50th Wearing & Disco Pants on “Wynonna Earp”

Last night I went to bed fully expecting to wear disco pants on Saturday (today). This morning I woke up fully expecting to wear disco pants. And after a few comment exchanges with fellow disco pants enthusiast, Russ, about Leif Garrett, I had to watch some Leif videos online. After that I was even more eager to wear them today. And so I did. And in the process I got my 50th wearing of the year!

With two days yet to go this year I may just wear spandex jeans another one or two times. Why not? They’re great fun to wear and they look great on me and I in them.

It was just below freezing today but I managed in my black vintage Le’Gambi pants. Tomorrow should be closer to 40 so that makes it even better.

I paired the pants with a pair of Dr. Martens black boots, though it was cold enough to wear my Emu boots with. Or even my Ugg Guthrie boots which are still brand new in-the-box.

But getting back to Leif Garrett—if I could ask him one question it would be what he thought of wearing disco pants at the age of 16, 17. I imagine that, like Menudo, who was also underage, he didn’t have much say in terms of his public outfits. Not that age was the only factor of course. Surely other artists who were legally adults didn’t get to choose what they wore during performances and photo shoots. The Beatles used to wear leather outfits before they became famous. But after their renown they had to wear those suits so associated with them through 1966, after which the Summer of Love and hippie fashions dictated the styles. Come to think of it, I’d love to ask the members of Menudo what they thought of wearing shiny spandex jeans as well. I’m sure they had even less and most likely no say in what their outfits looked like.

Leif was probably not only the first guy but the first anyone to wear spandex disco pants after the summer of Sandy & ‘Grease.’ According to my research, while Grease was the catalyst for these pants in the summer of ’78, they didn’t really take off until the following year. This is why I am trying to compile a list of all TV shows and movies where disco pants could be seen. That will give a better understanding of when things started, peaked and sadly, came to an end.

On another note, Shaun Cassidy was another big-time wearer of these pants and he was a few years older than Leif. In fact, when the pants were finally a thing he was already twenty. Thus I wonder if he had some say in his outfits. But again I know it wasn’t all about age. I know that had it been me in the position of Leif or Shaun I would have never made a public appearance or done any photo shoots not wearing disco pants. I would have insisted they become a trademark of my image, just like Mr. Rogers’ sweaters, Bob Ross’ ‘fro and Frank Zappa’s garish facial hair.

By the way, those disco pants I found at the thrift store last Friday were not Hot Topic as I stated. They’re Forever 21. Here’s a photo of a similar pair from the web:


The shine is much more subtle and totally not the shine we have come to expect from spandex disco pants. The fit isn’t even that great either. The material is just too stretchy. Perhaps in a different light it may look better but who knows. This was definitely one of the dupes to avoid. Even if these had originally cost $25 brand new you would be so much better off with one of the Chinese ones from Aliexpress. At least those had the right shine and fit.

Finally, I came across a newer Canadian television show called “Wynonna Earp.” A character on this show named Waverly Earp and played by British actress Dominique Provost-Chalkley is wearing AA disco pants in the eleventh episode of the first season. Here’s the still I came across:

waverly earp2-001

This episode is called “Landslide” and was first broadcast on June 10, 2016. So when you think about it it’s a rather late date in terms of seeing disco pants on a tv show. But it’s a good sign. Clearly these pants are still popular and if they keep putting them on newer shows it could lead to a revival. And I have no problem with these coming back strong. I don’t need to be the only one wearing them. My philosophy has always been when I come across something awesome I want to share it with as many people as possible.

Anyway, I mistakenly ended up watching the debut episode of this show thinking it was the one with the disco pants. This first episode had a very attractive young woman wearing leather-type leggings. Sadly she was killed off early on. After watching most of the first one I realized it was the wrong one. I didn’t enjoy the show. Too violent, too gory. Not a show I would watch unless they consistently featured the attractive Earp sisters in disco pants. And did I mention the above Waverly Earp even got shot at the end? She didn’t die but the above still is from before that happened. Once gunfire erupted at the house she’s pictured in she was dragging her knees and legs in those disco pants in order to avoid getting hit. Oh and she has a perverted, tattooed, two-timing sleaze of a male she calls a boyfriend (though she is either bisexual or a lesbian).

