A Solution to the Scarcity of Pockets in Summer

I may have solved the issue of how to transport my little knick-knacks and doodads when wearing disco pants in warm weather and suffering from the lack of pocket space. Today at the dollar store I found a tiny (about 7.5 inches by 9), zippered, black nylon bag just the perfect size for my phone, keys and any other smaller item I should choose to carry. It has a nice, long adjustable strap on it, too! The tag on it calls it a “crossbody bag ”

This was the only all-black bag at the store. There were plenty of others but either all ornate or solid pink. As you know I don’t care for patterned designs so those would never fly with me. The solid pink was nice and initially I experienced some aversion towards it, but now I think I will get one to wear with my pink AA disco pants!
The black is ideal though. Goes so well with anything I may wear and it’s small enough to not be seen. I am loving this bag!
Oh, and I wore my altered large pair of AA charcoal disco pants today. Just needed to wear a pair today. Yesterday I wore a pair of my disco pant cutoffs for the first time since last September. And tomorrow me and my crossbody bag will be hitting up the thrift store in another pair of spandex disco jeans.
So while this solves the problem of how to transport my personal items it doesn’t do anything for my weight issue. That’s a whole other matter. That will take a greater effort and sacrifice. But this is a victory. And at least I do have some pairs of disco pants which are more accommodating on the waist, including the one I wore today, the altered large AA in midnight navy, black Jonden and the altered Chinese black one. Thus, at worst should I fail in losing any weight soon, I have at least those four pairs to wear on a weekly basis. This is one of the unexpected benefits of having various sizes, brands and modded pairs of these wonderful pants.
Here is a pic of the bag. It measures about 7.5 inches by 9:
It really is the solution to a major problem for me. Not only will I always use this bag with disco pants but it will also be used when I wear track pants or joggers which also notoriously have limited pocketry. While SDJs have back pockets and no front pockets, the aforementioned athletic pants usually have front pockets and no rear ones.
Since I first started writing this post I have picked up an additional three black bags and a pink one. They are so great!
Also, I did wear my altered Chinese black disco pants on Friday. Went to the thrift store but didn’t find anything particularly interesting.
A few weeks ago I picked up a pair of red Puma Rio Speed sneakers. This is a particular model from around 2013 or so and they don’t make them anymore and are very difficult to find. I like them because they are super low-profile and go great with skinny jeans and disco pants. And they are super comfortable. I only wish I had known about these sneakers earlier because while I really like the red pair I now have I would prefer a black one. (I do have a black pre-owned one but it seems just a tad small on me. Plus, the black one I have has a gray inside lining and the one I’d really like has black lining). What I also like about these is that they’re a nylon/suede combination. It may be coincidental that I’m partial towards nylon sneakers–and all things nylon for that matter. I’m a huge fan of Nike Nylon Cortez, New Balance 420 & Saucony Jazz. True to its nature, the nylon panels on all these sneakers have just a bit of shine to them and it reminds me of disco pants. But I think the Pumas and the NB 420s are the best fit with shiny spandex jeans. I wish there were a nylon version of Converse All Stars!
Finally I came into an awesome pair of fuchsia vintage spandex disco pants. They’re a great color with that super smooth and shiny texture but they don’t fit me. Unfortunately, the brand is one that is notorious for having non-stretch waists so it won’t cooperate with me. Still I’d like to get a few pics with them on even if I cannot fasten them. Too bad though because that means I’ll have to cover the crotch area up with my shirt. Oh well.

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