Brutal Cold & AA Disco Pants

After a very strong start to the month (and year for that matter) I haven’t worn any disco pants for a couple of weeks now. It has gotten very cold here—what I consider non-disco-pants weather. Yesterday was my usual day for wearing them and visiting my local thrift store. But since it was single digit temperatures I didn’t plan on going out. In fact I had already thrifted a day early because I knew what was coming on Friday. I did end up going out yesterday regardless due to having a package to ship. That’s the life of an online merchant.

The brutal cold apparently is here to stay at least for a couple of weeks. I don’t want to stay without wearing disco pants for that long so I still have the option of wearing my under armour tights underneath. Yes, there are problems with the UA’s seams rearing their heads under the spandex jeans. But I did read about a young Japanese woman who wore some type of leggings or tights underneath her black disco pants to keep her warm. Perhaps I should seek out some warm tights that don’t have outseams. I can deal with them having inseams because those are not as visible. But outseams can ruin the look.
I recently found some old purple BMW tights I used to wear during my high school and/or college days. They’ve been stored without use for about 15 years so they need to be washed.
The way this week is going to be I’m going to need something to wear under any pants when I go out. There is a period of about 48 hours where the temperature will remain fully under 0 degrees. That is horrendous. I don’t mind the low temps so much when there’s no snow cover. But we have a good deal of snow on the ground and expecting more on Monday.
All that aside, I do have some disco pants updates but let me say this first. When I write a post I don’t usually revisit it unless I have something to add or change on it. So I don’t always remember what I wrote, especially when I haven’t written for several days or more. There’s a risk I may repeat some things but here goes.
I got my brown AA disco pants back from the cleaners with widened and elongated legs. And I absolutely love it! Beautiful beautiful is all I can say. I have not worn them yet even though I had a good chance a few days after getting them. I can wait. It is a medium so the fit is absolutely skin tight. And the tailor did a nicer job on this brown than on the charcoal medium. She avoided the ‘3 inseam’ look and it is such a better look.
I also came into a large pair of AA 2-tone disco pants which will be the next alteration project. I have the spare pair of black and it’s ready to go. I may take that in this week. That’s going to be a unique looking pair. Will appear a bit more like athletic pants due to the white stripes on either side. It may also serve to be a transition pair into the pearl ones once I have a pair ready for wearing.
Also falling into my lap as of late was a large midnight navy pair. This is also one I’m going to get the legs widened on. But first I’ve got to get them cleaned up as the seller shipped them out full of pet hair!
And finally I added another color of AA disco pants to my collection: a beautiful silver pair in medium. It was sold as ‘unworn’ and sure looks it. These I will keep as is. Now I’ll have to model them and find a great top or two to get some nice pics with. And shoes. The first time I had silver ones I never took any great photos in them. Now I have my chance! And I like how the seller labelled them with a hashtag of “unisex”. Yes, she did also label them women but the fact that she thought to include unisex is a pretty good sign of acceptance on her part that these pants can unquestionably be worn by both genders.
I’m still on the lookout for cranberry red. The few pairs I keep coming across are too small or too pricey. Forest green is even harder to find. My immediate needs include finding a spare midnight navy and deciding whether I should take the large black pair I have and altering it or just looking for another pair online.
Finally, I recently watched the Dirty Harry movie “Sudden Impact” from 1983 hoping to see some spandex disco pants but no luck. It’s probably a good thing as I can imagine what sort of character would have been found wearing them.

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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4 Responses to Brutal Cold & AA Disco Pants

  1. Russ says:

    I thought that was you that bought the silver AA SDJs on Depop. Nice haul. You’ll love them I’m sure. I have two pairs of my own. I snagged up the electric blue SDJs from a Depop seller for $20. For that price I was expecting them to be a cheaper brand of SDJ, but they turned out to be classic Michi’s in a size 2, and they fit nicely. What a deal. I also landed a great deal on Poshmark. A lady was selling two pairs of LeGambi SDJs; one in black, the other in red. Both size 4. I bundled them and got both of them for $60 each and free shipping. I think that I have all of the red and black disco jeans that I need.

    I found the Gimme A Break episode Hot Muffins on YouTube, and saw the scenes with the four girls singing on stage with their disco jeans on, including a younger Crystal Bernard. Very HOT. I also found the episode of The Ropers on YT where the blonde neighbor shows up for a party/funeral wake in black disco jeans. The actress is Lois Areno I think, and the episode is titled Mother’s Wake if I’m not mistaken. Two SDJ shows on tap for those of us that are interested in seeing women in our favorite type of jeans, without having to wait for a network to show them again.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      You are absolutely right, Russ—that Ropers episode is called Mother’s Wake. I blogged about that one a while ago. It wasn’t on YT at that time but I’m glad to hear it is now. Will have to revisit that one. Didn’t care much for the series so I’m glad I won’t have to sit through all the episodes to see that one.

      Very nice on the new additions to the disco jeans collection. There are some Depop sellers who either don’t know the value of some of the things they have or just want to get some quick money.
      My question for you, Russ, is this: would you ever post any full photos of yourself wearing disco pants on any social media?

      • Russ says:

        Maybe. I want to try posting pics of myself in cycling shorts and related apparel first to see what happens. That shouldn’t be a problem, since everyone knows that I am into cycling, and cyclists wear spandex without batting an eye. After that, maybe incrementally, I will work my way up to disco pants. I hope my friends and followers don’t think ill of me. They really shouldn’t if they are the open minded people that they say they are. I just worry about unwanted attention.

      • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

        I started slowly myself. It began with me posting small, blurry pics of myself in disco pants from about the thighs on up. The response was mild. So I kept doing more. Of course initially everything was only available for friends to see. Then I started doing better photos and the response was still not what I had expected. At worst I think my friends probably thought I have a spandex fetish or I’m going through some crisis of some kind, lol. I did lose some friends/followers on one social media after consistently posting pics of me in different pairs. I would love to ask them exactly why they stopped following me. Were my pics offensive to them? I really thought the pics I posted were all nice, G-rated photos that displayed my unique sense of fashion. Were they tired of seeing me in shiny spandex pants? But of course I can’t ask them without sounding too sensitive or too addicted to social media. But the biggest surprise is when I went public with my photos. I did not get a single negative response. I received a good amount of likes actually and some positive comments mixed in with some b.s. comments trying to sell me something or get me to follow/like back. Also I haven’t gotten any unwanted attention. So you might be surprised!
        Even the Facebook group surprises me a bit. For the most part there haven’t been any negative comments in there when I post a pic of a male in disco pants. I had to removed one comment recently which I deemed inappropriate. But it’s safe to say that most who follow that group want to see women only in disco pants. But there are other places they can go just for that.

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