Disco Pants at the Gardens

Tomorrow looks like I’m going to a local botanic garden. I’m sure you’ve already guessed what I’m going to say next but I’ll say it anyway. I am considering gracing the grounds of the gardens by wearing disco pants. For one, it’s a weekday so there will not be that many people there. That’s a good reason. Of course, I also want to and that’s the best reason of all.

An additional good reason is that disco pants are super comfortable and they’re great for walking around in for long periods of time. And if it’s warm out they don’t make you feel hotter as jeans do.

Now here are the counter-reasons:

I’ve seen tomorrow’s forecast range from 63-69° and those can be some troublesome temps for me. In the lower range it’s cool enough for a light jacket but in the upper range it’s short sleeve weather. The 60s are a difficult decade of temps to dress for.

I was considering wearing a long sleeve button shirt with disco pants but I haven’t decided on which. Since most of my shirts of that category are of the tuck-inside-your-pants type they won’t look all that great untucked with disco pants. I could opt for a tee and light jacket but not any jackets that are too short. A hoodie might be too warm. I only know I have to set aside what I’ll be wearing in the few shorts hours I have before bed.

I do have some backup plans though. In case I go against my better judgment and eschew disco pants for some skinny jeans, I have to decide on which pair of skinny jeans I would go in. I’d love to go in a pair of my skinniest but for this I would compromise and go with nothing either too skintight or too loose. Denim/spandex isn’t as forgiving as nylon/spandex and fortunately I do have some pairs that while appear skintight to the untrained eye are rather very comfortable. At the moment I am leaning towards a pair of Nudie High Kai jeans which was Nudie’s tightest/skinniest line until they dropped it a few years ago and replaced it with something else.

My ideal outfit for tomorrow would be a pair of black spandex disco jeans and my shiny black nylon AA jacket. But that outfit may be too shiny even though I love shiny. That jacket is perfect for 60° weather. My next choice would be my pleather jacket which also looks great with disco pants. Truthfully though, I would only wear the nylon jacket if I decide to go in the Nudie jeans.

As far as shoes go, I am leaning towards high top white Converse. I need to get more wear and tear on them. They are way too white and clean. I’m also considering a black pair of Vans slip ons which I believe I have not yet worn.

I do have another AA jacket which is black and not as shiny as the other one. It’s also not as short as the aforementioned and I have worn it in the past with disco jeans. And if you’ve read this blog long enough you know I have yet a third AA jacket which looks like leather and has a hood attached. It’s also rather shiny and, while longer than the other two, I don’t think it will be a consideration due to the shininess.

The forecast also mentions it will be partly cloudy which in case you don’t know means it will be less than mostly sunny. The terminology in order from the most sun to the least goes like this: 100% sunny, mostly sunny, partly cloudy, partly sunny, mostly cloudy, 100% cloudy. So it will be the third most sunny type day which is good for disco pants.

I don’t plan on wearing an altered pair of AA disco pants. It’s gonna have to be a vintage style pair and my first choice is my trusty, first pair of Bojeangles spandex jeans. I’ll see how the general mood and all is in the morning. There’s no solid good reason for me NOT to wear disco pants tomorrow.

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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