2019 50% More Disco Pant Wearings Than 2018

June is now behind us as is the first half of the year and I only had a mere two wearings for that month. In one sense this is not really a problem because I anticipated wearing disco pants less during the summer months. However after looking at last year’s data, I finished up June of ’18 with four wearings and surprisingly enough, July finished with seven wearings! I’ve got a wearing already this July and this year is significantly leading last year at this point. In fact, 2019 leads 2018 by 50% more wearings at the moment! I’d say that’s impressive!

The problem is that since I did have so many wearings in July 2018, if I don’t wear them enough this July my lead for this year will quickly fade to a much smaller one. And it’s not that I don’t want to wear disco pants. I am quite willing to get out there in these fabulous pants even if it means carrying the messenger bag. The problem is I am convinced I really gained some weight since last summer and it shows in some of these store mirrors I see myself in. Unless the mirrors are distorted for whatever reason. Some of them must be because I think the way they make me look is quite exaggerated. I don’t see an equal reflection in my mirrors at home. I don’t know what’s going on there.

But getting back to my numbers…..I wore my disco cutoff shorts only twice last July while I wore disco pants seven times. That’s surprising even to me. Though it may seem like it I am not constantly looking over my list of wearings. It’s there so I can look over it from time to time and see all the places I’ve worn disco pants at. It’s there so I can strive for more wearings with each passing year. It’s there to remind me of those beloved jeans from my younger days which I wore way too infrequently because tight jeans were not in style and I allowed a few others’ opinions to keep me from being encased in those amazing jeans. If only I had the foresight to understand that one day I probably wouldn’t fit into them anymore and I would only have them to look at and reminisce over and lament that I hadn’t worn them often enough.

I also want to get back to wearing my disco cutoff shorts. Last year I had a total of seven wearings, down from seventeen in 2017. I don’t terribly mind that the number went down last year because it was offset by the fact that I wore disco pants more often. So it balanced out. But this year I am running the risk of having low numbers for spandex jeans and spandex shorts. I need to get on the ball not just for the sake of numbers but also because I love to wear this stuff and I should wear them, especially the Chinese ones since they’re much thinner and even better for hot weather. The shorts are particularly fun to wear because they make me feel and probably look athletic except that I wear a button shirt on top. What helps attain that look is when I also wear low-profile casual/athletic sneakers such as New Balance 420, Puma Rio Speed or Nike Cortez. Those sneakers provide a cool athletic look without the bulk and unsightliness of the purely athletic types that are available nowadays. There are some real eyesores of sneakers out there today and, my disco pants friends, I hope you do not wear any of them!

Getting back to numbers once again….from this point through the end of August 2018 I wore disco pants eleven additional times. That will really dig into my lead should I not wear the pants much this current summer. However I am anticipating a major effort to wear disco pants at least three times a week come this fall. And I am planning to make October the all-time record month in terms of wearings. I only had sixteen wearings from September through the end of 2018. Sixteen. I could easily approach that figure with at least twelve wearings in October alone, not to mention November which should be another great month. So even if I lose some ground during this summer I can still maintain a lead over last year and then just take off with a plethora of wearings perhaps as early as September through the remainder of 2019. (I realize I’ve been planning for record Octobers at least the last two years and I haven’t even been close. I’m still planning on one for 2019, and even if it doesn’t happen, it’s OK. But it’s something to strive for).

I think my focus for much of the second half of this year will be to continue on with heavy use of my altered AA disco pants. I’ve got the charcoal, 2-tone, brown and midnight navy so technically I can wear disco pants four times a week. Once I get the black altered it could be five times but I’m going to keep it real. There isn’t always a place to go and sometimes I gotta save that little bit of gas that’s in the car. But I had a real blast this past spring and I just want to make sure I don’t lose the level of confidence I developed during that time. And not only that of course, but good God, we’re talking about spandex disco jeans and I want to be in them ALL THE TIME!

Recently I tried on the brand new pair of black, made in the USA AA disco pants I was able to secure for myself. They are really tight on the waist and that either helps to confirm that I gained weight or that new AA disco pants fit tighter than pre-owned ones. This one was so tight on the waist that I only kept it on for about a minute or so. But boy did it look good! It is a size medium and fits tighter than I expected. Thus, I may put my plans of having it altered on hold for a while. I may look to the large pair I have for alterations instead. I will have to try the large on again and see how it is. I don’t think I need to have both a medium and a large in black altered at the moment. For now I’d like to just have one that will give me a nice skintight fit without too much hugging of the lower legs.

And yes, I am still considering having a pearl pair altered. Still need to secure a pair in medium for that purpose. There are a few currently on Poshmark that are priced reasonably enough for me. But remember, I need to find a scrap pair also that will serve as the extra material needed.

Still no forest green.

There are plenty of vintage pairs on eBay right now but nothing that I particularly need or want. It’s a great time though to add some variety to your collection.

This week is forecast to get particularly hot and humid here so my only bet in terms of wearing disco pants will be the Chinese ones and the shorts I had made. I think I should make the effort to wear disco jeans at least once a week even if it is hot, I feel overweight and I have to carry the messenger bag.


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