May: A New Record Month

So it’s been over a week since I have contributed a post here. Been busy with various media-related projects. But I do have two bits of very good news.

First, I set a new record month in May for spandex disco pants wearings. Not only that but it’s the first month I had double-digit wearings. May finished with a total of ten wearings, including wearings on the last three days in a row.

I’m really thrilled about the new record. I wanted to achieve that before the real heat sets in, even though it has already been coming in waves. I know for sure that the next three months will feature reduced amounts of disco pants wearings, and I’m okay with that. Again, I have a couple pairs of the really thin Chinese ones which are better for the heat even though the heat itself is not the reason for wearing these pants less. And I have a few pairs of the shorts I had made as well. (AA has something called “metallic bike short” which looks a lot like my shorts). But I still don’t like to carry that messenger bag to transport all my knick-knacks in.

The other bit of good news is that I finally found myself a pair of brown, vintage disco jeans that are Le’Gambi brand. That is one of my favorite brands and I am very excited at the thought of having a brown pair of that brand. It’s not all sunshine and roses though—the pants have a measured inseam of a little less than what I typically need. I’m hoping it will still be long enough. At worst, I may be able to only wear them with boots or high top Converse.

And in even more good news for me, I have been able to secure myself a brand new pair of made-in-USA AA disco pants size medium in black. I have been wanting to find one to have altered and finally I got it. I would have settled for a Mexican-made pair but since even those are a hard commodity to come by I got really lucky finding an original.

During Memorial Day weekend American Apparel was having a forty percent off everything sale so I took advantage of the fact and picked up an additional three pairs. Hey, at just over forty dollars each you can’t beat that price. And since I have a gut feeling that this may really be the swan song for the beloved AA disco pant, it was a perfect opportunity to pick a few last pairs up. Did I mention they no longer had black in stock the last few times I checked? Well, now they do but only in small. I don’t understand why the inventory keeps changing like that. At the moment they no longer have freesia. I sure am glad I picked up my pair of freesia when they came out last year!

I have been wearing my modded AA pairs a great deal lately. Almost exclusively. It’s not that I don’t care for the vintage type ones anymore. I still love those. Maybe I’m just trying to preserve those because they’re harder to replace. Or the AA ones have a slightly more athletic shape to them which can be easier to sport. Or maybe it’s the new skinny-yet-not-leggings fit they have. I’m not sure but I’m glad I have been wearing them frequently. And I can’t wait to get the black medium so I can have it altered and start wearing it. I will then have a total of seven altered AA pairs.

Still not finding the forest green I want. I will need a medium for altering. I don’t think I’ll be altering any more large pairs. I don’t like the fit. Only the large two-tone has proved to give the tight fit I prefer. Regardless, I have seen a couple of forest greens for sale but all too small. Actually, there are a ton of AA disco pants for sale at the moment on Poshmark. Good ones, too, including many hard-to-find colors and in sizes small and medium (which are great for me). If you can’t find something on there for yourself now you just might not ever!

So I’ll be looking forward to getting my five new pairs of spandex disco jeans this week. But I’m not just looking to accumulate more pairs. I also have some on the chopping block which should pay for the new ones I’m getting. There are some I cannot fit into and I suspect I never will. Some of the vintage pairs were made with non-stretch waists which is very odd to me. Why would you make a pair of pants that is 4 way-stretch all over except on the waist which is zero per cent stretch. I would imagine that is where you would most like them to have some give. Thank goodness that not all of them are this way otherwise I would never be able to wear these pants.

That’s all for now. Here we are in the last month of the first half of the year. I’m not sure what this month will bring weather-wise, but starting tomorrow at least it looks like a string of warm days. You never know, though. I remember the last few Junes around here have been cool and wet. Seems like the hot weather has been starting a little later. So maybe I can get another good month yet. I did manage to get four wearings in June of last year so there’s hope!


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