Royal Blue & Black Disco Pants Back!

Upon my most recent checking of American Apparel’s website (last night) black and royal blue are available once again. I went ahead and ordered a royal blue pair. I want to try to get all the missing colors in my collection including the ones I once had. AA currently has a promo going where you get $25 off a purchase of $75 or more. So I ordered the pants and a pair of socks for $8 which gave me a much lower price than just buying the pants alone. Yes, $8 for a pair of socks is expensive but my order came out to $59 as a result of reaching the threshold for the discount. Had I ordered just the pants I would have paid $80 with shipping and tax. Besides, the socks are really cute. Yes, straight guys can use the word ‘cute‘ and I just did. That reminds me, I need to re-order a pair of the black. I gave the one I had away to someone last Christmas and never replaced it.

Since they brought back the royal blue I am now more confident that they will bring back red at the very least. Like many other disco pant fans I am hoping they bring those other colors too as well as many others. Speaking of which, which colors would you like to see them in? Other than all the ones they’ve already had them in, I want to see wine red, bright green, copper, tan, baby blue, orange and lilac. The more the merrier. I’ll buy every color they put them out in. Just no prints.

I wore spandex jeans today for only the third time this month. Technically if I wear them the next five days I’ll end up with eight for the month. Still can set a record. Whether I actually will is debatable. I will try to get at the very least two more wearings this month. I will also try tomorrow. But this weather we’re having is just such perfect disco pants weather. I couldn’t ask for more comfortable and agreeable weather for me to wear shiny spandex jeans in. I happened to wear the very first, wearable vintage pair I bought–the black Bojeangles. The last time I wore this pair was to a wedding three years ago. It is an excellent pair and I need to get wearing them more often.

Also today I finally took in the medium charcoal pants and the Dr. Denim jeans to get altered. Apparently my idea to have a wider lower leg more uniformly is very possible. And also the pants can be lengthened. This is the best news ever. It pretty much means that I can have any pair of AA disco pants tailored to my liking. Well, almost. So it will take a week to get done. I am really excited about both pants. Once I get these back I will take the brown in to get done. After the brown I don’t think I’ll be doing any more. I’ll have pretty much what I want in terms of the straight leg fit. Plus I have to get into the mindset of wearing the skinny AA version.

Finally, in some more good news, Aliexpress is going to refund the money to me for those disco pants that never arrived. So that’s good. I will not be buying anything anytime soon from there again. There’s nothing I really need. Those disco pants are way too thin for wearing in cold weather so no point in trying to altering any either. I’m going to focus on my vintage-style and the AA ones because they look, feel and are the best.




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1 Response to Royal Blue & Black Disco Pants Back!

  1. Russ says:

    I saw that black and royal blue were restocked too. I was thinking of telling you about it, but I know how tuned-in you are to AA disco pants so I figured you already know about it. I would also like to see all of the colors they used to stock, along with new colors, produced and made available. Even the printed ones. I know you don’t like them, but I’m as hooked on those as the solid color pants. They should also bring back the 2 and 3 tone pants. They are awesome.

    Dude, I have just been putting my disco pants on and doing my thing. I’m not even thinking about what others think about what I may have on. Life is too freaking short. Put on the disco jeans and enjoy them. That’s what you bought them for in the first place. You’ll regret not wearing them if the day comes when you can’t wear them anymore IMO.

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