Altered 2-Tone in the Works

Today I took my size large, two-tone AA disco pants to get altered. It’ll be a week before these awesome pants get done. I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I only tried them on once and they were surprisingly tight on the waist. Tighter than any other large AA disco pant I have ever tried on. That’s good because I don’t want loose fitting disco pants and because I would rather not alter the medium I have—not only because I’d like to keep them as is but also because they are already showing some signs of wear from the couple times I wore them out and for photo shoots. That’s the price you pay for skintight disco pants!

I went there wearing my altered brown AA disco pants. Felt great being in them. Wore a slightly longer jacket on top. And white Converse sneakers. The weather was absolutely great for disco pants and sneakers today. Tomorrow will be again and thus I plan on wearing disco jeans then, too. And even though Friday will drop twenty degrees from tomorrow’s high temperature, it will still be perfect disco pants weather so I’ll make it three in a row. Once you start wearing these thing you don’t want to stop, you know? Anyone else feel this way about them? I know there were some girls famous for always being seen in disco pants, including Zoe Sugg, better known as ‘Zoella’. She became famous for, well, being famous. I won’t be too mean to her though because she was a devoted disco pants wearer, even beyond their peak popularity. Of course now at the ancient age of 28 she probably wouldn’t be caught dead in them. I don’t know any others by name but if you look around online long enough you’ll find some really diehard fans who had the pants in a number of colors.

While I’m on the subject I would like to salute all the women, younger and older alike, who still wear disco pants. And I know there are a number of them as well and I really appreciate them for not just being blind followers of fashion. OK, so AA is still selling disco pants which technically means they’re not out of fashion. But it is safe to say that their initial peak has passed and there are many fashionistas and fashionista-wannabes who would not touch them with a ten-foot pole or even admit to having worn them at some point. But I don’t want to focus on them. I want to focus and celebrate the ones who still wear them. If you look around on various social media you will find some who frequently wear their disco pants even now in 2019. I even made a friend with one who has them in various colors and appears to wear them regularly. With my luck of course, she is taken. But she looks very, very, very nice in her disco pants and fills them very richly.

This reminds me of a comment someone left on one of my posts a while ago. The guy thought I was gay because I am into spandex disco pants. I thought that was weird. I don’t see what a preference for a certain garment would have to do with one’s sexual orientation. I’m sure many hetero guys would love to wear spandex—disco pants or other—in public, but they have been so beaten down by societal tradition and the talk of ‘manning up’ that their brains will not even allow for the possibility to consider wearing that other than as a joke or a Halloween costume. Yet isn’t it ironic that the two sports they love so dearly–football & baseball–feature men wearing tight, spandex pants and in the case of football, tight and shiny! I find that so ironic it’s laughable. I must admit I have never followed either of those sports, but in the past before I started buying spandex disco pants I did watch some college football only because the players’ shiny spandex pants reminded me so much of disco jeans! I probably never watched any full games but I sure rooted for the team with the shinier pants, lol. And I refuse to believe that some of those guys did not fully enjoy wearing those pants in the public eye. Who knows, perhaps that’s even why some of them chose to play football in the first place.

After I get the altered two-tone pants my next priority will be the midnight navy in medium. I’m just so pleased with the two altered mediums I already have in charcoal and brown that I want the midnight as well. And I’m going to go with the new pair I have. I thought I had three mediums in this color but apparently I only have two so I’m going with the new pair. I figure I am going to give it a good amount of wear so might as well go with a sturdy new one. If I ever branch out into leggings-type I’ll wear the used one I picked up not too long ago.

There’s currently a brown medium on ebay for only $250! Get it while you can!! There’s also a used cranberry red for $188 and the (fake) lavender one still there for $150. How much are you guys willing to pay for disco pants? Particularly for harder-to-find ones. I’m not willing to pay all that much unless it’s a brand new pair of the vintage type or it’s a color that I really want. In terms of AA pants the only color I still really want is forest green but I won’t be paying anywhere near $100 for it.

That’s all for now. Look forward to my next disco jeans excursion.


