More Wearings, Less Blog Posts

I found out I had a lot more posts in 2017 than I do thus far in 2018. Seems like I was blogging more last year. Why? I don’t know. But I do have more wearings this year. So if that’s the trade-off between writing more and wearing less, I’ll take the wearing more and writing less!

I could have had my 4th wearing recently but I opted not to. And it was a perfect opportunity because I only went to the usual thrift store. It was only in the 30s and I figure I have plenty of time to get my two additional wearings for the big fifty for the year. Any day is really a possibility. But what I really want is to wear one of my altered charcoal AA disco pants.

My thrift store visit on Friday produced a pair of blue Hot Topic (or one of those teen brands) disco pants and two pairs of American Apparel nylon leggings. The disco pants aren’t all that shiny but they do have a distinct sheen to them. And while this one is a size small it is super stretchy and I was able to fit in them quite easily. However, the fact that they are so stretchy leaves them lacking in creating a really tight look in the upper area. But they still work well as a pair of lightweight, tight and semi-shiny pair of pants to lounge around in. They feature a snap button, nylon zipper and two back pockets. Between it and a pair of the cheapie Chinese disco pants, the Chinese wins in all regards, particularly in the shine and fit categories.

As far as the AA tights go I have yet to try them on. Don’t know if I will keep them. After having and wearing disco pants, tights and leggings just don’t seem to do much for me. I still think they’re great to look at and wear and all, but I’d much rather be in skinny disco pants. I’m not even all that crazy about the black pair of AA tights I have. They’re nowhere near as shiny as their disco pants.  They can serve as exercise apparel. I’ll look into selling them if I can get four or five times the price I paid.

So why did I buy them if I’m not really into them, you ask? I guess I’m a bit obsessed with all things American Apparel. Still can’t help believing that soon enough many of their wonderful items will not be selling anymore. Just a quick look on ebay reveals that only 26 items that have ‘American Apparel disco pants’ somewhere in the listing are currently for sale. Twenty-six! And that’s not counting any listings that are just keyword-spamming the AA brand. But there are still plenty on Poshmark & Depop.

As of right now it’s the 26th of December and I still need to get the two wearings for the 50 total for 2018. Tomorrow would be perfect weather-wise but there’s a doctor appointment and I’d rather not. Even though this is a doctor who has seen me in them before. There will still be Friday (which is sure to be the 49th), Saturday, Sunday & Monday. I’ll make every effort to get another wearing on one of those three final days. And I will do my best to make sure one of these last two wearings will be one of the charcoal AA pants I had altered.

Another Christmas has come and gone. I didn’t get any spandex disco jeans for myself or anyone else. I really think this is it for me now. There has to be something unlike anything I already have in order for me to buy it. And the price has to be right. I’m still looking for that vintage brown pair and that cranberry red AA pair; that bright green one that seemingly doesn’t exist; the copper/bronze vintage pair; the champagne vintage one; and any Jonden brand pairs that should appear. And I’d still like to get a Palm brand and a Peter Golding one. But to be perfectly honest I am quite content that I did not purchase any of those five or so about a month ago. To all those who did buy them I hope you find great enjoyment in wearing them!



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