XS Black H&M Disco Pants

Last night just for the heck of it I decided to try on the XS H&M black disco pants I thrifted on Friday. By the way, I paid $5.49 for these pants. So whether they fit me or not it was a great deal and another nice addition to my collection and possibly wardrobe. Since it was a size XS I didn’t have high hopes. But it did have just a bit more stretch than American Apparel’s and most of the better quality vintage ones.

I knew there was a chance I was going to blow these pants wide open if I were able to fit into them, but that was a chance I was willing to take. I love disco pants and a big part of that love is not only having them and seeing others wear them but wearing them myself. So it was worth it. Mind you, I wouldn’t dare risk destroying an expensive pair, though!

One of the greater struggles I had with trying on my other two pairs of small H&M disco pants was getting them through the feet. This is a problem—not just with H&M but with AA, too–that I understand women have struggled with as well. In fact, one even told me herself that her feet always got stuck when taking them off. I had an extremely hard time getting them past the feets so I knew getting them off would be quite the ordeal as well.

Needless to say, this pair ranks as one of the most difficult if not the most that I have tried on. After getting them beyond the extremities it was a matter of pulling them up little by little and stretching out all the overlapping areas. To make a long story short, I was able to pull them all the way up to where they need to be and the last steps were to button and zip them up. That’s where I believed the failure would come in. There was not enough room to bring the two sides together in the center to button them. Or was there?

These were extremely tight on me. Yes, that’s how disco pants should be. Always. And they felt skintight. But they were also very comfortable. After periods of having the pants on unbuttoned and unzipped and a few attempts at trying bridge that gap, I finally succeeded! I am glad to say that I fit into an XS pair of H&M disco pants. Unbelievable. And they looked so good on. Just like a skintight pair of shiny black super skinny jeans. Absolutely amazing.

These were great because they only cost me five dollars and some change. I would not seek out to buy a pair of these in this size on Depop or Poshmark or anywhere else. I would stick to the small. Perhaps I would try medium as well though I’ve never seen one for sale in anything larger than small. Furthermore, as the small tends to have some wiggle room in the crotch/bum areas, I suspect a medium would have even more yet the ankles would still be equally and unnecessarily painted-on.

Score a victory in terms of another thrift store find that fit. So now I have a forest green AA disco pant in small that fit; a midnight navy AA disco pant in small that fit; a black H&M disco pant in x-small that fit. But I also have a small black AA pair that I never fully tried on. This was the very first disco pants I ever found while thrifting. I think I decided it looked too small and it took too long to get on my legs to actually fit me. But if I take the time like I did with the H&M pants I could probably get them on, too. The cool thing about it is that I gave away my very second pair of AA disco pants—which was a small black— to a girl friend of mine and then I ended up finding this one at a thrift store. So it all worked out. I didn’t mind giving it to who because I saw her wearing them many times. In fact I tried scheduling times where we could both be wearing some.

A final thought…

I like stores such as American Apparel, H&M and Asos. I guess I’ll say Topman, too. They have nice clothing and they’re marketed towards younger people. The clothing is edgy, modern and hip. However, my beef with these retailers is that even though they fancy themselves really progressive in terms of style and acceptance, they all refuse to post photos of people in their clothing—particularly if said people are a little older, not in tip-top shape or wearing clothing targeted to the opposite gender (read men wearing clothing marketed to women). It’s disappointing really that these stores would even continue to make distinctions between certain items which should no longer carry gender labels. Items such as pants, socks, sneakers and certain tops should all be labelled unisex. At worst, provide sizing information for these items for both genders. It really bugs me that neither AA nor H&M will feature any of my pics on their website. And it’s not just me but AA in particular will NOT post any photos of guys wearing disco pants on their site. Why is this? Are they afraid women will stop buying them if they see guys in them? It’s absurd. I don’t even get a like on my photos from them. Yet I constantly see ravishing women wearing their disco pants who receive comments from AA asking to use their photos on the AA site. I don’t get as much as a like from them. Shouldn’t they be content I’m buying their clothing and wearing it no matter the gender distinction of the garment? Or do they think I look so terrible in their disco pants that it would cause the production lines to shut down? I think that not only do I not look bad in them, but I look great in them. Or they look great on me. Or both. However you wish to put it. It is disappointing, though. Perhaps these stores in reality are super conservative and hide behind the mantra of “we’re cool and rad and hip and open to different things!” Maybe there’s some religiosity behind it all, too, as in ‘men shouldn’t wear women’s clothing because God said so.’ But who gets to decide what is women’s and what is men’s since, according to my understanding, God didn’t make those provisions? Or perhaps these businesses are afraid to stray away from the conservative and traditional values and face potential repercussions in the form of diminishing sales.