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7 Responses to Altered 2-Tone in the Works

  1. Russ says:

    I agree with your third paragraph. I think it’s great that some women haven’t given up on disco jeans just because of some alleged trendsetter. Given the fact that so many women are wearing spandex tights, or pants, or leggings, or whatever name they are going by these days, I don’t really understand why these same women are looking down on the wearing of disco jeans. Aside from the zipper, button, and pockets, they are just like leggings. Are women really down on these type of pants because of the presence of those three features? It makes no sense.

    As for the guy in the next paragraph, men that adhere to old stereotypes and misguided, misinformed opinions will always be around. That’s why we as wearers have to be careful no matter what. There will always be fools around that think that spandex clothing is only for women, that stretchy clothing was meant only for females, and anyone else even looking at it is a weirdo or a sicko, even if he sees football players wearing their football capris (and that’s what they are, capris. I know because I own several of them, and they definitely stop at the knees like women’s capris do. EGAD!) every weekend all across the country. Of course, they are being worn in a mannish game in a mannish way, so that makes football players wearing spandex alright. (It is. I watch football all the time. But the nasty opinions of anti-spandex wearers is wrong).Everyone else is a wuss (sarcastically said). Don’t listen to the jack asses that think so. They are just 21st century barbarians comfortable with their cave-dweller attitudes. A shame we have to put up with their stupidity in these times when people are supposed to be more intelligent, not less. It seems the opposite is true. And spandex is also worn by hockey players, swimmers, cyclists, skiers, track and field athletes, runners, etc. They can’t all be gay. So Mr. Stupid Ass doesn’t even have fact to back up his stupid claim. He and all like him need to educate themselves or just shut the F$*K UP!

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Great comment, Russ!
      I think the biggest offense to women who don’t wear or no longer wear disco pants is their shine. I guess shiny pants were ok in ’12 or ’13 but not anymore. One of the girls I once gave a pair to told me her grandma said something to the effect that she looked like a hooker in them. Yet this girl was always wearing the tightest pants and jeans I ever saw any girl wear. What was it about the disco pants that was so different?? That’s why I say it’s the shine that makes them hesitant. And of course because they’re more rarely seen on TV now than they were from ’12 to about ’15 or ’16.
      In defense of that guy who made the comment–I think he was actually gay. But they have stereotypes they adhere to as well, and that just goes to show that we all need to understand more.
      I didn’t know those were capris. I always thought they were full-length. Very interesting! As someone who watches football regularly perhaps you can verify this: based on what I’ve seen over the years on news segments the shine of their capris seems to have been toned down over time. What do you say? Back in the 90s I remember Northwestern University’s purple pants being very shiny, not so much anymore.
      Ahh yes, swimmers, runners, cyclists, skiers and luge! I remember being taken aback the first time I saw olympic luge. And those swimming jammer shorts are the best!
      Thanks for reading & writing!

      • Russ says:

        It depends on the manufacturer of the pants. Some are more dull in their finish, while others are as shiny as ever. Most of the pants I own are from Russell Athletic, and they are very shiny. The material is quite rugged too, and has four-way stretch. It’s the same with swim jammers. Some are shiny, some are dull. Speedos have shine, TYRs tend to be duller in finish. They are great though. I agree.

  2. Mel says:

    That last comment was a bit harsh and uncalled for. To be calling someone “Mr.Stupid Ass” perhaps he is a regular reader of this very blog and a fellow disco pants enthusiast as well.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hi Mel,
      Yeah, perhaps he is a regular reader and a fellow disco pants enthusiast as well. I should have made it clear that there was no malice in his original comment and that, if I remember correctly, he was actually gay himself. It was quite a while ago. To me it was just a matter of it being interesting/silly that we all seem to have stereotypes no matter our backgrounds.

      • Russ says:

        My apologies to all that saw my comment. Perhaps it was a bit harsh. I recently experienced a racist comment about black people at my job that really set me off, from a confederate flag loving northeastern redneck fool. It pretty much ruined my day, and any desire to want to continue at that job anymore. I guess part of my response was just me venting. I can certainly understand how others’ prejudices can be damaging to everyone around them. I definitely do NOT want to be a part of it at all.

      • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

        I can understand how you feel, Russ. Nothing can make you angrier than people! Especially those who lack understanding, compassion or good sense. Hopefully you can get out of that toxic environment.

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