I went ahead and purchased this episode just to get more images of her in the disco pants. Here are some of the best:


The images are disappointingly unclear but at least the disco pants and their unmistakable shiny are quite visible. There is not a lot of footage of her in disco pants. The main scenes are when she’s coming into the room with two cups, when she’s on the kitchen floor with her WMD, and when she’s falls to the floor after having been shot. That was it and it all happened within the final portion of the episode. Add this one to the archives!



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9 Responses to 50th Wearing & Disco Pants on “Wynonna Earp”

  1. Mario says:

    As for Leif Garrett, I read interviews where he said he hated wearing the spandex. As a matter of fact, he hated the whole image his record label and management manufactured for him. He wanted to do hard rock and roll music, but they made him up into the ‘pop star’ / ‘pin up’ boy image, singing songs he didn’t like and dressing in clothes that he didn’t feel were for him. He wore it well though.

    • Russ says:

      Considering how many other hard rock and roll performers did wear disco jeans, such as Iron Maiden and The Scorpions to name two, I would have hoped his attitude would be different than he stated. Oh well, to each their own. Pity.

      • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

        It is interesting that the heavy metal bands took up disco jeans wearing and ran away with it pretty much exclusively.
        I can’t imagine what other sort of outfit he would have preferred to wear at that time. Bell bottom jeans & cowboy boots? Weren’t Steve Perry & Kevin Cronin rockstars yet wearing disco pants around then, too? As you said, oh well, but grateful he wore them as it was an awesome look for him.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      I think that considering how young & good-looking he was, there was nothing else they were going to turn him into other than a teen idol. It’s almost like he was born for that. And I liked his music except for the crappy oldies covers they made him do. He was at his best doing songs that were written for him. I’m grateful they made him wear the spandex. Unless I come across other evidence I am considering him to be the first male artist to wear disco pants, and that’s a great contribution to make.

  2. Russ says:

    Have you managed to see any of the Young Drunk Punk episodes? Allie MacDonald wore spandex disco jeans in every episode. Too bad that there were only 13 of them. Those were filmed within the last 5 years. There is also D”Arcy Carden on The Good Place,a current show running on NBC. As Bad Janet she wears black disco jeans, but not having seen every episode I couldn’t say how often she does or does not wear them. I could watch the recent shows posted on the NBC Roku app, but I’d have to pay to watch all of the others on Amazon to know about past shows.

    Cool to see someone on Wynonna Earp wearing them, even if the show is overtly violent and gory.

    • Dorian Gray says:

      On “The Good Place” The Bad Janet character appears approximately every 3rd of 4th episode.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      No I have not seen that yet. I’ll have to find a place to watch them and add to the list. Thanks!
      Very cool about Wynonna Earp. I just wonder how many shows from 2008 to the present have had characters in disco pants.

  3. Car says:

    Other episode of hill street blues is ba bing ba bing is the last of episode ;perfect bum in red disco pants ., very nice . I love the women in disco pants.You can see in you tube in disco pants Rafaella carra ,she worn diferents types of disco pants red ,black white,and blue .The program of the rai millemilioni in 1981.
    Then i remember several movies erótic ,where there han several scenes in disco pants women.
    The serie chicas de hoy en día ,the episode …y la tele in the beginning you can see the woman disco pants blue ,this is a Palm jeans ,is perfect ,you can see it in you tube.
    Then if you see to aquí no hay cama qu aguante ,you can see this film in you tube.In the begining woman inwhite disco pants ,in 1hour 20minutes woman in le gambi disco pants,perfect bum,then in black le gambi disco pants

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hi Car,
      Thanks very much for all this info! I did check out the ‘Chicas De Hoy En Dia” episode and it was great. Almost 8 minutes of non-stop blue disco pants!
      I have to look for the others and add them to the list.
      I also love to see women in disco pants but I love to wear them myself even more. Thanks again!

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