Black H&M Disco Pants

Well, January 2019 is now in the books. Has everyone already given up on their resolutions for the new year? I didn’t make any so it matters not to me. Besides, what is a new year other than another number on a different page? It’s just another day. Don’t they say “a new year, same sh*t’? Or something like that? The natural world cares nothing for the timetables and schedules of man. A time-measuring number system doesn’t exist but within the confines of the divisions and their names of which man has created. Sure, it’s convenient for us that a year means one pass around the sun, but it’s been used to beat us down and force us to fear aging for a plethora of reasons. It’s also been used to keep us indebted to a system that thrives on perpetually non-repayable debt. And some people are rigidly content under such a system because they know nothing else and can imagine no better. But in the end none of this will matter. Only disco pants will!

Enough for the philosophical side for now. My original point was to say that January ended up with six wearings of disco pants and from a purely calenderical (I made that word up) perspective, it had the potential to set a record. But there are always those intangibles such as mood, weather and other unplanned circumstances which obstruct goals.

So it’s been a while since I have worn any spandex disco jeans. And I’m really dying to do so. Tomorrow is a possibility. But they jury is still out on the weather. If not tomorrow then Sunday and/or Monday for certain. The weather on those two days is forecast to be perfect disco pants weather.

I have not altered any other pants as of yet. The black spare I bought to use for the two-tone pair was in such poor condition I had to send it back. I mean this thing looked as though it had gone through riots and a bombing. Even to just use for extra material I couldn’t find enough material that was decent enough. It was inexpensive as you could imagine but many reasons why. I have since found me another pair cheap enough for the purpose.

I have also secured myself a midnight pair in order to alter the large one I recently came into. I tried on the large last night. While ideally I prefer the skintight fit of the medium (and even that of the small pair I have) I think this one will be quite fun to wear and I will make plenty of use out of them throughout this year.  The only problem is the pair I just purchased for material looks so good it might pain me to cut it up. However, I could still get some use out of it by having them made into shorts. They are a size medium. I was really impressed with the Chinese disco pants I had made into shorts. As I yet have to have an AA pair made into shorts, I think I’ll be even more impressed with one of them. I have declared that I am getting away from wearing shorts but it is nice to have something similar to disco pants when the weather may be too hot for such. So I think that’s what I’ll do. As soon as I get the medium midnight it’s off to the tailor for a pair of altered AA disco pants and some unique AA disco pant shorts.

I also purchased a black pair for super cheap so I can get those two-tone pair done. And the good thing about this black pair is that it too is a medium which means I can have it made into shorts as well after all is said and done. The main thing on all these pre-worn pairs of disco pants is the condition of the crotch. That’s where all the damage happens first. As long as they look solid on both pairs I can have the shorts made. Otherwise it may not be worth it.

While thrifting today I came across a black pair of H&M’s famous disco pants. Unlike the one I found a year or two ago, this one DOES have back pockets. It is such a better look with those pockets there. Otherwise the pants do look like a something you might wear to the gym. Disco pants and jeans must have rear patch pockets. It’s part of their aesthetic. Unfortunately, the pair I found today is an XS which means they most likely will not fit. I was able to squeeze into both pairs of small, gray H&M disco pants I have. But I have doubts about XS. This used pair suffers from the same symptoms on my gray ones—weak stitching on the crotch seam just below the zipper. This one has been repaired but with blue thread at that! And it needs further tending to. I’ll try them on later just for kicks. As mentioned previously, I like H&M’s unique take on the disco jean. They really gave it the true jean touches such as rivets, simulated front pockets, belt loops and thin outseams/wide inseams combo. Also theirs is a 88% nylon and 12% spandex mix which makes it a bit more stretchy. But I’ll be completely taken aback if I can fit into them without damaging them further.

After looking at some recent pics of myself in the gray H&Ms I was thinking it may be a good idea to alter a pair of them as well. You can always find very cheap used ones on Poshmark & Depop. They fetch nowhere near the resale price of AAs. But they are awesome in their own right. It’s a shame H&M didn’t make them for very long. These particular ones with all the above-mentioned unique details and 12% spandex were very inexpensive at their original price of about $36 or so.

Now, off I go to try on those newly thrifted H&M disco pants!

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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