Finally Disco Pants Weather Again!

Today I wore some disco jeans for the first time this February and for the first time in over three weeks. Felt very good to do so. Without purposely setting out to do so I wore my altered charcoal large AA pair for the third straight time. They’re just a great pair of pants. A little looser than ideal but anyone looking at them would still count them skintight. And while temps are now scheduled to go down from this point I still have a number of days I can wear shiny spandex jeans until I either have to give them a rest again or find the perfect pair of warm tights to wear underneath them.

I have not yet worn my newly altered brown AA pants. After a period of not wearing them for a while it feels like you lose some of your nerve. That’s how it feels to me. Do any of you feel that way? I mean, I was rockin’ disco pants in the early part of January. They were becoming a staple to me much like wearing shoes whenever you go out. And then stuff happened. And I had three boring weeks to muddle through.

But we are in February now and it is the final (and shortest) month of meteorological winter. Yes, March can still have very cold days but the sun is getting higher in the sky and the days are getting longer. So we’re getting close to the time when pretty much everyday will be disco pants weather. And I’m getting all my samples together and prepared for when those days are here.

Just thinking about how I felt in my gray disco pants today……I was in different stores and I know some people looked and all. And I could have felt really nervous and uneasy. But for the most part I did not. I went about my business not caring what the world around me thought. However there was one moment when I had to stand in a line at Walgreens and there were people sitting down in chairs near that line. I knew they looked at my pants. I just knew it. I didn’t have to look at them. They were sitting there bored, waiting to be called up. So they looked. But whatever. I just stood in line and didn’t look at them. Luckily, I didn’t have to stand long in line. I did have to sit in one of the chairs though for a minute or two. Oh, and that woman who works there and always checks me out to see if I’m wearing disco pants wasn’t there today. That was a relief. She’s cool and it’s nice that she likes my pants but it feels weird being checked out by her. Perhaps if she wore some too it wouldn’t feel so uneasy.

Today I received a medium midnight navy AA disco pant. I purchased this one as the sample pair to widen the legs on the large pair. And make shorts out of. But I will try them on tonight and see how they fit. If I really like how they look on me I may end up not using them for extra material. It’s very difficult to consider cutting up a perfectly awesome pair of AA disco pants, even if they are going to partially end up as shorts. Money permitting of course I would love to have an altered medium and an altered large. And a pair of shorts probably in medium.

I wore the charcoal disco pants today with my Dr. Martens Tobias boots. I considered wearing my tall, black Ugg-style boots because I love the disco pants & Uggs look. But if I had there’d be no telling that I was wearing an altered pair of AA disco pants. What’s the point of that? I could have just as easily worn an as-is pair of AA’s disco jeans with those boots and it would have looked the same. So I might as well wear an unaltered pair with those particular boots. But if I wear my brown, short Ugg-style boots then it becomes more apparent that the legs are looser. It’s nice having a lot of options.

So the midnight may be getting done soon–maybe even starting as soon as tomorrow. Then the two-tone will get underway. Then a black. Then a pearl. And of course a forest green. But I am going to get a lot of use out of the charcoals, brown, two-tone, midnight and black. Having pearl, forest green and cranberry red would be icing on the cake, but frankly I don’t really need them.

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2 Responses to Finally Disco Pants Weather Again!

  1. Russ says:

    Nope. Haven’t lost my nerve. I just get involved in other things and back burner the disco jeans wearings. Maybe I’ll put on a pair tonight.

    Sent you a message on FB Messenger.

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