Christmas, Boots, Ebay & Disco Pants

I finished November 2018 with a meager 3 wearings for the month. I thought I would get more but the month turned very cold early on and I’m more sensitive to temperature extremes now than I used to be. Fifties and sixties are ideal temps for me to wear disco pants. But we’ll see how December shapes up. I’m not going to forecast any number of wearings for this month. I already have a record year. Maybe I’ll go a little crazy this month and get a bunch of wearings. Or perhaps I’ll end up with only two. Regardless, I am having a lot of fun lately with my collection.

I’m trying to get some Christmassy type photos lately featuring me and my disco pants. It’s really fun and I lose myself in this activity. This is what I consider to be my art—-or one my art-forms—-taking photos of the outfits I come up with and then editing them for some interesting images.

Lately I find myself wearing boots more often. I used to not be a boot person. I love my sneakers and that’s what I have worm most of the time. But after building up a nice, small collection of boots (Dr. Martens, Ugg, Emu) and the weather being cold and wet, I find myself wanting to wear them, particularly with spandex disco pants. I was a bit upset last year or early this year when I wore a pair of Le’Gambi pants with my tall Emu boots and the pants ended up heavily wrinkled where they rested inside the boots. But I’ve noticed that in a lot of the 70s and 80s images I have seen the person wearing disco pants usually wore tall boots with them so naturally they had experienced wrinkling as well. Thus, I’m not terribly troubled by that anymore. I’m actually looking forward to wearing a vintage-cut pair with either my tall black boots or my short brown ones. I’m thinking I might do that as early as tomorrow (Monday). As much as I love my assorted canvas Converse sneakers, they don’t provide enough warmth in this weather. I have to pull out my leather Chuck Taylors.

So what’s the place or scenario you would feel most uncomfortable wearing spandex disco jeans in? I know you all have one. At least one. I’ve mentioned that I’d never want to be caught in a facility like the DMV or unemployment office or any of those types of government places wearing disco pants. That’s because there are always tons of people just standing and sitting around waiting, waiting and waiting, bored out of their minds and just looking at anything, everything in sight. Those can be very awkward moments. I avoid those places as much as possible. Although I must admit, I went to an express DMV facility last week and I did entertain the idea of wearing disco pants. This place usually has very short-to-no lines and not a lot of people waiting around. Alas, I didn’t.

I used to think a family reunion would be the scenario I would feel most uncomfortable wearing shiny spandex jeans in. Not that I have family reunions. Especially considering that the people who were the main organizers of our family gatherings have all passed on now. But sometime earlier this year I went to my godmother’s house wearing one of my favorite tightest pairs. I didn’t exactly wear them because I knew I was going there but because I was going to the mall first. Had I not planned to go to the mall first I probably wouldn’t have worn them. And I wore one of my most favorite, tightest pairs. And it turned out fine. No weirdness or anything. I kept looking down at them as I was sitting on the sofa almost in a state of disbelief that I was wearing those pants at her house!

So I think a family reunion might not be the most unpleasant place for me to wear disco pants. Although really, the only people who have seen me in the flesh wearing them are my folks and the godmother. Some of my other relatives have seen photos of me in them. I can only imagine what they think, lol.

Oh, and doctor’s offices are also places I would feel uncomfortable wearing them. Of course it depends on the type of doctor. I did go once in them to see one of my docs, but he’s not the type that does physical exams. And I would consider wearing them if the appointment was NOT for me. Which I have also done. On several occasions I have worn them when taking my folks to the eye doctor. I guess the point is really to break down the walls and expand the borders of where you feel you can wear something you really like.

I was recently chatting with someone on ebay who said she started wearing disco pants in junior high! I thought that was remarkable. Imagine that—wearing spandex jeans at the age of 12 or 13 to junior high. And she said she was the only one at school to do that. I would love to have had that distinction myself. And that was back in the day when there weren’t school dress codes. I am so glad I went to school when there weren’t dress codes. I realize not all schools have them now, but a lot more of them do than before. Were I in high school now with all the clothing I have now it would be absolutely heartbreaking to not be able to wear my various skinny jeans and disco pants there. I know that even though I lived in poverty during my school years, and I didn’t have a lot of nice clothing, I would have hated following a dress code.

The woman from ebay also told me she remembered paying anywhere from $89 to $100+ back in the 1980s. That’s a heckuva lotta money for a pair of pants now but even more so then. Of course, I have paid that much and plenty more for the ones I have now. So we’re all willing to spend a lot of money on the things we love, if we can.

For a time I started indulging in designer jeans. I probably paid up to $200 for some pairs. And i was buying a great deal of them. But I didn’t care cause they looked great and were high quality. Eventually I ended up selling most of them because high prices and good quality still don’t always give you the fit you want. Of all the jeans I ended up paying over $100 only three remain with me today.

After that denim excursion I got into the nylon/spandex jeans excursion. This one has been going on for 6 years, technically almost 10 considering my first pair of AAs. Speaking of which, the 10 year anniversary of that first pair is coming up at the end of this month. That’s something to think about: 10 years ago the spandex disco pant came back to the forefront of fashion, being introduced to a new generation and emerging as a second coming to those who witnessed their initial birth. And I am so glad to say that AA is still selling them with no end apparent in sight.

