Another Thrift Store Jewel

Okay, I didn’t wear disco pants to the laundromat. In retrospect I regret it but only a small tad. There were few others there so in that regard it was a perfect situation. Anyway that was yesterday and yesterday’s gone. Today was my thrift store day and I wore my altered brown AA pair.

I was surprised to learn that I haven’t worn those awesome brown ones since March 13! That’s nearly two months. I realize that I have been without this dear pair during some key periods as they served as the model for the two-tone and then the midnight navy alterations. So from mid-March to now I have been without those pants for about two-and-a-half weeks. They looked and felt great on today.

I paired those pants with my shorter black puffer jacket and Converse high tops. It’s so good to get back into wearing canvas sneakers after a long, cold winter. But it was still chilly today, hence the puffer jacket. It was a comfortable chill though—one where disco pants and a light jacket give you all the comfort you need. And one where you can wear canvas sneakers without freezing your feet off.

So for about at least a month but not fully two I had noticed at my local thrift store that they removed the signs where women’s pants used to be. The signs now read ‘capris and shorts’ but I continued to look through there to find me some disco pants. There were pants mixed in there but it wasn’t like before where it was ONLY pants. Naturally I did not find anything good during this change. For whatever reason, today I decided to look around the store to see where they moved women’s pants to and I found it several aisles over. I really hate when they move entire sections of clothing like this. This goes for any store. After I get used to knowing where to find what I want I don’t like them moving things around. So many stores are notorious for doing this. This particular store is constantly doing this. It’s like they cannot see the employees having a bit of lull time—they have to come up with busy work to “make them earn their money!” I have been on the receiving end of having to do busy work and I absolutely despise it. Now as a customer I hate busy work being translated into me not being able to find what I always was able to before.

The really cool thing was that it was almost as though a small voice told me to search out where they moved women’s pants to. Because sure enough as soon as I entered its new location there was a sparkling black pair of made in the USA AA disco pants! And the price as usual was only $3.49. It is a size small and it’s not in perfect condition. There are some visible white spandex fibers on the bum seam and crotch. But other than that it’s perfectly fine. I have not tried it on yet and I am curious to see if I can fit into them. I’m just wondering how many other pairs I may have missed during this one to two month period of time that the pants were moved.

I’m trying to figure out what to do with this pair. The exposed white fibers means that it’s not worth having them altered. Plus the fact that they’re a size small might not give me the best result. Even turning them into shorts may prove to be not the ideal fit on me. I think I’ll be able to have some answers after I try them on.

Speaking of shorts, the remnant of the spare pair that I provided to make the alterations on the large and medium pairs of midnight navy AA disco pants turned out to be unusable. I was hoping the tailor wasn’t going to need to use the upper leg areas but she did and so I can’t do much of anything with what’s left. So there goes that plan.

Well guess what? The small black AA pants I found today fit! Yes they do and they fit and look great. Like a second skin. Painted on. Just as they should fit. For the time being I decided I will use it as an extra pair that will stay in my studio when I need a pair for photo shoots or videos.

I’m not sure I’m going out on Saturday but I am going to try to wear some disco pants if I do. It’s still going to be a bit cool so that will help out. If it happens it will be my third wearing for the week. I really feel eager to wear disco jeans about three times a week now but I don’t know if the weather will cooperate. Another problem is that frankly, I just don’t always have somewhere to go. Gas is getting expensive. The only places that would logically make sense for me to go include other thrift stores and and some discount stores where I can sometimes find new clothing items for very low prices.

That’s all for now. Still on the lookout for some pearl and forest green AA disco pants.

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