Disco Pants At the Hospital!

I am thrilled to report that today I wore spandex disco pants to the hospital. I chose to wear the AA charcoal, altered medium pair. I parked on the street in order to get free parking and then walked the long path to the entrance. Mind you, this was not a hospital visit for me and that is mainly why I chose to wear these pants today. But who knows, perhaps someday I will feel adventurous enough to wear them for one of my own appointments or visits!

We entered the hospital through a back door so there were fewer people that noticed us arriving. This was not because I didn’t want to be seen entering through the front in my disco pants but due to the sort of ‘backyard’ path we walked through which led to this back door. The elevator ride was full but once we got off it the long path down to the doc’s office was a long and empty one. Once we arrived it was the moment of truth as to how full or empty it was going to be. It turned out to be quite empty with only two other people already in the waiting room. There was a wide variety of seating available. Everything moved rather swiftly, from a short waiting room period to a brief meeting with the doc and finally the scheduling of a next appointment. There is a very attractive woman who works at the desk and does the appointment scheduling and all that. Very attractive. I have seen her during our previous visits there, but today she was being particularly friendlier and more talkative. Perhaps because she saw me in disco pants?

I did make the mistake of going there today when I should have gone yesterday. I did find it odd that I would allow a doctor’s appointment to be scheduled on a Friday which is my thrift store day. But there it was in my smartphone calendar. I have to go and find the original appointment card that was given to me back in November when we last were there. I’m sure I was right but once I find this card it will settle the score. Oh well, it gave a chance for this woman and me to talk a little more than usual and to look at her face which is very, very pleasant. And no, I would not ask her out because I’m sure she is and has been off the market for a long time.

After that we make the trip back down the hall, down the elevator and out the back door of the hospital once again. That backyard walk is very nice and serene. It reminds me a bit of the botanic gardens around here. If I had a job there I would spend lunch time outdoors in that area.

Once we departed there it was off to two grocery stores and that was all for the day. The weather turned out to be warmer and sunnier than was forecast. I don’t mind the sunnier but it did start to feel overly warm at times wearing that jacket. But it was great walking weather.

By the way, the doc didn’t say anything about my disco pants. I thought that he might but it’s quite possible he didn’t even notice them. But I think a lot of other people did. It’s good for them to see. We have to remove the novelty effect and freak factor out of guys being seen in spandex disco jeans or any kind of form-fitting pants, shiny pants or leggings. There’s no reason for this. It is 2019 after all.

So I’ve got my seventh wearing for the month and one more will set a new monthly record. Will I wear one tomorrow? It’s very possible. At the moment though I have no plans for going anywhere tomorrow. And Sunday even less. So it’s not all that probably. But we’ll see. For tomorrow I am leaning towards a vintage-style pair–probably a regular black one. As much as I love these pants I don’t really feel I need to wear them everyday. I know I have said that they would be my choice to wear for the rest of my life, but that’s reality. Sometimes I just feel like wearing some skinny jeans. Or I have a particular pair of shoes I want to wear that might not best pair up with disco pants. As Asia once sang, only time will tell. Regardless, I think April stands to be a promising month. I just need to start wearing them early and often. The problem with March is that I could have already set the record, but I wore them only once the first twelve days of the month. One wearing in the first third of the month puts a lot of pressure on the remaining two thirds. Though I picked up the pace a bit in the last two thirds it was a little late in the game and put me in the position of wearing disco pants when I may not necessarily want to or do not have a good reason to wear them. I hope that makes sense. For instance, if I’m only going to the post office tomorrow it is not a good enough reason to put on disco pants. Again, yes, I would love to be in them all the time. But it’s not practical. If I had an endless supply of them then perhaps I could go out in them all the time, be at home in them all the time and even sleep in them. Alas, that is not reality. So I’ll save them for better moments.


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2 Responses to Disco Pants At the Hospital!

  1. Dorian Gray says:

    The hospital is the most appropriate place to wear disco pants for all the heart attacks and strokes they cause, LOL!!!

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hahah, at first reading I interpreted that as causing the wearer heart attacks & strokes. I thought, “oh no, Dorian has turned the tide!”

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