6th Wearing – 2 More For A Record

For the sixth time this month I wore disco pants today. It was a really nice day with temps in the low 60s so I had to find a spring jacket instead of my usual cold weather ones. I chose my American Apparel leather-like hoodie which is a bit looser and longer fitting on me. I have to build the mindset back into wearing the shorter jackets with disco jeans because it’s been a while since I’ve done that. But I’m really in no hurry to get into that warmer weather where only a light jacket will suffice. I am thoroughly enjoying the 40s and 50s weather as it allows me optimal comfort—both physical and mental—when wearing disco pants.

I did pick up my two-tone altered pair late last week. They came out really well and unlike the midnight navy large, this large is a really great fit. It’s still pretty darn tight and fun to wear. I don’t know what was up with that midnight navy pair. It’s probably the loosest large pair of AA disco pants I have ever tried on. Perhaps it was worn too much and/or washed too much and it just loosened up. Or maybe it was just made that way.

For tomorrow I’m feeling a little adventurous. I have to go to a doctor’s office—not for me—and I really feel like wearing a pair of spandex disco jeans. OK, so I’ve worn some to a doc’s office before. But never to this one. And this one is usually packed with patients so it can get uncomfortable especially when you walk in and may have to sit next to someone you don’t know for lack of seating. Two things: first, ever notice when you walk into a waiting room of a doc’s office those sitting there look at you as if they’ve never seen another human before? Why is that? I don’t do that. When I’m already in there I don’t look at who comes in. Or if I do I take a quick glance and that’s all. What is the deal with that? Well, perhaps I’ll give them something to look at tomorrow! Second, ever notice how you never sit right next to someone you don’t know unless you absolutely have to? That I do and I don’t apologize for. In fact, I’ll usually take the farthest seat away as possible from everyone else.

But anyway, yeah, I am entertaining the thought of wearing some tomorrow. And I’m even considering an altered AA pair. The end of this month has kind of crept up on me fast and I’m really in the mood to set a new record for most wearings in a month. And I have two more wearings to go with only three days left! So if I don’t wear tomorrow then I will have to wear both Saturday & Sunday which may be difficult seeing how I like to stay home on Sundays. At this point I really think I am going to end up with a tie at seven wearings. Tomorrow is unsure and Sunday is unlikely. The good thing is tomorrow’s weather will be much different from today’s and it’s back to cold weather coats again. I might just be the first guy if not person to wear disco pants to this particular hospital!

This doctor’s office happens to be in a hospital. So we’d probably park in its lot, but since we’re all a bit broke at the moment I might look for free parking on the street which would make our walk into the main building a lot longer. That would be cool. But then once inside the building we’d have to wait by the elevators for a ride up several floors. After that it’s a walk down a long corridor to the office. Then the only other thing would be the waiting room and how full it is. I would hate to go in disco pants and have a standing room only scene. That’s never happened so it’s probably unlikely. So after sitting in there for a while we would get called into one of the smaller rooms where the doctor comes to see you. In there one of his aides measures the basic vitals and asks a few questions and then we wait for the doc to come in. After that we schedule a follow-up appointment and it’s back down the hall, down the elevator and out the door. Yes, there’s a lot of opportunity for me to be seen in disco pants. But since I’m not the patient, and the chance for the waiting room to be full is not likely, I think it’s a good opportunity to wear spandex jeans. Plus this doc is rather laid back and likes to kid around so he might even make a comment about the pants!

You may be wondering which pants I would wear. It would have to be one of the altered AA ones. Right now I am leaning heavily towards the charcoal but even the two-tone is up there. The t-t really has an athletic look to them so it might take away some of the shock value some people may have of seeing a guy in shiny, skintight pants.

As far as what shoes I will wear I was thinking canvas Converse All Star. But it may be a bit too chilly for that. So I am thinking probably Dr. Martens boots. Or of course I do have my leather All Stars so they are a consideration as well.

I see both girls and guys wearing all sorts of bulky sneakers nowadays with the disco pants and the skinniest of skinny jeans. Back in ’07 when I started wearing skinny jeans and trying to figure out what kind of sneakers were appropriate to wear with them, everything I saw was thin-soled and low-profile. It was Converse. It was Vans. (At that time I mostly wore running shoes which I now regret.) The only exception to bulk was skate shoes so I stocked up on those. There were a lot of very ugly and bulky skate shoes, but there were also some that were very nice and comfortable. The problem was I never found any that I thought looked good with the super skinny jeans. And I read many opinions online that said wearing running shoes with skinny jeans was a big no-no. So I never did it. But I mainly stuck to Converse, Nike Dunks, some Vans. some Adidas and a few skate shoes that weren’t too conflicting with the streamlined, second-skin nature of those jeans.

