Off To A Good Start In 2019

From the period of the last several days in December 2018 to the first few days of January 2019, I went out four out of six days and wore disco pants on all four of those days! I don’t believe I have ever done that before. I could have made it five today, but like I said before, you really have to be in the right mood for it. So I wore super skinny jeans today. A pair I really like. Tomorrow for sure I will wear disco pants as it is ‘Thrift Store Friday’, and who knows where else I may go.

But yesterday was the second time I wore the altered charcoal medium AA pants. I felt really good in them. I didn’t go to very many places but I did go to a new one. I wore them to get my hair cut at a salon I had never patronized before. There a woman works all by herself and as she cut my hair we talked. I thought she was going to say something about my pants but she didn’t. I know for sure that she did notice them. It would have been fun to talk about them. I’m sure they’re something she would wear. What I don’t know is how old she is but I imagine she’s in her 40s. And she was wearing leggings so I don’t see disco pants being far-fetched in terms of being something she would rock. Also cool about the haircut yesterday was that it was only her and me there. No one else at all.

So these charcoal AA pants I had altered are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. In fact, I am going to see about going back to the cleaners tomorrow to get the brown ones done. I have to make the very critical decision of whether I’ll have the pants just widened or both widened and elongated. I don’t have enough brown pairs to do both and still retain one in their original super skinny fit. So it will have to be one or the other. The only troubling detail is that I’ll have to leave the charcoal pair that I want the brown one made similar to with the tailor so I will not be able to wear it for a week. I guess it’s not too bad since I have two pairs, huh?

Have I complained about how some Depop and Poshmark sellers use stock photos of AA disco pants to sell their cheap knockoff versions? I really hate that. That’s similar to some Aliexpress sellers who clearly use AA’s pics with AA’s models to sell their similar-yet-obviously-different disco pants. There really is no excuse for that. I have no issues with using stock photos if you’re selling a brand new, exact item. But if your item is even slightly different or is not new, that just ain’t right. That’s why I advise to exercise caution when buying pre-owned pairs online. Make sure you know what you’re getting and be sure to know the condition of the crotch & bum seams. Those are critical areas!

One of the faithful readers of this blog, Russ, has submitted photos of his cranberry red AA disco pants. Let me say that I love this color and I used to have one of these but I sold it. Big, big mistake. And now I am ‘cranberry red’ with envy!


I didn’t realize Russ was in that good shape. Makes me want to take some action in changing my lifestyle habits. If I could find enough pairs in this color I would consider having a few altered as well.

Here is a pic of Russ wearing leopard-print vintage pair of disco jeans:


As you know I’m not a fan of the printed disco pants. But it is a very ‘rock & roll’ look and there’s nothing particularly feminine about it. I can totally see guys wearing this. My issues are patterns and how they serve to distract from the shine of the nylon.

Getting back to tomorrow–not sure which color or pair I’ll wear. Since I am enjoying the charcoal one so much I did have a crazy thought—maybe I could get a few in midnight and forest green and have them altered as well. I know, I already have those colors in newly made, vintage straight leg pairs. But I have been more cautious about wearing those in recent months. I don’t want to damage them because I don’t know if I’ll be able to replace them. And the AA ones once altered are right up my alley and absolutely fun to wear. I could consider even having the pearl color done too. It’s definitely something to think about, but cost will be a consideration. And the forest green one is getting very hard to find now, too.

Currently on ebay there is a lavender-colored AA pair for sale. It is going for $150. A bit steep, ay? Not only would I not pay $150 for a pair of AA disco pants but I don’t remember this color ever being sold by AA. Do you? Take a look:


I swear I have never seen that color sold by AA and I would testify in a court of law! What do you guys think? Furthermore, that tag inside the pants looks fishy. It does not look like the typical tag I have seen on all pairs of their disco pants I have and have had. None of their tags have half the name covered up under the fabric. You know what I’m thinking? Fake. Now, they may be an awesome pair of disco pants and I would love to have that color. But in no way are they AA. I’ve never seen that color sold anywhere. Then again, I was not aware of all the sellers of disco pants that popped up around 2012. Those are not AA and they are certainly not worth $150. (What I write here is not a reflection of the seller but of the item itself).

In the past another reader of this blog brought to my attention that some pairs of Chinese-made disco pants that he purchased also had tags that said ‘American Apparel’ on them. Due to this and the fact that I too have some is why I feel these are unquestionably not AA. What do you think? As a side note this particular ebayer is also selling a cranberry red pair for $100! Way too expensive for the condition it’s in. This seller has a slew of pretty high-priced items listed. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder where they get all this stuff.

Now I must go figure out which brown pair I am going to have altered and which alteration I’m going to have done on it. And whether it’s a good idea to go tomorrow!



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3 Responses to Off To A Good Start In 2019

  1. Russ says:

    Thanks for posting my pics! Also, thanks for the compliment about my condition. I’m trying to get, and stay, in as good a shape as I can. Cycling, walking, eliminating fatty foods, carbs and such, and drinking plenty of water have all helped me to lose some weight. But I still need to lose more.

    I saw those lavender SDJs on ebay as well, and I am watching them too, but that is all. You’re right. $150 for what looks to be a knockoff pair is ridiculous. I’d love to have them myself, but not without knowing more abut them, and at a reduced price.

    Good on you for wearing your disco pants 4 days in a row. To a hair salon as well. Sounds like the confidence is building up for you. Keep building it.

    I have some pics of my new royal blue AA spandex disco pants on my phone. I’ll send some of them to you for your use if you want me to. I’ll send them via FB Messenger and then you can decide about using them if you want. That’s how I’ll send them to you from now on, and I can alert you about any messages here first. Sound okay?

  2. SDJ-Fan says:

    I buy AA-Discopants since 2010, I have never seen the lavender. Never online or in the shops.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Thanks. That helps confirm they’re not exactly AA. It would have been a nice color for them to make and sell though.

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