Charcoal AA Disco Pants Debut / 10 Year Anniversary of First AA Disco Pant

Today marks the first time I wore my altered pair of size medium charcoal AA disco pants! Yes, I wore them. Paired them with some Dr. Martens boots and a black puffer jacket. Only went to my usual thrift store and then to a grocery store. But it was very cool.

As I am the eternal pessimist and cynic I must admit that it was easier to wear them today because it was 100% cloudy. Quite a dark day. So the shine was subtle. On a sunny day these pants would surely glow from quite a distance. They are really shiny. But it was good progress for me nonetheless. I now feel I can wear these a lot more often.

It was in the low 30s here today so wearing any disco pants was a gamble. But it turned out fine. Initially I just put them on to see how they would look and ended up not taking them off till I got back home a little bit ago. I have done this many times in the past.

Let’s see how these pants look on me. I’m just trying them on for fun. I will absolutely NOT go out in these! I have some time to burn so no problem.”

And then I end up not taking them off. It seems to be an effective way for me wear disco pants more often. And with the way I’m feeling at the moment, I want to wear them tomorrow and on Sunday and on Monday, too. Why not? The year is coming to a close and soon things will get back to hum-drum normal. This is still a festive part of the year. Seven p.m. on Christmas Day doesn’t mean the holiday season is over. I realize New Year’s Day is nowhere near as important as Christmas itself is, but it’s still the basis of many a beloved Christmas carol that we sing and listen to. Thus, even though it is difficult to be in the ‘Christmas spirit’ with all the respective programming on television and radio having vanished without a trace, I still am and keep myself in it by continuing to indulge in holiday music and the various movies and shows I have on DVD and VHS. This also helps me to better cope with the winter blues.

So while disco pants don’t necessarily have to be associated with festive occasions, why not wear them more often during the year-end holiday season? Why not try to usher in a new year in style and good taste? It is early to say this and I did declare I would stay away from making such predictions, but I really think 2019 will be a huge year in terms of disco pants wearings for me. Key word is could. Stuff happens that change plans. So I’m on the verge of 50 wearings for 2018 and I’m going to enjoy this and not look too far ahead. The weather has been great and as long as it stays above freezing I can work with spandex disco jeans. The next three days are a real possibility to wear them.

There was something I forgot to mention earlier this week. Something very important. Christmas Eve on Monday was the ten year anniversary of my very first pair of American Apparel disco pants. Ten years! Wow! These amazing pants that started me not only on my journey of purchasing and collecting them but also wearing them. And yes, I still have that very pair of black size medium that cost $90 when they originally came out. For me to still have an article of clothing ten years after I acquired it is really no  large feat. I still have around ten pairs of skinny/slim jeans from the time I started buying those. I also continue to have my favorite pair of Levi’s jeans from at least 26 years ago, though they are destroyed and no longer wearable. And sneakers that are well over ten years old, too do remain in my possession. So I keep things for long periods of time. But the ten year anniversary of my first AA disco pant is very important because not only does it represent my foray into the world of spandex disco jeans but it was also the very first pair that looked right and fit me right just like the ones I used to see on television and in photos. OK, yes, it had skinny legs, but it was a better fit than any other disco pant I had up to that point (which was actually three). The AA disco pant is what got me hooked and I’m still buying them ten years later. And now that I’ve had a few pairs altered to my taste the possibilities for wearing them are endless! I just want to see them bring back some of the other colors and maybe even come out with a bootcut version! No, I’m not a fan of bootcut pants or jeans, but I would buy and totally wear bootcut spandex disco pants! Plus, they could be easily altered to straight or slim leg. And I’d like to see this next incarnation sold as unisex. I really wish AA would publish photos of guys wearing their disco pants. Especially since they don’t keep any photos of people wearing their clothing up for very long. They’re constantly changing them.

AA’s disco pant peaked about five to six years ago but those who are more mature in thought and not so obsessed with fickle fashion trends are still wearing them or perhaps even now discovering them. The teenybopper girls who wore them during their peak most likely didn’t even look at them a year later. Social media celebrity Zoella, who was famous for being famous, kept wearing them even past their peak era and subsequently received some criticism from the fashion-nazi. For that reason I cut Zoella some slack. Otherwise, had she never sported disco pants we would not even be talking about her here.

Strangely enough most of the other bandwagon disco pant dupes sellers jumped off right around the same time the peak was dropping. I think that was a mistake for many of them. Just look at the reviews of the disco pant on AA’s website. Sales are strong and so many positive reviews have been posted just this month. There were some other really good versions out there. H&M’s. Primark’s. Glamorous’. There were some pretty awful ones too. Topshop’s come to mind. But they all dropped out and let AA have the whole market. For the most part that was fine with me with the exception of one store called “One Nation Clothing” which had a bright green color that I have been searching so long for.


For whatever reason I never bought those. I even sent them a message on Facebook a long while after they had been available and was told they no longer had any. They were very short-lived! But I love that color! By the way, I just love disco pants and white Converse!

I’ll wrap up this post with a few pics of my AA disco pants on the day I received them ten years ago:


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