Charcoal AA Disco Pants Becoming a Huge Favorite

Increasingly mild weather here means more wearings of spandex disco jeans for me. Yes, today was another. This time I wore the large charcoal American Apparel pants which I had altered. I am very pleased with them. They fit and look great. Though not as tight as the medium they still do their thing of looking  like an awesome pair of shiny, skintight disco pants.

I had no problems with length on this pair. Since it is a large it is a little longer than the medium. I sat down, got up, squatted, got up, bent down and there were no issues with the pant legs creeping up. I wore my white leather Converse high tops with them and it was a perfect match. I’m not sure I could get away with wearing a low top Converse. But that’s fine as long as the high tops work and I’ve got my Dr. Martens boots, too.

Did I mention that today was finally sunny? Yes, it was and my charcoal disco pants were shining brightly in the parking lot of the thrift store. It would have been very hard not noticing them today.

So now I’m really eager to get the brown ones altered in the same way. I wanted to take them to the shop today but I figured perhaps the tailor is still out on holiday. Next week for sure. But here are some difficulties I have to consider. I have two pairs in brown both medium. One brand new, one used. The used one has some wear in the crotch area. Which one do I get altered? Also, will getting either pair just widened in the lower legs be enough? As I have mentioned before, AA’s disco pants in medium is noticeably shorter in large. I think I remember seeing this in their sizing charts as well. Two things: first, the length doesn’t matter that much in their present super-skinny form. They have tons of vertical stretch and since they stay gripped to your lower legs they are never going to creep up and appear too short on you. Second, even if they were short, women can get away with wearing pants that look too short. I’m not saying I agree with that, but that’s just how it is and it’s these silly rules & guidelines that we must do what we can to abolish. Or if not abolish then expand them to benefit guys, too. That being said, for the time being I like to have my pants come down to my ankles or a little more as long as they’re not dragging on the ground. I’ve not only gone through the nasty baggy pants look but simultaneously the ‘too long’ phase where the hems drag on the ground, get permanently dirty and start to shred. Horrible times. (By the way, if you watch those 60s videos of James Brown, The Temptations, The Four Tops, et al., you’ll notice that they wore pants that were well above their ankles. And that was considered stylish then).

But as I was saying, AA disco pants as are will grip to your lower legs. That’s why you don’t really have to worry about their inseam measurement. I’ve seen many women ask, “Will they be long enough for me?” Well, if they’re long enough for my long legs they will surely be sufficient for the overwhelming majority of any interested females. However with my idea to loosen the lower legs they will no longer be gripped tightly to them so they will pull up. I had this very same concern with the charcoal pants and especially with the large one since I wasn’t planning on lengthening it—didn’t know that was possible at the time. But that pair turned out fine.

I was thinking I could try widening the legs first and then if they were too short, see if it would be possible to make them longer. But I don’t know if that would be practical nor how much work it would be for the tailor. This would all be so less complicated had I just stocked up on multiple pairs when they were still being sold! I will have to do some figuring this weekend. And as I wrote in the last post, I am strongly considering having this done on a midnight, a forest green, a white and perhaps even a black. Cranberry would be nice too, but the chances of finding two or three pairs—which is the minimum I need to have this done– that are in good condition and at a reasonable price is either unlikely or will take some time. This is true of the forest green as well. I’d say it’s even harder to find that green than the cranberry right now. And I want to find the original made-in-the-USA ones to alter.

Continued mild weather here means I’m continuing to wear spandex jeans on a regular basis. There are at least four more days in the 40s and 50s here followed by a trend back to the 30s. I really don’t see a let up in this great, mild, disco pant weather. If this keeps up, this may be my most favorite January ever!

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6 Responses to Charcoal AA Disco Pants Becoming a Huge Favorite

  1. Russ says:

    Just letting you know I left you a message and some pics on FB Messenger.

  2. Neil says:

    This was my New Years’ Eve outfit.

  3. Neil says:

    I know my outfit caught a lot of attention. I could see people checking out my disco pants. One female said ‘you’re so shiny!’ and a guy said ‘Damn! those are some tight pants’.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      That’s great! You probably inspired some people. Guys are funny though. They don’t seem bothered by football or baseball players wearing tight pants. But any time anyone ever mentioned the tightness of my pants I would just reply by either saying it’s good for the environment or my doctor prescribed them!
      If you don’t already I hope you find some ways to wear those pants on a more regular basis.

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