On Par For Another Record Year

Got my third wearing for this month of April 2019 today. Still a bit of a slow start but I am still doing better than by this point last year. I have eighteen wearings this year while last year I had twelve. So we’re on our way.

Today was sunny and, to tell you the truth, I did not intend to wear any spandex disco jeans. I didn’t wear any yesterday on my usual trip to the local thrift store. I also didn’t find jack squat at the store yesterday, but that’s another story altogether. I just wasn’t feeling it yesterday. Today also but I knew I had to go out so I just threw on my pair newly altered AA two-tone disco pants to see how it looked. I know how it looks on me but it’s not a look I can ever tire of. And as is usual when I put on a pair of disco pants I end up keeping them on and going out in them.

I wore them with my slightly longer Apt 9 jacket. It’s a good look. The jacket is slim-fitting so there isn’t a huge contrast between a bulky, oversized jacket and skintight pants. Of course I really want to wear my shorter puffer jackets but I’m a little hesitant of ‘putting it all out there.’ If you’ve read this blog any good length of time you know that I have no problem with anyone’s personal style—particularly guys’—that includes wearing any kind of spandex pants and NOT covering up the crotch or bum areas. That is ideally how I want to wear all my skintight disco pants and skinny jeans. A lot of guys out there want to school other guys into wearing long tops that will cover up those areas if they insist on wearing such pants. They cite reasons of ‘immodesty.’ Well, I suspect these same guys would never tell a woman to wear long tops or loose tops that would cover up their areas of ‘immodesty.’ So there is definitely a double-standard out there. Consequently, it’s 100% bull-crap to me. But hey, if those are guidelines you wish to go by, I’m fine with it. Just don’t, I repeat, DON’T tell other guys they need to mimic that style.

I’ll get back to wearing my shorter puffer coats with disco pants eventually. We’re still in early spring here so I imagine there is plenty of time. Today was one of those days I’m not terribly fond of—too chilly in the shade and too warm in the sunshine. I wear a nice jacket to keep warm from the 50’s breezes but the sun heats up the car and makes it almost unbearable to keep that jacket on!

So as I mentioned today was sunny. That’s great for disco pants. And I was off to Walmart. Didn’t stay there long as I knew just what I needed. While in the checkout line I noticed a young, black woman who was a Walmart greeter standing there looking at my pants. I looked directly at her and her eyes were on my pants. It was pretty funny. And when I went to walk out the door she said the thing that Walmart greeters say and blatantly looked at my disco pants again. I’d say her gaze was something in the category of “What the heck is he wearing?” or “Is that a dude wearing AA disco pants?” And that’s exactly what I meant when I wrote in the past about people noticing and not noticing what you’re wearing. Walmart greeters have nothing to do but stand there and acknowledge customers going in and out. They’re bored out of their minds! So they’ll stand there and check out what you’re wearing because what else is there to do?

After Walmart it was off to Walgreens and I was hoping that Ms. Let-me-see-your-butt-in-those-disco-pants was not going to be there. Of course she was though. And we walked through the doors and she greeted us from afar and I can only imagine what she said quietyl to the other female associate who was with her. At the end of our visit there we went to her register to pay for some items. She didn’t say anything to me there. I’m grateful for that cause it could be rather embarrassing if she started making comments with other employees and customers around.

And that was pretty much it for my eighteenth wearing of 2019. I’m probably not going anywhere on Sunday and the coming week should afford me about two additional wearings. I’ve got a few government offices to visit this week and, as I wrote about in the past, those are places I would most definitely not be caught wearing disco pants in. Skinny jeans, yes, but not shiny spandex jeans. Also have plans to go to the laundromat. I’ve never considered wearing disco pants there. They would be rather comfortable to wear there since one is working and moving around a good deal. We’ll see about that one. I never know if that place is going to be packed or not on the day I go. If it is packed I’d rather not be seen in disco pants. But I’m sure it’s a good excuse to wear disco pants; it could give off the impression that you’ve got nothing left to wear except a pair of shiny spandex disco jeans! Everyone would understand why you’re wearing them. But of course, you don’t need any excuse or reason to wear disco pants there or anywhere else you want to wear them. I will strongly consider the possibility and most likely I’ll wear a pair of my altered AA pants. Another cool thing about it is that usually while the clothes are washing I step out to go to a bakery nearby or get some lottery across the street.

