First Pair of Bojeangles

I’ve been wearing my very first pair of vintage spandex disco jeans a lot lately. Well, the last three times I’ve worn such pants, anyway. This pair is a black Bojeangles size 4. I have cited before that while it is not the first pair of spandex jeans I have ever owned, it is the first in the following ways:

1. It is the first pair that fit me ideally in every way

2. It is the first vintage pair that fit me ideally in every way

3. It is the first pair I ever wore publicly

4. It is my first pair of Bojeangles

5. It is the first pair with a snap button

I have also mentioned that my very first pair was a red Frederick’s of Hollywood that was regrettably too big on me. Maybe other folks would have thought it was a perfect fit on me but I like ’em skintight. I had about four other pairs between this red one and the Bojeangles, two being additional disappointments and the other two being my first American Apparel pairs.

These black Bojeangles are what I consider to be a universal fit on me. In other words, they’re tight as disco pants should be but also loose enough that I can feel comfortable in virtually every setting in them. I love this pair. Bojeangles is a really great brand. I also have an orange in this brand.

And speaking of Bojeangles, this a very nice light blue pair on ebay right now. It even has simulated front pockets! I don’t know if it’s the photos or my monitor, but the texture of the pants seems a little different than normal. In fact, in one of the front shots the material has a denim look to it. I would totally buy it. At $90 shipped it’s not a bad deal. There’s also a Palm brand pair on there for the same price. I never had a Palm brand and the pants look so very tight and shiny. But once again the timing is bad and I can’t really afford either!

I had what I thought was an opportunity to get a Palm disco pant a few months ago on Depop. Asked the seller if she would ship to the USA–apparently she was in the UK. I received no answer and eventually sold for a very low price. Her loss and mine!

Nothing new in terms of American Apparel’s disco pants. I mean there are no new colors. I have every color they now sell. Did some more trying on of the royal blue pair and decided I could have gone smaller with them. And it’s not due to me losing weight. Just seems the pants are made a little bigger now. And I tried on the midnight pair in small that I found at a thrift store last year. Fits me to a tee.

I’ve got some really great pics of myself in almost all the colors I have now. This is what I’ve been wanting to do. The only colors I still need to work on are the dark purple and black. I should probably have black taken care of by now but I figured it’s one of the easier colors to work with so no rush. The dark purple is very hard to photograph because it comes out looking like dark blue. Eventually when they have red again I’ll pick up a pair. Used ones are going for a bit much so I’ll just wait for an AA restock.

When I went into a Subway wearing my black Bojeangles on Friday a young Indian guy who works was cleaning the floor and he was just staring at my pants like non-stop. And you know that the lighting in these stores is not all that bright and not conducive to making disco pants shine under them. So I don’t know why he was staring all that much. This was both as I walked in and walked out of the store. He wasn’t even trying to hide it. Perhaps he just had good taste! I know that when I stare at something it’s because I like it very much. If it’s an old car I’ll stare without hesitation. If it’s someone wearing disco pants or some cool sneakers I will try to look as much as possible without letting on that I want to stare! But nowadays around here someone wearing disco pants or cool sneakers are not common sights.

I find it interesting that without planning or even knowing at the time that I started wearing disco pants in the same year that they were at their most popular–2012. I had no idea it would pan out that way. Remember, I bought my first AAs in 2008 but I would never dare to wear them publicly at that time. It wasn’t until about 9 years after getting that pair that I actually wore an AA in public! Regardless, 2012 and 2013 turned out to be peak years for the whole AA disco pant craze. And for me personally, 2018 has turned out to be a peak year with about 45 wearings at the moment.

I finally had my second pair of charcoal disco pants altered. This one I requested to be made longer in addition to being widened on the lower leg. Since the sample I provided for the extra material was an xs while the pants I had altered were a medium there was in issue with lining up the extra length being added onto the pants. While the pants look and feel great on, I think the appearance of the pants on the lower legs with the three inner seams is too busy-looking. Additionally, the extra material for width was added higher up on the pant legs as opposed to the first pair I had altered. Thus, the medium ended up looking not as good as the large even though it was longer. So for the brown pair which I will still have done, I am going to have the pattern of the first charcoal pair imitated. It may end up being too short but if worse comes to worst I’ll end up wearing them with boots or whatever.

We’re coming up on Thanksgiving week and of course you all know what I’m thankful for. SPANDEX DISCO PANTS! Or SPANDEX DISCO JEANS, DISCO PANTS, SPANDEX JEANS, SATIN JEANS or whatever other name they go by. This item has brought a lot of joy to me in the last (nearly) 10 years and has gotten me through many hard times. How did skintight shiny pants get me through many hard times, you ask? Like anything else we are passionate about, thinking about and doing those things help us forget our woes if even for a time. They bring us renewed vigor and strength and desire to keep going forth even in the face of adversity. For each person this is something different. As much as some folks may not be able to understand why this item of clothing does this for me, there are things some of them find joy in that I cannot possibly understand. Furthermore, I am not a one-dimensional person. It is not just the disco pant that makes me want to wake up each morning. I have many other interests which drive me. It just so happens that disco pants are something that I can literally enjoy at all times of the day and night because I can wear them all the time!



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6 Responses to First Pair of Bojeangles

  1. Skippy says:

    Thanks again for your content on the Great Disco pants,always love to read your stuff.

  2. Skippy says:

    On another note check out this womans facebook page as she has every pair of disco pants under the sun, I had to friend her.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Thanks for that link! Apparently she loves disco pants as much as we do. And it’s really cool that she seems to be an older woman who has not buried her love of the pants in the past like so many others do. She seems to have mostly AA ones. How did you ever find her on Facebook? Did she accept your request? Would be nice if she did. People are very paranoid on social media these days. I think you friended me on Facebook once but then you disappeared.

  3. Skippy says:

    All I did is compliment her on one of her pics and she accepted my request,Are those AA pants she is wearing? I did see some vintage ones in there as well,Yes We were friends on facebook but I come and go with accounts and have a few of them.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Well that’s nice. Yes, those are mostly AA pants as some of the colors are uniquely AA’s. But definitely a mix of vintage ones, too. She seems to be a huge fan of Kate Bush and that might be what got her into disco pants to begin with.
      Same here regarding Facebook.

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