At least with disco pants I know it’s not a matter of me looking awful in them (in their eyes) since no photos of guys wearing them can be found on their respective sites. But then again, how many guys are actually trying disco pants on and taking pics and publishing them online? Perhaps they don’t find me cool enough or fit enough to be wearing their clothing. To be fair, it’s not just disco pants. It’s anything else from these stores that I took pics with. They didn’t care for any of it. I shall keep wearing the pieces they make that I like in spite of their possible disapproval of me doing so. Especially their disco pants!

Here are a few images of the H&M XS disco pants on me:

DSC01743 (2)-003a

How’s that for skintighter than skintight? I love them and highly recommend H&M’s disco pants if you can still find ’em!

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4 Responses to XS Black H&M Disco Pants

  1. Russ says:

    I think you’re right, and it’s a mistake on their part not to post all people in disco jeans. Perhaps their marketing departments feel that the majority of wearers are women(which they most likely are) and only want to show off the feminine form so as to boost sales among females. There are also the fringe types that will show off their fetishes and their love of cross-dressing and other forms of enjoyment of their clothes, and perhaps they don’t want their website to be a forum for such things. Understandable, since there are other places to post such content, and AA is trying to run a business first. But to lump all SDJ wearers together in such a fringe way is not fair or progressive. I’ve thought about buying a denim jacket from AA and pairing it with a pair of their disco jeans, taking a pic of it, and submitting it to them, just to see what will happen. But you’re probably right if you assume that the pic will never get posted. I sent you a pic of a rocker in classic snakeskin print SDJs for you to use as you see fit. Maybe even send it to them at AA?

    As far as fitting on a tight leg opening, sitting down on a bed or couch, pulling on the pants carefully while pointing my foot and toe out as if I were putting on a leather boot, and sliding my finger inside the leg opening slowly until the pants fit over my ankle works best for me. I haven’t popped a stitch yet.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Try doing the jean jacket and disco pants photo and sending it to AA. I tell ya though, I’ve done pics wearing everything AA except underwear and they still were not interested. In a sense I love that store but in another I’m like ‘screw you guys.’ And not just that store of course. Some years ago they used to do a Halloween photo contest where part of your outfit needed to include an AA garment. I sent a pic where I looked like rockstar playing guitar and wearing disco pants, but the pants weren’t theirs. I figured they wouldn’t know. Naturally, I didn’t win anything. These stores want to be represented only by attractive people wearing their clothing. They just can’t come out and say it. Unlike Abercrombie & Fitch which some time ago raised a storm by saying their clothing is not for fat people. But maybe AA will find you highly attractive and use your photo and even start selling their disco pants as unisex. You never know, you might be the start of the revolution!
      I will say this positive thing about AA: at least they do post disco pant reviews written by males on their website. When I wrote mine a while back I refrained from declaring my gender for fear they wouldn’t publish reviews by men. But I have since seen a good number of reviews written by guys. The original AA store (which closed) also allowed reviews but that one did not publish my male-declared review.
      Good advice on working the tight leg opening! I’m sure many readers will appreciate it. Thanks!

      • Russ says:

        Me? The start of a revolution? Ha ha ha! Not very likely. But when I can afford to buy a denim jacket from them I’m going to give it a try. If they can post a pic of a guy wearing navy and rainbow print exercise leggings, which are marketed for women, then posting pics of straight men in disco pants, rocking them like the guys did in the 1980’s and such, should not be much of a stretch at all. But it is their website, and they can choose whomever they want to be seen in their clothes on the Internet. It’s still worth a try.

      • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

        You never know!
        If they would just sell the pants as unisex this wouldn’t be an issue. I know they still wouldn’t use any of my photos but at least we’d get to see how ‘younger, hipper’ guys would wear the pants and that would lead to more guys wearing them.
        1980s weren’t that long ago yet it seems attitudes changed drastically for the worse in the 90s and 00s.

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