My Most Public Wearing of Disco Pants?

For any of you who may be wondering, yes, I did wear disco pants to my Botanic garden excursion recently. This event is definitely in contention for the most-public-with-the-most-people place I have ever worn spandex disco jeans to. There were lots of people there and I am certain many of them saw my shiny black pants. I was wearing dark sunglasses the whole time so I did get to look at people and see if they noticed the pants.

The weather was great. It was cool in the shade with a nice breeze. A little warm in the sun, though. I wore a button-up shirt with a light, non-shiny AA jacket. From this point on, any additional trips there will meet with warmer weather. Not that I plan on wearing disco pants again if I should go once more, that is. But they were super comfortable for wearing for such an event. Walking can be a strenuous physical activity so what better attire than light spandex pants to wear for it?

I was pleased with the fact I wore disco pants there. It was fun and I had a good time. Never had I thought seven years ago when I got my first pair of awesome-fitting disco pants that I would wear them to such a public place with so many people. Never. Oh, I had fantasized about getting to a point where I’d feel comfortable enough to do so but I never thought it would actually happen. I’d consider this to be another milestone in my disco-pants-wearing-career.

But imagine if it were a career. Imagine if American Apparel, for instance, told me they’d pay me to wear their disco pants everywhere. Would I do it? Wear my favorite pants everyday day no matter where I go and get paid for it?? Of course I would! Wouldn’t you? Mind you, I’m not used to wearing their pants as-is so it would be a new experience and might take a little consideration. But ultimately the idea of getting paid to wear those awesome things would be too much to resist even if I’m not used to wearing the unaltered leggings-like fit!

Anyway, I’m at five wearings for this month of May. I do have my sights set on a new record month but there is trouble looming for much of the remainder of this month. After this Tuesday it is set to get warm and I do mean really warm. I’m talking anti-disco pants warm. Today was in the low 50s and tomorrow is forecast to be about the same so not only do I really want to wear disco pants then but I also feel I must because it could quite frankly be the last wearing for the month, though I will do my best to not let that be.

Today I wore my two-tone altered pair with a tight-ish gray BMW sweatshirt and a black puffer jacket. The sweatshirt is a very, very old one. It has to be around at least twenty years old so either it has gotten smaller or I have gotten bigger. What I particularly like about it is that it has a nice snug fit and if I were to wear it alone with disco pants, it would be too short to cover up much of the crotch area. So it’s actually an ideal top to wear with spandex disco jeans or even any pair of skintight jeans. I love sweatshirts because they have that elastic band on the waist which gives you a nice flush fit against your body as opposed to just overhanging on you. And the fact that it is so old and a little small on me means I don’t mind if I get it dirty or damaged, not that I will be looking to do that. I just recently came across this shirt after it was stored away for many years. I may have worn them in the past with a pair of tight jeans I had. I am thinking of wearing it again tomorrow. Going to the eye doc tomorrow (not for me) and that’s been a place I’ve worn disco pants several times. Looking forward to going there. That’s the place that has a receptionist I was crushing on for a while. I still find her attractive but no longer interested in her. She seems rather high-maintenance. So I’m not shy about wearing disco pants around her. I don’t care what she thinks.

The main thing for me at the moment is figuring out which disco pants to wear tomorrow. Since I am so into the AA pairs I had modded, it will most likely be one of them. Might go with my freshest pair–the midnight navy size medium. That’s a great color with the light gray sweatshirt. Or if I’m feeling more adventurous I could go with either pair (medium or large) of the charcoal pants which is a really nice color match with the shirt. And of course there’s the awesome brown pair but I’m not really feeling the brown for this outfit. So it’s either midnight or charcoal.

Then I have to figure out which shoes to wear. Today I wore my low top white Converse with the two-tone pants. I didn’t pull the pants all the way up because even with the added length they’re still a tad short on me. But they creep up anyway after sitting in the car. While at the store today I looked at myself in a mirror and yes the pants are noticeably short but not terribly short. The look is acceptable. But they do look better with high top Converse. At this point though I’m okay wearing them with wearing either shoe.

Will have to take full advantage of tomorrow since it will be the last cool day here.


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