Cranberry Red AA Disco Pants

Well, I finally got my cranberry red American Apparel disco pants and now I have every solid color that has ever been available in these pants. This one is a size small and it fits like a second skin. Great fit and look. I took some really good pics. And I am very happy I accomplished my goal of getting every color and taking the best photos I could wearing each.

So does this mean I’m done buying AA disco pants? I am absolutely done buying certain colors. Royal blue, (any and all) purple, midnight navy, red and freesia are some I have no intentions of acquiring more pairs of. But I still have my projects in mind and will continue to look out for pearl, black, and the ever scarce forest green.

Today I just received a spare black pair I ordered last week to use for altering my two-tone and possibly a solid black pair later on. This pair is in terrible shape but only cost two dollars and the areas that will be used to alter my other pairs are just fine. Thus, tomorrow I will take a trip to the cleaners with this weather-beaten pair and my large two-tone. I’m thinking of having a midnight navy in medium done as well but I have to find the medium I want to alter and I’m not sure I have enough material from the previous midnight navy job. The tailor used material from only one leg of the spare pair to alter the large midnight navy. Since the medium will also need to be lengthened I’m not sure she will have sufficient material to line up the seams properly as she did for the brown pair. And she is very difficult to find at the store. I’ll take it with me just in case (provided I find the medium I want to alter before tomorrow).

I’m still on the fence about altering a solid black AA pair. I have plenty of the vintage style disco pants so technically I don’t need it. But there’s something about the AA pants that look really good. And then there’s the question of do I alter a medium or a large or both? Further questions include do I look for USA-made pairs to alter or buy the new Mexican-made pairs? I really don’t like having used pairs altered unless they’re in like-new condition.

And I’m still strongly considering having pearl disco pants altered. The same questions arise for pearl as for black. Do I buy new ones or look for used ones? Medium or large? Both?

The weather here is finally becoming what I officially call ‘disco pants weather.’ Forties & fifties with some sixties forecast for this week. Today was already good enough to wear spandex disco jeans but I decided to go with my skintight Lucky jeans. I really like those. But tomorrow I told myself that I will surely wear disco pants and I may even wear them the next three days in a row. I might go with a vintage black tomorrow, AA brown on Thursday and AA charcoal on Friday. Or any other combination. All depends on my mood and what shoes I feel like wearing. I think the next few days I can give the various boots a rest and go back to my Converse sneakers. Looking forward to that!

Last week I saw an episode of Charlie’s Angels on TV and it was a post-Farah Fawcett one with one of the girls—Cheryl Lynn—in red disco pants. Her pants had a big white label in the back. Boy, she sure did love wearing disco pants on that show, ay? Can’t blame her! I’ll have to eventually do a post about that one.

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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1 Response to Cranberry Red AA Disco Pants

  1. Russ says:

    Haven’t worn any of mine in a while. It’s been very cold outside. Now that it has warmed a bit I might put some on this weekend. Depends on what goes on.

    I think you meant Cheryl Ladd on Charlie’s Angels. I saw her with a red pair on that had a large white tag once, but I couldn’t see it closely enough to identify its’ brand name. As long as they are red and on a hottie, I don’t really care about the brand. And Cheryl is a hottie, especially in her red SDJs!!

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