked or how the other things I was wearing (or not wearing) paired with them. In fact, some of the best pics I have of me feature me not wearing shoes! And some of those pants I no longer have!! I hate that. I should have been more conscientious about that and more long-term sighted. That’s why starting sometime in 2016 I began to focus on complete outfits and articles that would compliment disco pants. As well as always wearing shoes for photo shoots. So since then I have come up with some really great pics. In terms of AA disco pants, I now have superb pics in the black/pearl 2-tone, menthe, pink, pearl, brown, midnight, forest green, freesia & charcoal colors. I still need to come up with some excellent ones in caramel, purple, deep peacock and black. Not to mention the colors I no longer have or never had.

Something I must stop doing is making predictions for how great some month will be for me in terms of disco pant wearings. I’m sure you’ve read any recent post where I declared that October would be a record-setting month for me. I am terribly disappointed to say that I have only two wearings this month. And I would have to get five more wearings between now and Halloween to tie my record month of August ’18 and one more to set a new record. Technically I could still do it. In reality I should get two wearings this week and another two next week. That’s reasonable. Two more to set a new record would be stretching. Truth is there are still a lot of things going on here that have interfered with my plans. Not just for wearing disco pants but all my non-disco pants plans as well. Still I will have to find the wherewithal to wear spandex disco pants as often as possible while the weather permits. Perhaps not focus so much on numbers but on just wearing them, enjoying them and having some fun.

In other news, I haven’t had any other pairs altered yet. Been having a very difficult time getting a hold of the seamstress and discussing with her in person. I am anxious to get this stuff done. There are three pairs of pants I want the lower legs widened on. First, there’s the charcoal disco pant in medium. If she is able to do what I’d like with that one then the second pair will be the brown disco pant. Finally, the third is a pair of Dr. Denim shiny, leggings-style jeans in black. The Dr. Denim jeans look like leather pants when wearing them. The fit is skintight from waist to ankle. I think they will look great skintight with a looser lower leg. Unfortunately, since these jeans are so hard to find pre-owned, I’m going to have to give her a brand new pair to cut up and use for extra material. That pains me. But I must think of it this way: I can either have two pairs of cool pants that I don’t wear other than for taking pics, or I can have one awesome pair that I will wear and often. I suppose the latter wins out.

In closing, I just want to warn you that I’m having another bad experience on Aliexpress. The two pairs of disco pants I ordered back in late July never arrived and the tracking info shows that they have been returned to sender. So now the seller has both my money and the pants and refuses to part with either. I had to open a dispute to try to get one of the two back. This is the second time something I order on that website never reaches me. I have placed plenty of orders with no problems, but two is too much now. I am waiting to see how Aliexpress will handle this. One of the things I failed to do was to request the seller to extend the time for me to receive the order. The seller did it several times as I was in communication with him/her, but once it slipped past my mind to extend some more, he/she felt no more obligation to cooperate with me and this is where we’re at now. Here’s some friendly advice: If you plan to purchase through Aliexpress, be sure to stay on top of delivery time. If you have not received your item within the delivery time window, ask the seller to extend it and keep extending it until you receive your item. I failed to do that both times I had bad experiences. The first time I just let it go because it was $11. This time it’s $35. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Right? This seller’s store name is Directsales Store. Avoid it like the plague. The reason I purchased from this store in the first place was because it was the only one selling a dark gray version of disco pants. And here we are nearly three months later and I still have not seen them. I realize the seller is not fully at blame here. My local postal service has to share in that blame. The tracking info shows the package was out on two different occasions for delivery but never delivered for whatever reason. Of course, now that the seller refuses to do the right thing hopefully Aliexpress will or I may just never buy from there again.

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3 Responses to Baby Pink AA Disco Pants

  1. Russ says:

    Thanks for the mention. That was kind of funny that you would mention me so specifically in a post. Glad the pink pants fit you so well. But I’m never saying never.

    I’ve lost some weight so my smalls are fitting me quite well. I’ve also noticed that if I pull up on the material from the pockets and related areas when they start to slip down as I’m wearing them, instead of the waistband, that the pants will not suffer quite as much pulling and running. maybe that technique can work for you.

    I saw Dorit Stevens on The Jeffersons on Sunday evening on MeTV in her pink SDJs. Nice. Barbara Rhoades will be on Magnum PI on Retro TV Wednesday afternoon at 2PM EDT in The Elmo Ziller story wearing her SDJs that we both mentioned in previous posts. Also WKRP is on at 9:30PM EDT with the two parter where Howard Hesseman is wearing his disco pants as the disco playing persona Rip Tide on Monday and Tuesday nights. If anyone has an antenna, or these stations on cable, you can tune in for some nice SDJ viewing. That is all.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hey Russ,
      My pleasure on the mention.

      For me there is no problem with disco pants slipping down since I’m NOT losing weight, lol. Sounds to me like you could size down. But actually I never thought about that. That’s another reason I love disco pants so. Unlike my skinny jeans I never have to pull my disco pants up.

      Wasn’t Dorit great in her pink ones? I happened to find a Magnum set at a thrift store and it has that Barbara Rhoades episode on it. I haven’t watched it yet as it’s still sealed. Are the WKRP episodes next week? I want to be sure to record those so I can share some better quality stills here on the blog. The really cool thing about WKRP is that there are at least 4 episodes that I know of that have disco pants. And they’re all guys wearing them! How’s that for equal time??

      • Russ says:

        Sorry my friend. The WKRP episodes were on on Monday and Tuesday of this past week. I wasn’t able to watch them as other things came up. The Magnum episode was on at 1PM, not 2. My bad.

        I don’t think I can size down anymore than to a size small. Although I have lost some weight I’m still on the larger side, and I have a medium to large bone structure. So no matter how much I lose, there are just some sizes that will never fit me, unless I lose weight in an unhealthy way. No thanks. It’s too bad though, because there are so many SDJs available in XS that are quite affordable.

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