New Record Month in the Books!

I got my eighth wearing for the month of April and a new record month in the books!

I found a few places to go. There’s always a place to go. But there were some errands to run. So I wore my charcoal medium altered AA disco pants with a gray turtleneck, a longer puffer jacket and white Converse high tops.

The weather was ideal for disco pants today temperature-wise. It was in the forties. Other than that it was a pretty rainy day and I did get my spandex jeans a bit wet from the precipitation. But I’ll take dozens of these days over the really hot and humid weather of the deep summer.

So going forward what are my goals? Of course I want to make May another record month. And I almost feel compelled to do so. May is really the last month that I can pair some jackets with spandex disco pants. June is not usually or consistently a jacket month. Thus, if I don’t work towards setting a record for number of wearings in May I probably won’t do so until September or October. Sure I can try to battle the heat and my own insecurities during summer weather and go for the gold. But I think that is more unlikely. I don’t want to force myself to be even hotter when it’s already hot outside. I do try to wear lighter and thinner clothing in summer so it’s unrealistic to think I would set any records during those months. Of course, no one knows how the summer will be, nor does anyone know how the month of May will turn out. But I will try to start May off on a strong note.

I’m really into numbers and statistics but I want to emphasize that it’s not that important to me to try making each subsequent month better than the last in terms of disco pant wearings. It’s not just numbers for the sake of numbers. Rather, a lot of wearings shows that I am making good use of what I have. I’ve never cared for having stuff just for the sake of having it. Collecting stamps and coins is great and there’s nothing you can really do with them but look at them. And that can provide for wonderful enjoyment. But in the case of an article of clothing you can not only look at it but, more importantly, wear it! (Provided of course that it is in wearable condition). For me that is the greatest thing about disco pants—wearing them. So keeping track of my wearings and examining the numbers tells me that I am either utilizing them well or just hoarding them. I’ll never understand sneaker collectors, for example, that have hundreds and hundreds of brand new sneakers but never wear them. They’re just for having and looking at! I don’t have a gripe with buying multiple pairs of sneakers you really like and wearing one of them. I used to do that myself. In fact I even have some brand new, extra pairs of Converse and those plain canvas women’s sneakers I bought a few years ago. They’re meant to replace any that get too worn out or unwearable. But you have to wear one of them!

So that’s what it’s all about for me. I’ve got to make sure I am wearing these pants at least on a regular basis. Otherwise, what’s the point?

I guess it could be argued that I have a lot of other colors that I don’t or have not worn out in public yet and I’m not making good use of them. That is something I have to work on but at least I do use them for photo shoots.

So wear clothing that’s fun! That is what it comes down to. The only thing worse than a job-related dress code is one that we impose on ourselves in our free time based on what society at large thinks we should wear.

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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8 Responses to New Record Month in the Books!

  1. skippy says:

    Hey I have to give you credit for wearing out Disco pants as much as you do as I don’t think I ever wore them in public and still enjoying your content as I read every new post you have.

    On that note I wanted to share this video with you from a progressive rock band called Curved air with a female singer and I have to say her pants are the closest thing to Disco pants I’ve seen this early on.Remember this is 1972 and these pants look awesome on her.What do you think?

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Thanks for that link! Those pants were definitely an early precursor to the disco pants we know and love. I was hoping to get a back view to see if they even had pockets, too. They look great on her.

      Thanks! I guess it’s also a lot easier for me to wear mine out because I live in a really big city. I know another dude from social media who loves his disco pants but he won’t wear them out because he lives in a very conservative area and he doesn’t want to deal with any nonsense. But that’s also a risk in big cities too. It’s just that city people are too busy running around doing their thing to really notice anyone else.
      I’m surprised you have never worn yours out! It’s really liberating to do so. I can’t tell you how great it feels to be out and about in them and not care (or not care much) what anyone thinks. The whole process for me took about 10 years from when I bought my first AA pair to last year when I started wearing them out rather frequently. I took a lot of ‘baby steps’ but I’m glad I got to where I am now. I think what has worked for me also is that I wear the pants in a very casual way which keeps me from overly standing out.

      That video you shared reminds me of one by The Hollies singing “The Air That I Breathe” from 1974. In this video the lead singer, Allan Clarke, is wearing a black pair of pants that shine and fit just like disco pants. I have told myself they must be leather pants, but the fit looks too tight to be leather, the shine is too similar to nylon/spandex & they are bell-bottoms and I’ve never seen bell-bottom leather pants. I know that doesn’t mean there aren’t bell-bottom leathers, but I don’t recall ever seeing any. And the year is 1974 which like the Curved Air video is too early for disco pants. Take a look and see what you think:

      • skippy says:

        I see what you mean, although the video is a little washed out but I saw the photos posted as well and they are close to disco pants .In the early 70’s they are more so called satin pants, even Janis Joplin wore them.

        Here are two 3 videos that might be of interest. I’m sure your aware of Biff from Saxon who isn’t afraid to wear his silver Trademark disco pants and the singer from Question mark and the mysterians tour from 1998. Not sure what brand he is wearing? they are a little different.

      • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

        Thanks for those high quality video links! Yeah, I had only seen Biff from Saxon in a photo wearing silver disco pants but the video is even better. Plus one of the guitar players is wearing a black pair and the drummer appears to be wearing red ones.
        I had seen a video of ? & The Mysterians from that era previously and I did find it peculiar yet extremely cool that he was wearing disco pants in 1998. They do look a little different.
        I did see the Janis Joplin ones and was a bit surprised by them as well. I think if she had made it another 10 years she would have been wearing SDJs.
        It would be great to find a better quality video of The Hollies one.

  2. Neil says:

    another pic

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