Poshmark Patronizing Posing Problems

I am on my way to having an altered pair of AA midnight navy disco pants in size large. Finally dropped off the pants at the cleaners yesterday. It’s so much easier now that I have pairs already altered. I can take the ones I wanted modified with the ones previously done and just say ‘do it like that!’

I was lucky enough last Friday to find yet another pair of AA disco pants while thrifting. It was a midnight navy in medium. Found it in the activewear section of all places. Some poor worker there probably things they are used for exercising! But that’s why I check that section of the store as well. I had a feeling disco pants would eventually turn up there amidst some of the other shiny lycra bottoms.

This newly found pair is in rather bad shape though. Lots of stretch marks and little spandex fibers showing. Other marks here and there as well. So I figured this would be the perfect pair to use for extra material. It happened to come along at just the right time! So sometime early next week I’ll have my newly altered pair ready to wear. Very looking forward to these. They’re only being widened not lengthened because they are a large. I’m starting to wonder if I even need to have the mediums lengthened on top of widening them. It’s not exactly an inexpensive experiment so it will take some study and pondering.

Now I’m still seeking a cheap black pair in order to get my two-tone done. And then a large solid black pair done. Of course I’m still looking for forest green. And white is still looking like a nice option to have.

I’ve struck out on Poshmark recently. Three bad purchases/transactions. First I bought a cheap black pair but the seller sent me a pair that was not as described. This pair looked like it had been through war, no joking! I’m not sure it even had parts suitable just to use for extra material. It was super inexpensive, but I still expect the item to match the description and nowhere did she say the pants were in this condition. Not only that but the size of the pants didn’t match the description. The seller informed me she got rid of the pair she was supposed to send and instead sent me this crappy one. I sent it back and received a refund.

Second, I found another suitable black pair with a good enough price. This seller never shipped the pants. Poshmark has a policy whereby sellers need to ship items within seven days or something like that. If they do not the buyer can cancel the order and receive a refund. This seller was already on the ninth day and I received no notice that it was shipped. So I cancelled. I noticed this seller had not updated anything in her closet since a particular date so either she was away, ill or something else. Still, in this age of the smart phone which has virtually become an extension of the human body, I cannot accept that she made no effort to contact, explain or apologize.

My third strike was for a pair of forest green AA disco pants. I had been watching this particular item and eventually the seller sent a private discount to all the watchers. I jumped on it and immediately bought the pants. She took a heckuva long time to ship and I was getting ready to cancel yet again. But she at least made communication with me and apologized for the delay. However when I finally received the item it was a dark green leggings from a different brand/store. As you can imagine I was highly disappointed. This one’s going back as well and another refund will be coming my way.

So after some really great finds and smooth transactions on Poshmark for nearly two years, I have run into some bumpy road. No, I’m not going to stop buying there. Just some bad luck. I’m not even willing to say I encountered some bad buyers—well, mostly not. But like all places you have to be careful. If you do received incorrect items or they’re not as described, report them immediately. Poshmark, unlike ebay, does not have a private messaging system where you can inform sellers of problems. You have to either post a public comment on the item you bought or go ahead and report the problem to Poshmark.

Yeah, I’m a little hesitant to buy there now. But if the right items shows up I will not think twice about buying it. I missed a perfect super cheap pair of pearl disco pants a couple days ago just because I hesitated a bit. You cannot delay on Poshmark. They don’t do auctions like ebay so there is no “I’ll bid later on after I’ve thought about it some more.” I myself have snapped up some things that had been listed only an hour or so. Once they’re gone they’re usually gone for good. This is also true of Depop and Mercari.

And one more thing—be careful because a lot of sellers spam key words. They will try to sell AA leggings as ‘AA disco leggings.’ As far as I know, American Apparel never sold anything called ‘disco leggings.’ It is really easy to get fooled by these terms, especially since many people (women) refer to disco pants as ‘disco leggings’. The forest green (supposed) AA disco pants I bought had nothing in the title about AA disco pants. The description and the photos were where all the misleading info came. Now, I don’t know for sure—-maybe she sent me the wrong item. Perhaps she really has a pair of forest green AA disco pants and she sent me actual green leggings instead. She hasn’t mentioned anything about making such a mistake so I’m not sure how probable that is.

