Finally All The Colors

Do you know that song by Gladys Knight & The Pips called “If I Were Your Woman”? It’s a great song. I’m going to change the lyrics a bit….

If I were a woman, I would wear disco pants all the time!

That being said, I know I don’t have to be a woman to wear disco pants all the time. Neither do you. It just feels like something easier to get away with, though. That’s just based on our ingrained perceptions. I watched a documentary recently where someone was talking about all the cell phone towers/antennae that surround us everywhere we go nowadays. At first, it was something to look at–a sort of spectacle. But as time went on she said the novelty effect wore off. That’s exactly the same thing with a guy wearing disco pants. The novelty effect will wear off as long as more guys are seen in them everywhere and all the time. So let’s do it!

I am happy to say that I have or have had EVERY solid color of AA disco pants that were ever made.  Let’s examine those colors once again:

-forest green
-imperial purple
-rich purple

That’s a total of seventeen colors and I currently have fifteen of them. Just recently got the rich purple one. It’s a medium and fits great! The color comes out richly in photos, unlike the imperial purple which mostly comes out looking dark blue.

I’m still missing the cranberry red and the red. There are pairs out there but the sellers want more than I’m willing to pay. There’s a small cranberry red currently on Depop—been there a while actually—and while I know I could most likely fit into it I believe a medium would serve me better. So I’ll keep waiting. The regular red is not really a priority for me right now. though I still intend to own one.

Soon I’ll be picking up my pair of altered midnight AA disco jeans. I see myself getting plenty of use out of those. I may even wear them a day after getting them. I just wish the weather would warm up just a little. I really want to get back to wearing my Converse sneakers and let the boots rest for a while. I’ve come to appreciate certain boots more now especially since they too look great with disco pants. But I’m still a sneaker person and when I wear disco pants or skinny jeans I prefer sneakers with them.

If you’re a Twitter user you may have noticed a lot of talk or disco pants coming back this year. It has something to do with a photo of someone wearing a gold pair of disco pants and hundreds maybe thousands of retweets all asking if the iconic pants are coming back. The gold pants do not look very high quality, by the way. It bothers me that these people need some sort of official declaration, lord knows from whom, that the pants may be worn again. Who needs that sort of affirmation and why? If you like something, wear it. Why do the biggest celebrities or internet personalities need to be found wearing them again before you will? Isn’t it enough that American Apparel is still making and selling them? Believe me, if they were out of style or unpopular AA would have ceased production of them long ago. To be fair, there are plenty of women who still wear and love disco pants. It’s these Twitter ones that just lack maturity and need validation to put these pants on. I’m glad I’m not a fickle follower of fashion. I imagine for the most part that most of the readers of this blog are not as well. We wear what we like without waiting to see someone on the big screen or television wear them first.

A question: do you think spandex disco pants look better on film or videotape? We have seen them on both media over the last 40 years. Movies and tv dramas usually are on film while tv sitcoms are on videotape. Personally, since videotape looks more real-life to me, I think disco pants look better on it than on film. If we look at the examples of Dorit Stevens on The Jeffersons episode, ‘Peg Bundy’ on Married With Children, and the various episodes of Archie Bunker’s Place, The Golden Girls and others, the disco jeans worn in them looked shinier and more lively than in comparable examples on film. I think this may be a larger topic for a blog post all its own.

Finally, I always thought there was something missing about American Apparel’s disco pant. With the vintage ones I have been so used to seeing that brand label on the right pocket. I was thinking about perhaps creating my own label and putting it on some of these altered pairs I have. The material used for labels is probably some kind of nylon, though I have noticed that the Jou Jou brand uses an thin piece of metal. And what would I call my brand? That would be something to think about. And that would be cool!



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1 Response to Finally All The Colors

  1. Russ says:

    I have all of the solid colors except for the pink ones. The lack of listings for that color lead me to believe that I may never own a pair in that color. Which kind of surprises me. If girls/women are so willing to unload their disco pants as a fading fashion trend, why aren’t they selling their pink colored pants off so quickly? Well, I’ll keep waiting. Orange isn’t an easy color to find either, but if you wait long enough something will turn up eventually.

    Any video works for me, as long as it is clear and sharp.

    I haven’t noticed anything on Twitter, but I don’t use it as often as I used to.

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