EBay lately has had some absolutely awesome vintage disco pants for sale. There was a light blue Bojeangles with simulated front pockets; a baby pink Fredericks; a fuchsia Fredericks; an off-white Fredericks; and a blue Palm. Unfortunately, some of those are already gone or will be soon. The one I regret most is the Palm brand which sold for $127.50. Upon a quick check, all of them have sold except for the baby pink which has a $100 bid. I didn’t think they were going for so much again! Here’s a rundown of the prices they sold at:

  • Light blue Bojeangles: $89.99
  • Royal blue Palm: $127.50
  • Fuchsia Frederick’s: $149
  • Off-white Frederick’s: $80

I guess now’s a good time to sell if you are looking to part with any vintage pairs. But please understand that these pairs were all in very, very good condition. These were all priced reasonably and I imagined would take longer to sell than they did. The off-white and fuchsia pairs sold upon their first listing. The Palm took two listings, I believe. The Bojeangles also took only one. And the baby pink has a bid on its first listing. Very surprising indeed. I know these are all more exotic colors and that’s what got them sold so quickly. Maybe not the royal blue Palm but it’s a much harder brand to find.

Sure, I could have charged up $500 to a credit card and probably had all of them. But once again it’s just bad timing. Right now I would be thrilled just to get a brown one and that’s what I’m holding out for.

That’s all for now.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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7 Responses to Christmas, Boots, Ebay & Disco Pants

  1. Skippy says:

    I remember going into a Frederic of Hollywood store in the 80’s and the disco pants were around $50.00 That number always stuck out in my head because I was young and didn’t have the cash at the time so I think she is a little off on the price as its easy to forget so long ago.But who knows maybe some were that high.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      That is good to know. There seems to be a range of $50-100.
      Do you know if the Frederick’s stores sold only their brand of disco pants? What stores would you be able to get Le’Gambi, Bojeangles and Michi from?

      • Skippy says:

        That’s a good question regarding Le’Gambi, Bojeangles and Michi I am assuming they were sold in mall clothing shoppes as was Frederick’s of Hollywood was a mall store only I’m sure.
        When I think of Disco pants I think of the mall and remember seeing the brand new pants hanging on a round Carousel hanger and wanted a pair but I had already had a black pair.

  2. Russ says:

    The place that I would feel most uncomfortable wearing disco jeans would probably be at church or any religious function. It’s just not done. It’s taboo. Blah blah blah. I wouldn’t wear them to work at most of the places I’ve worked at either. Disco pants and industrial type work don’t mix IMO. At home and in casual settings work best for me. Although I did wear a red pair to work one quite cold day a few years ago to help keep me warm. But I had to wear sweatpants over them or else I would have created quite a sensation, in a negative way. Dress codes and such. I think I told you about it many years ago.

    I just ordered and received the freesia disco jeans from AA along with a new pair of menthe and royal blue disco jeans today. I can’t wait to try them all out. If they are anything like the peacock ones that I got from poshmark I’m sure they will be great. I also snagged up a pair of small brown disco jeans from poshmark over the weekend. Looking forward to getting those ones too!

    You mentioned a royal blue pair in a previous post that was for sale on depop, that was being sold by a woman in the UK. They were by Palm. I got a pair of those from depop from a seller in the UK, and the seller was female. Maybe they were the same pair?

    I saw the SDJs you mentioned on Ebay. I wanted them sooooooooooo bad. Ebay sellers are soooooooo expensive to buy from though. If only I had more money.

    Post a little more often will ya? I thought something serious happened to you and I might not get to chat with you. Glad your on again! See ya.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hi Russ,
      First let me say thanks for asking me to post more often. Sometimes I think I’m just repeating a lot of material from my old posts. But if you all don’t mind reading some of the same things, great!
      Now then, discomfort zones for disco jeans…..isn’t it ironic that church is your first choice while it was the first place I wore mine? A lot of people were surprised when I said church was the only place (at first) I used to wear them to. I guess it all depends on the atmosphere of the church, as someone told me. Since I was involved with youth groups and was a pioneer in bringing the worship band together I felt it fit that environment. But it’s definitely something I would not do on a first visit.
      On the job…..yeah, that’s one I totally forgot about. At my last job I wouldn’t have worn any either. Had to deal with too many people on a day-to-day basis and I wouldn’t have felt right. Plus there was a dress code that said “nothing too tight” which didn’t make much sense considering my department was very dressed down. But at a part-time job I had teaching music I would totally wear them. I just never got around to it.
      I think you’ll really love the freesia pants. Such a bright summery color. I hope they have more surprises like that in store. To me they are just as good as the American-made pants and you’ll be very pleased with them.
      I didn’t know about the Palm one on Poshmark so I can’t say. The one that was on Depop had belt loops that looked homemade and was bright blue.
      The ones on ebay…’s like all the sellers schemed to sell all at the same time. I did go ahead and by myself a Jonden pair which looked extra shiny.
      Good to hear from you!

      • Russ says:

        The blue SDJs from the woman on Depop had belt loops on them, and they were covered in blue glitter. Sound familiar?

        I don’t think that anyone can wear SDJs in a place where comportment or somewhat conservative thinking is in order, like a catholic church or a courtroom. I don’t know how anyone could get away with that without being noticed and chastised for it. The guy that said he did it, and posted about it here, must have found a judge that didn’t know what he had on. But anyplace else is fair game to me.

        Glad to see you posting again. Keep it up.

      • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

        Yes, that pair sounds very familiar!
        That’s pretty amazing to show up in court wearing SDJs. That movie that I wrote about a while ago showed Farah Fawcett being led away to prison in gold ones. They don’t show her in court wearing that I imagine she was going straight from court to jail. I don’t know. It’s just a movie but based on a true story. I’d love to know if the real person was really wearing them.

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