I’ve mentioned this before but be careful of people who use stock photos of disco pants for pre-owned items. If you are selling a brand new item I am okay with using stock photos of that item. If you’re item is used DO NOT USE STOCK PHOTOS! If you can’t snap a few photos of the actual used item you’re selling then maybe you shouldn’t be in the business of reselling used items. So avoid these types of sellers and also those who do not respond to questions you have about their items.

I’m glad to say that I’m now finished looking for and buying midnight navy AA disco pants. I have all that I need now and even if I should decide to have a medium altered I have a few that can serve that function. And all the ones I have are the original made in USA version.

I haven’t been wearing disco pants regularly lately. Still rather cold here. Temps are right around the freezing mark. I may do so on Friday when I go thrifting. We shall see.

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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14 Responses to Poshmark Patronizing Posing Problems

  1. skippy says:

    Sorry to hear about your transactions on Poshmark,I’ve never heard about them till you mentioned it,And It’s been a while since I bought any Disco pants.

    Funny thing I went back to your very first post in 2012 and read our conversation as I was (Raymond) and I believe you didn’t have any Disco Pants at that time,so its kinda of a blast from the past I guess you can say as you are probably the leading authority on Disco Pants at this point as you’ve tried so many at this point.

    Anyway, I uploaded this video to you tube of Barbara Mandrell and Sisters and made it unlisted as the original video was taken down for some reason, Glad I saved it,Its one of the better one’s.The file was corrupt and had to use windows movie maker to fix it and clip out the bad part,It might be tiny bit less quality than the original file.But this is the only Disco pants part in the show.

    As a kid I was attracted to them In their Disco pants and it was a treat for me when they wore them Nice I can see them via You Tube. Wish I could find more country music shows on there of Disco Pants circa 1980 1981.and I’m searching for them.

    I think Barbara looks great in her super tight blue pants which were probably altered for her as they fit like a glove but don’t look uncomfortable,What do you think?

    • Russ says:

      Wow. Hot and sexy as hell!!! Thanks for the share.

      • skippy says:

        Russ,Glad you enjoyed it, Here is another clip of them and I have to say Barb is so sexy in those Blue pants and I love the look of them.I will keep posting more vids as I find them.

      • Russ says:

        Hey skippy. I just saw the other one with the Mandrell sisters. Awesome find. I found the Sha Na Na one with Lola Falana on my own. It’s quite a nice video too. I’m liking them all for easy access on my Roku TV with YouTube app. Full screen spandex disco jeans. What a sight! Keep on posting them. See if you can dig up the scenes from The Cannonball Run with Adrienne Barbeau and Tara Buckman in their disco pant suits. I’d love to be able to see those on tap. So far I can’t find them anywhere except for computer use only.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hey skippy….thanks for the videos! OMG that is a perfect fit on her. WOW is all I can say!
      I don’t know how much alteration they’d have to make on disco pants to fit that well. I have come across several pair that fit me like that. I think she just had the right type of body that would work with stock pairs.
      Yeah I remember in those early posts that I didn’t even know where to get vintage disco pants. At that time I only had my first 2 pairs of AA ones but I really wanted the straight leg vintage style. Hahah, thanks, I might be the leading male authority on them.
      If you find anymore videos feel free to post them!!

      • skippy says:

        I don’t know if you saw this one of the Sha Na Na show with Lola Falana,But she has the same great fit as Barabara Mandrell,There was another clip of Lola in black Disco pants on the Letterman show and one more of her live in those same black pants,Nonetheless she looks great in them.

      • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

        I think you shared those with me way back when because I certainly remember them. The Letterman one is particularly interesting because it’s from 1987 which is quite a late for disco jeans. But good for Lola for wearing them and doing what she could to disassociate the pants from the seedy and dimwitted types!