Eventually I sold every last pair of skate shoes I had—not counting the Vans because even though Vans Authentic and Vans Era were originally created for skateboarding, they are now widely regarded as casual sneakers and you don’t need a slab of wood with wheels on it in order to sport these shoes. The skate sneakers made me feel like a ‘poser.’ That’s teen talk for someone pretending to be something they’re not. I was not a skater nor did I have any intentions of ever attempting to get on a board. I know some of these skaters use their boards as transportation. But I was way beyond that point. For me cars are transportation, bikes are recreation and skateboards are for kids who can’t drive or can’t afford everything that goes with having a car. As a kid growing up, I didn’t have a bike or skateboard so walking was my forte.

So yeah, as I said, I got rid of my skate sneakers. What I bought afterwards was more Converse, both high top and low, and other lower profile sneakers such as Nike Cortez, New Balance 420 and those super-low profile women’s 80s-style canvas sneakers that I wrote about several times in the past. But I do still have some running shoes and bulkier ones at that which I am being led to believe now are okay to be worn with super skinny jeans and even my disco pants. Will I wear them together? That remains to be seen. I like the idea of wearing them with my Nike Cortez and New Balance 420 but I’m hesitant with some of the other types.

The bigger concern is tomorrow. Right now I’d say the likelihood of me wearing spandex disco jeans is 90%. But anything going wrong early tomorrow can change that. Even wearing my skintight Lucky jeans would be an accomplishment. The truth is, most people who go to this doc are older and they don’t really have a sense of style anymore so anything different to them can be shocking and reason for staring. But that just comes with the territory of wearing shiny disco pants or tight jeans. So at best I will wear a pair of altered AA disco pants. At worst I will wear a pair of skintight dark blue Nudie skinny jeans.

There was a pair of yellow, vintage disco pants on eBay recently that sold for $102.50. I had never seen a vintage, yellow pair in the last six years that I have been buying them. They sold for more than I was willing to pay. But the interesting thing about them is that while they have the Bojeangles brand tag on the back pocket, there is a tag on the inside that says “Contempo Casuals”. Take a look:

s-l1600 - 2019-03-19T212415.322


I don’t know what that’s all about. Perhaps it was a store that decided to add its own brand name to the pants. That’s the only thing I could come up with. Another item of note is that while most pictures portray the pants as bright yellow, it appears gold in one photo. And nowhere in the description did the seller mention the color which I also considered particularly strange.

Finally, there is another unique color of vintage spandex jeans for sale on eBay. This one is also Bojeangles brand and is described as a rust color. I’d guess the official name as copper but who knows. Here’s a pic:

s-l1600 - 2019-03-26T204108.204

It’s a great color! I would totally get it but it’s priced at $180 and not affordable at this time. I’d have to sell several of my own to be able to get this one. Hopefully, no one buys it for a while or at least I can work something out. We’ll see.

If I do end up wearing disco pants to the doc’s tomorrow I write another post about it either tomorrow night or over the weekend. It’s going to be in the 40s with extensive cloudiness and some rain so the pants won’t be all that noticeable.


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6 Responses to 6th Wearing – 2 More For A Record

  1. skippy says:

    Contempo Casuals
    The coolest of all the ’90s mall chains, Contempo got a lot of love from Sassy, Clueless, and the era’s rad band chicks. (According to the June 1997 issue of Spin, Shirley Manson once wore a Contempo Casuals jacket to the Grammys.)

    They mostly sold their own private-label merchandise—lots of sunflower printed pieces and velvet minidresses and other things that wouldn’t look out of place on NastyGal. In 1991, the Los Angeles Times published a story about what teenagers were purchasing during the holiday season, and this gem about Contempo was included: “Young teens were buying denim jackets and oversize denim jeans in bright colors, while the older set was sliding into tight velour and spandex dresses topped with black leather motorcycle jackets.” In other words, had they brand stuck around, it would still be totally relevant today.

    In 1995, Wet Seal snatched up the remaining 237 Contempo Casuals stores from the Neiman Marcus Group (yes, Neiman); in 2001, the stores were converted to Wet Seals, of which there are currently 532 locations. Though it’s technically gone now, the brand will live on forever on eBay and on Cher Horowitz.

  2. Dorian Gray says:

    OMG!!! Guys, did you see that Kim Kardashian wore white disco pants to church in Calabasas California last week? You Got to check it out!!!

    • skippy says:

      Yeah I saw it.It was all over the news.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Yes! I saw that! Of course, I don’t know her from Sam Hill but it’s cool that she was wearing them. I didn’t know she wore them to church, though. I guess that makes at least one other person who has worn disco pants to church!! And the way she wore them—she wasn’t covering up anything!

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