In other news, I haven’t bought any other disco pants for several weeks now. Ever since I got the cranberry red AA pants I have not acquired any others. I am still looking for forest green, though. And that beautiful rust-colored vintage Bojeangles pair is still on eBay for $180. I would love to have that one but it’s way too much at this time. Hoping no one else picks it up and it stays there for quite some time.

I haven’t had any additional pairs of AA disco pants altered lately either. Two weeks ago I was supposed to take in the midnight navy to get done but I didn’t do it. And I still want to get a pearl and a black pair done eventually as well.

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6 Responses to On Par For Another Record Year

  1. Russ says:

    I’m on wearing number 12. But it wasn’t a big deal, or even a long one. I snagged up a pair of classic Bojeangles purple disco pants, size 5, on Poshmark for $45, and tried them on after examining them for any damage. They are great, but I only left them on for about a half hour, then it was time to sleep. Hopefully number 13 will be a lot longer.

    I’m trying to take pics of my dark purple AA spandex disco jeans, but they all turn out looking like they are the midnight navy ones. Do you have any advice for making their true color show through?

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hey Russ,
      Most wearings will be uneventful which I guess can be a good thing. I do try to avoid the short ones but it is a good way to rack up the numbers.
      Yes, purple is extremely hard to reproduce in photos. The best advice I have is to be sure to use flash and extra lighting directly on the pants. Another thing I do is use the night setting on my camera.

      • Russ says:

        Yeah, I suppose you are right about most wearings being uneventful. But that is what we do want after all, isn’t it? For all of our wearings to be no big deal to anyone, except ourselves. I did put my red AA XL disco pants on again today (Sunday) however, and I’ve had them on all day. It’s nice. Number 13 in the books!

        I’ll try that on my camera or on my phone with the night setting. Hopefully they turn out better than before. Thanks for the advice.

      • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

        Yup, that’s what we want! None of this, “Whoa, you’re wearing shiny pants” type thing.
        Aren’t your red XL rather loose on you? I know that XLs are way too loose for me. But I guess even wearing one that’s a little big at home can be exciting, too.
        Hey, we might try seeing who ends up with a better year. Good way to inspire each other for more wearings.
        Good luck with the camera settings. That purple you have and AA’s rich purple are both difficult to accurately photograph.

  2. Russ says:

    Yes they are a bit on the loose side. But if I put a pair of bike shorts on underneath them that helps to fill in some of the space. Like I said before, they are my first ever pair of American Apparel disco pants, so they have some sentimental value to me and I’m reluctant to part with them. At least they are easy enough to put on quickly. But I much prefer them tighter on me instead of looser, as do you I’m sure.

    I hadn’t considered a counting of wearings as motivation to inspire each of us to continually wear our SDJs, but it is a good idea. I’ll keep count of mine, and hopefully it will keep us wearing all year long. Summer might be tough though. Ha ha.

    Haven’t tried he camera settings yet. Maybe tomorrow. Ttyl.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Actually you deserve some pretty serious props. You’re going around in the AA style pants which I don’t exactly have the nerve to do quite yet. I wear the altered pairs of AA I had made but I’ve only worn the non-altered ones about three times since I’ve had them. So that’s pretty good.

      Yes, summer will be difficult. I’ll be using the black Chinese ones I had altered because they are a lot thinner and cooler for summer. I also have a white pair and royal blue. And I also have a couple of disco pants shorts (which I don’t officially track in my list of disco jeans wearings but rather in a separate list). But I do see myself wearing shorts less and less so some type of pants will have to be worn!

      Let us know if you figure out any camera tricks.

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