Red AA Disco Pants

Finally within a few days or a a week or so I shall have the very last color I needed of AA disco pants. Yes, soon I will join that very small circle of people who own AA disco pants in all seventeen solid colors. That is a real thrill for any lover of disco pants!

Recently I received an original red pair. This has become a hard color to come by due to AA not restocking it once it sold out some months ago. I was fortunate to find an American-made pair for a good price. The size was small and seeing how I’ve been able to fit into this size in forest green, midnight navy and pink I decided to grab it in red and I am certainly glad I did. The fit is absolutely perfect and I am starting to think that small in these pants is the best size for me. Some waistband stitches snapped as I stretched it to the max to button up but that’s okay. I have an amazing pair of second-skin, shiny red disco pants. There is just something about shiny, red spandex disco jeans that makes a statement. This is my first red pair since the once I bought new from AA back in June 2012.

The other day I decided to try on the very first pair of disco pants I ever found at a thrift store. It was a small black. When I first tried them on back then (October 2016) I gave up as I could not get them buttoned up. After really forcing the issue recently I succeeded. I may have lost some weight since then but it was still a struggle. There are many miles to go, as they say. But anyway I think that I will get them on again and take some great pics in them. Oddly enough, I don’t have any photos of myself in black AA disco pants that I think are really great. Probably because I focused so much more on getting good photos in the vintage type black pairs. So now I will try to get good pics in them and the one final color on the way and my AA disco pant portfolio will be complete!

I have put together a collage of my very best photos in AA disco pants. One for each color. It stands right now at sixteen photos. Included is one of my two-tone pair. Once I get a good black one I’ll probably remove the two-tone but I’m not sure cause the two-tone is so nice, shiny and tight. Then I’ll do the cranberry red and the portfolio will be really finished.

Even though these are my best photos there are some I may still redo. Ideally I would like to have each photo focus on completely different complimentary pieces to the disco pants, just as each pic will have a different disco pant. In terms of shoes, the current sixteen photos feature twelve different shoes and thirteen different tops. I have enough different shoes to accomplish this but I feel the shoes are less important than the tops. But as I look over the photos the only ones that really stand out to me as needing to be redone are the freesia and the rich purple. I have to think over what color and type of top to wear with the freesia pants, while the rich purple mainly needs a re-shoot due to its color be incredibly difficult to capture correctly.

Finally on Friday I wore disco pants out. After nearly a month I donned a pair and went thrift shopping. Which one did I wear? I went with the altered charcoal medium. It’s such a great pair I cannot say enough good about it. And while I really lament the fact that nobody else is wearing disco pants around here, it’s also nice that I am wearing something nobody else is.

In terms of thrift store finds I cannot say there was too much to write home about. The best find was a pair of Hue black leather-like leggings/jeggings that had faux front pockets and faux zipper flap while having actual back pockets and a coin pocket up front. A little short on me and not as tight as ideal up top. But I’ll try them on again and perhaps take some pics. Also found a pair of very thin, lightweight Levi’s 510 skinny jeans. They’re pretty stretchy and I just know they will be too short for me but I look forward to trying them on. Oh and last week I found a really nice pair of Lucky Brand Authentic 1 men’s skinny jeans. There were two pairs of this kind of jean, the other being a darker wash but ripped. As I don’t wear ripped jeans I left it hanging there. Anytime I have come across a pair of Lucky jeans while thrifting it always turns out to be a bootcut monstrosity. This was the first time I found a skinny one and two at that! So when I got home I tried on the lighter wash pair I purchased and it was a very nice tight fit. I particularly liked the cut of these jeans because the lower legs were not tapered as many skinny jeans feature. They don’t grip the ankles and as a result I have a greater choice of footwear to wear with them. They reminded me of my old high school Levi’s jeans which were very tight at the crotch and bum, through the thighs and knees and then a straight leg down to the ankles—what I call a perfect-fitting pair of jeans. My only gripe with these jeans is the factory wash which in areas looks too forced and fake. Also, at first I thought I would be disappointed with its button-fly, but it turned out that since the jeans are so tight on me on that area it seems the button fly keeps it more securely fastened than a zipper might.

So while I’m always looking out for great new spandex disco pants for my collection I’m also still on the lookout for that perfect pair of jeans—my high school pair being the standard. I’m pretty sure my perfect pair will have to be a pre-owned one since that old pair of Levi’s was also pre-owned and all the great yet less-than-perfect pairs I have acquired since I’ve been thrifting have all been used as well. One thing I will absolutely not do again is spend a hundred dollars or more on brand new designer jeans. That makes no sense at all.

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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1 Response to Red AA Disco Pants

  1. Russ says:

    The red pants are the hottest. I just love mine. Not just because red is my favorite color, or because AA reds were my first modern cut disco jean purchase, but because they show you off in a real revealing but still with-enough-hidden way that keeps things titillating and exciting without showing too much off, like white does. I’m always looking to buy more reds, even if I don’t need them.

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