Easy Jeans & More Altered Disco Pants

So I have decided that I want to have modded pairs of American Apparel disco pants in dark purple. As of this writing I have a pair which will serve as extra material and I am expecting a pre-owned medium pair in the mail. On Thursday I finally dropped off the medium black pair for altering.

You might be asking how I came to the decision that I want an altered dark purple pair . Well, I was wearing the purple the other day and I really liked how it looked. It’s really dark and in photographs it’s almost similar to the midnight navy. But it is its own unique color and I feel I can pull it off.

I am really surprised I came into the two pairs of dark purple AA disco pants I needed so soon and so quickly and at very reasonable–cheap even–prices. I spent under $30 total for both pairs–not counting shipping and tax of course. But it really seems all factors  came into place at just the right time for me. So that should come in sometime this week and I’ll take it in once I go to pick up the finished black pair. That purple should be a great color for this fall!

Eventually I am looking at still getting the pearl done and also a cranberry red. Not to mention forest green. It is still an extremely scarce color. There are currently a few around that are way too small for me to wear but I may pick up the least expensive pair to serve as the extra material needed when a medium turns up. YES, I shall do that!

I happened to pick up a good number of additional pairs lately at very low prices. This includes both vintage and AA. The good thing is that whichever ones I decide not to keep I can always resell without losing any money.

In other news, I am up to seven wearings for this month of July with three more days to go. After a slow start and a feeling that it was going to be similar to the June lull, the wearings have picked up and it’s all because of that crossbody bag. Even though I’d love to wear disco pants everyday I go out, on some days I wear Nike joggers that have pockets only on the front. Thus, I need that bag not only for disco pants but also for the joggers.

Lately I’ve been interested in the American Apparel Easy Jean. It shares the same design of the disco pants; that is, same pocket shape and placement, same wide outseams, no front pockets and a button/zipper closure. I don’t want to get a brand new pair because they are just as pricey as the disco pants. So I’m looking for a nice used pair on Poshmark or Depop that is not damaged or dirty but nicely broken in. Are any of you familiar with the Easy Jean? If so how do you compare its fit with that of the disco pant? I realize they’re made from cotton, polyester & spandex so I don’t expect them to stretch as much as their shiny counterpart does. But if a medium disco pant fits me to a tee would a medium Easy Jean fit me the same? I’m looking to pick one up this week so any feedback would be helpful.

So as this short July week unfolds I am sure I will get another wearing of disco pants. I’m pretty sure it will only be one. Tomorrow I have to see a doc–a doc who has already seen me in disco pants, mind you. But I don’t want to wear any there. And then on Wednesday I’ll be doing some laundry so I don’t know if I’ll wear any there either. Last time I went there it was virtually empty and would have been great to wear some. But you just never know how packed or empty this place will be. But I leave the door open to a possible wearing. It all depends on my mindset at the time. Tuesday will definitely be disco pants day, though.


About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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