      • skippy says:

        Did some editing and put together these clips from The 1982 movie Vice Squad. A Typical early 80’s prostitute wouldn’t be complete with Disco Pants right? Saw this when it came out and I always remember those scenes then got the dvd later on,Its actually a good movie.
        Can anyone identify the brand on the back of the girls pants,you can see it in some parts.

      • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

        Cool clips! I can’t say for certain the brand but I would guess Palm. I think that brand had big white labels like that. The pink pants look like they’re part of a leotard though. If that’s the correct term. The pants look like they’re connected to her top.

  2. Russ says:

    I agree. Sellers should use their own pics of the items that they are selling so that we,the buyers, know exactly what we are getting. Stock photos are fine when it comes to brand new items, but used should always have detailed pics of use that is showing. Most of the time poshmark, and depop, sellers are selling items in quite good condition. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with some of my vintage disco pants purchases. But I have been burned a few times also. As with all things in the marketplace, caveat emptor.

    • Russ says:

      BTW, I hope you wore some disco jeans today. I’m wearing a pair of AA dark purple medium disco pants as I type this post, and wore a pair of orange Chinese made ones yesterday morning to see if they fit. I also bought a pair of Pulp Kitchen disco pants from someone in Australia. They have a space print on them in the background, but in the foreground they have a flowery print to them. I tried them on, and they fit great, but with the floral print I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them. I know you don’t like prints, and I’m not going to post pics of them anyway, but I have to admit that I do like them.

      • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

        Hey Russ….I did not wear disco jeans today. Wasn’t in the mood. Besides I didn’t plan to spend much time outdoors. Perhaps tomorrow.
        That’s interesting. I don’t think I ever wrote a post here while wearing disco pants. I should do that.
        Orange Chinese disco pants? Don’t think I ever saw that! What are these Pulp Kitchen ones? Is it vintage or new? With a flowery print you’re getting into some interesting territory there. I’ll admit, I did buy a pair of shiny leggings at a thrift store last year that had a print on them. The print is tolerable and not really patterned which leaves plenty of the main color and shine visible. I could see myself wearing them as exercise gear.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      I have also found some great disco pants on those websites at great prices. But I’ve noticed that lately many of them are just not looking carefully at the details of the pants they’re selling or they just don’t care because I’m finding many with stretch marks and/or spandex fibers showing. I just bought a brown pair from a seller who says they’re in great condition and wore them only once. Of course, she didn’t mention that in her description. I had to ask her. The price was cheap enough that I could deal with less-than-perfect. But I hope that “only wore them once” doesn’t mean for a week non-stop!

      • Russ says:

        Yep. The orange ones are from China, with a 100% Polyester fiber content tag. But they definitely have stretch, so they have spandex in them for sure. The name is on the tag too, but it’s not any name that I recognize.

        The Pulp Kitchen pants are from either the UK or Australia. I’m thinking Australia. They are modern type disco jeans with tight fitting legs all the way down to the ankles. I actually have two pairs of them. The one I mentioned before has rounded pockets in back. The other has a seeing eye print, like you would find on the US one dollar bill, and pointed pockets in back. Both are UK10, so they will definitely both fit me well. They were quite affordable too, just the shipping was a bit pricey. But I had to have them both. I honestly thought the space/flowery print pants were all space print, with the flowery stuff being gaseous clouds or nebulae, but when I opened them up I found out what they really were. Oh well. I’m not complaining.

        As for the last part, I think you are right about some of the sellers not caring about the condition of the material in the pants they are selling .I don’t think that they are as attracted to them as you and I and others are. I bought a pair of pants that were supposedly in great condition and were seldom used, but when I opened the package and the pants was I shocked. The crotch and rear seams were heavily worn out, almost see through. The pictures deliberately did not show this. If they did I would never have bought them. I only lost $15 on that pair though. But I also scored a pair of electric blue Michi’s with only a couple minor flaws for $20, so overall I have done well to replace what I lost in my move last year and rebuild my collection.

        I also hope that they weren’t worn for a week non-stop. That isn’t just one wearing.

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