Altered AA Disco Pants in Black

I got my altered black pair of medium American Apparel disco pants back recently and they are looking really good. I have wondered a few times why I actually had a black pair altered considering all the vintage pairs in black I already have. But what’s done is done and I will wear the heck out of these now.

When I first tried this pair on it was really tight on the waist. I was even wondering if I’d actually be able to wear these at all. When your spandex disco jeans start squeezing your waist you know you’ve got an extra super tight fit. And while I like it like that I can do without any discomfort to the waist. So I will have to check them out again and start getting some good and frequent use from them with autumn not being too far away.

I did try it on and it’s absolutely skintight! It’s going to be a challenge wearing these. I’m looking forward to it. But I’m also now considering altering my the large black I have as well. I want to wear black a lot come the fall if this medium proves difficult at least I’ll have the large which while not as tight is incredibly fun to wear nonetheless.

The imperial purple used pair I bought recently on Poshmark came in and I was a bit displeased with it. The seller claimed it was basically brand new so I declined her offer to send more pics. And at the low price of twelve dollars I figured ‘who cares’. But if a seller says ‘basically brand new’ I expect basically brand new. This pair had those stretched out marks we all loathe on the crotch and butt seams. This was far from ‘basically brand new.’ So I was disappointed and a bit angry but once I was reminded of the price I let it go. The problem is that if this pair had really turned out to be ‘basically brand new’ I was going to consider having it altered in the lower legs and keep my actual brand new pair intact. Now I cannot and the only option is still to use my brand new one which I really don’t want to do. I’m not completely against the idea but I would rather not. If I can come across another imperial purple in solid condition soon, I may be able to ahead with this. If not then I may have to use my new pair. I know I will get plenty of use out of the new pair if I get it altered. If I leave it as is it will probably not see much use.

Currently I have seven pairs of altered AA disco pants. This number includes two charcoal, two midnight navy, one brown, one two-tone and one black. I also have three pairs of altered Chinese disco pants—one black, one white and one royal blue. I still want to have altered pairs of imperial purple, pearl, forest green and cranberry red AA disco pants. That should complete my collection.

I’ve written many times that it appears that the AA disco pant may be going the way of extinction. But I have some really good news to share. Black is finally back in stock in all sizes! This is awesome news on two fronts: first, it stops the price gouging taking place by some sellers who were aware of black not being available; second, it means disco pants are still alive and well at least for the near future. I’m just waiting to see if AA will introduce any new colors. It was right around this time last year that they brought about the freesia color. Maybe they have a new one up their sleeves for this year?

Regardless of whether they introduce any new colors or not I am quite pleased with the return of black. Sure I would love to see all the colors return and even new ones. But even if they decide to sell only black for several more years that would be quite sufficient. I just don’t want to see these pants go completely away ever. No doubt it has to be one of their best-selling items of all time.

I already have five wearings for this young month of August and I am looking to get many more. They’re coming a lot easier now and I’m even looking at a sixth wearing tomorrow (Monday).

I finally acquired a brand of vintage disco pants I never had before. The brand is Palm and I was familiar with it but had or even saw one in person. It’s not that I am trying to acquire each and every brand that has ever existed. If that were true I would not have parted with some of the ones I had. I just don’t want to keep stuff I can’t fit into, especially those that have rigid waistbands with absolutely no give. The Palm one is a dark red with a generous waistband and fits very nicely. And it’s long, too. So it’s a keeper.

I have also come into a light pink vintage pair. This is my first pair in that color since a rather loose pair of Frederick’s I had over five years ago. No comparison on the fit of that pair with the one Dorit Stevens wore on that “Jeffersons” episode. But this new pair might have some better potential. I tried it on only once just to see if I could get into it so I do have to try them again and do some fit pics. But I am really glad to have this color once again.

Also came into a black pair of Frederick’s which is 85/15 on the nylon/spandex blend. Immediately I noticed this pair had a bit more shine and smooth texture to it with everything else being the same as others. Unfortunately, it’s a bit small for me and I wasn’t able to close the button and zip them up. But for as much as I was able to get them on, it was a completely skintight fit. Loved it! It’s also a keeper.

Besides the seven pairs of altered AA disco pants, the ones I have been wearing most often include my very first pair of black Bojeangles, black Jonden, navy blue Jonden and black altered Chinese. I haven’t worn the steel blue (or slate blue) in a while. Also need to get some use out of the hunter green Bojeangles, midnight Le’Gambi and navy blue Bojeangles.

Since this is turning out to be another record year I’m wondering if I should wear a new color for the first time. And by “the first time” I don’t necessarily mean one I’ve never worn in public before. There are a few colors that I did wear in public but it’s been seven years since I’ve done so. I count those because they have never been a part of what I consider to be my current ‘going out’ clothes. These include bright blue, royal blue and red. But I know of at least one new color I could start wearing this fall—the imperial purple, though I have to get that one altered.

Forty-seven is the number of wearings I have thus far in 2019. I had fifty-one in 2018. I had thirty-one wearings by this time last year. Another interesting number is that I have 176 total wearings since I started in 2012 and it is very possible that I can reach 200 before the year is up. Another milestone that might be more of a stretch is the possibility of getting 100 wearings for this year. To reach that I need another forty-three wearings over a period of four-plus months which means about ten wearings for the next five months (including this one). Since it is quite easily possible for me to get ten wearings per month now it’s actually quite possible to end up with a hundred wearings. The wild card in this will be the month of December. If it becomes colder than normal in that month then I may be just short of the hundred. The key will be to wear early and often in December and not leave the wearings to later weeks. I would hate to end up with 99, 98 or 97 wearings for the year and not more just because it got too cold to wear disco pants!

But December is a long ways off and I want to focus on the beautiful fall months. I love that time because I can go back to wearing jackets with t-shirts or sweatshirts and get away from these long, button shirts that don’t really compliment disco pants all that well. Who knows, I may even end up with many more wearings than anticipated in the next three months. That would bring me right to the cusp of the century mark with only a few wearings needed in early December.

Finally, while thrift-shopping I came across a vintage pair of Brooks athletic black tights that have that classic 80s shine to them. These are also a nylon/spandex blend. Good luck finding a modern pair of athletic tights that are made from nylon. They’re all polyester now. Not that polyester is terrible but it’s a lesser-quality material than nylon. Thus, it’s cheaper. And it doesn’t quite have the same shine and feel that nylon does. Anyway, this Brooks pair is a medium and while it’s a little loose on the upper areas it grips the legs very nicely and it would be a great pair to wear out and about or just at home. Cost was $3.49 and is in excellent condition.

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