2018 – The Year in Review

Well, I got my 51st wearing of the year on this New Year’s Eve. I went with the navy blue Jonden but I did consider the charcoal AA pair again. So I’ve worn disco pants three times in a row now. Not three days because I didn’t go out on Sunday. Or you could say I wore disco pants three of the last four days.

I finish December with six wearings which is my best effort since this past August. (I am a statistics geek so bear with me). Obviously 2018 has been the best year in terms of wearings. My first wearing this year came on January 2 with the Le’Gambi midnight. The final wearing came with the navy Jonden. Technically, I could still wear another pair out today. In my book it wouldn’t count as another wearing but it would go down as the final pair worn. If I were going anywhere for New Year’s Eve tonight I would certainly wear a pair, but I haven’t gone out on this day in years. I used to go for church service. But that was before I started wearing disco pants. If I were doing church tonight I would totally wear a pair.

What were the highlights of 2018 in terms of disco pants for me? One was wearing the two-tone AA pants for the second time. The first time had been just a few weeks earlier in December 2017. Here I was again going out in those skintight, shiny, undeniably American Apparel pants and having fun doing so!

Another highlight was wearing steel blue spandex disco jeans for the first time. That was a thrill because it was the first non-dark color I wore out (not counting the gold and red pairs I wore to church parties). I have three now in that color and the one I wore was the first pair I acquired of the Le’Gambi brand, and it is a particularly skintight one. The third pair is another Le’Gambi and it is equally skintight and fun to wear.

This year was also the year I first wore a solid black pair of large AA disco pants. It was still winter and surely enough I wore them with my tall Emu boots. This same pair I later wore in the summer with the hems rolled up and Converse white high tops. That was a bold decision indeed!

Also 2018 featured the first comment I received about the pants. If you’ll recall, it was a woman who works at Walgreens and told me that if I’m going to wear pants like that I can’t cover up my bottom. She even make me turn around so she could ‘observe’ the back of the pants. So it was the first comment I received and it wasn’t negative!

In the final highlights of the year, I wore disco pants to a relative’s house. I hadn’t been expecting to go there or I had forgotten about it. We were on our way back from the mall. A person I was with wanted to go to that house so we went. And there I was sitting on her sofa wearing skintight black shiny spandex disco jeans. But I felt totally comfortable, like nothing was out of the ordinary. And this was also the year that I acquired sufficient pairs of charcoal AA disco pants in order to have one altered. I had two altered in fact and while neither turned out ideally, both turned out pretty great and I was pleased because I understood that nothing more could be done. And the final highlight was, of course, that I actually wore a pair of those altered charcoal pants.

So those were the highlights of disco pants year 2018. It was a record year in many aspects. I hope to keep building on this. Even if it’s in small steps. For example, instead of shooting for 100 wearings in 2019 I think 60 wearings would be great. Instead of trying to wear the louder colors I’ll just focus on wearing any color. I’d rather wear black ones everyday than plan to wear red ones or gold ones and chickening out and not wearing any. I’m perfectly fine with wearing only black ones always. The reason I want to incorporate the other colors into my rotation is:

1. because I have them and what’s the point of having them and not wearing them? I get great satisfaction from trying them on in the house and doing photo shoots but what I really want is to wear them casually outside the house. But like I said I’m content with wearing only black all the time or rotating the four or five dark colors I have been.

2. because it’s a growing experience to try different things. If there’s something you want to do and it’s not a bad thing or it doesn’t hurt anyone—sorry out there if it hurts your eyes to see me in disco pants, but not really sorry—you should look into doing it. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and the people around you. For example, I have learned that, for the most part, the people around me don’t care that I’m wearing shiny spandex pants. It’s not really that novel of a thing. On the way home today I saw a middle-aged guy with graying facial hair wearing a skirt and high heels walking along the sidewalk. That’s not my style but I fully support his right to do that. I couldn’t imagine living in a place where you’d be punished for doing that. And believe me, I don’t mean just the middle east. There are plenty of places–a lot closer than we think–where people are used to doing things only one way: the old-fashioned way and nothing else!

With the way I’m feeling now, I could wear disco pants everyday. And with the weather cooperating as it has been lately it is possible I could do that. At least for another week. For the most part lately I have been wearing them with Dr. Martens boots. I am looking forward to pairing my Ugg-style Emu boots with them soon. I love the look of disco pants and Ugg boots though surprisingly it’s a very rare sight to see. Here are a few scarce pics I found on the web:

Not sure why two such popular items are so hard to find together in photos. I have posted others in the past. Will have to revisit those.

Let’s see what 2019 brings!

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