Hidden Fashion Disco Pants

I used to wear shorts all the time in summer. Come the warm weather as early as May I’d bring out the many cargo shorts and wear them through September. Yes, cargo shorts. I still have all of those cargo shorts but I don’t wear them anymore and I haven’t worn them for about two years now. I’m either going to sell the majority of them online or at a garage sale.

Why am I going to sell the majority and not all you ask? Believe it or not, I still like the concept of the cargo short. I know that in many circles they’re considered a fashion faux pas but they are really convenient in terms of the amount of pockets they offer. But don’t worry—I’m only going to keep two of them because of their colors.

I stopped wearing those shorts after I noticed how baggy they were on me. See, I have skinny legs and baggy shorts on skinny legs do not look good. It took me a while to understand this, but also a few years ago I wouldn’t have dared wear skintight shorts in public. It was only after I got my first pair of Levi’s 511 shorts that I went ‘tight’ with shorts. I just recently sold that pair after deciding I wasn’t going to wear them anymore.

I think it was about two years ago that I purchased some nylon shorts—gotta love nylon!—from ASOS. I wanted something that was cool to wear in the hot weather and at least somewhat slimmer fitting than the cargo shorts were. Granted I didn’t really need all those pockets but I wanted to maintain at least two in the front and two in the back. Most of my cargo shorts were 100% cotton and heavy so they didn’t feel all that great in the summer heat. Also they came down to my knees and I really question the purpose of shorts that start creeping to the knee territory.

The ASOS shorts were very lightweight and thin and perfectly slim. They were not skintight though if I wanted them to be I could have size down multiple times. I entertained the idea of wearing them skintight because they were nylon and they had an ever-so-slight sheen to them. Thus, I bought the three colors they had each in two different sizes. I have only worn the larger size since then and have sold all but one of the smaller ones. They are very nice shorts and I highly recommend them. Of course I don’t know whether ASOS still sells them or not but they were simply called “nylon shorts.”

But even the last two years I have not worn those ASOS shorts much either, instead opting for jeans in general or the Chinese disco pant cutoff shorts I had made. I don’t know, I’m really just not into shorts anymore. They were great to wear as a kid but I don’t care for it now. I do love my shiny, skintight disco cutoff shorts and when I am in the mood for shorts they are my go-to’s. But it has been a rarer occasion so far this summer for me to don any shorts. I was never into tanning so I’m pretty white but that’s nothing to be ashamed about. That’s part of who I am and for all practical purposes, getting suntanned is not exactly a healthful thing to do at this point. I can always see the tan lines on my arms from wearing short-sleeve shirts and I can only hope and pray that there’s nothing of ill-health going on there.

I did start this year’s warm weather wearing long-sleeve shirts but it got pretty hot quickly so I resorted to the short-sleeve. I forget to use sunscreen most of the time but even it isn’t as good a substitute for covering yourself up completely.

I’m sure that before the hot weather is all gone that I will wear my spandex disco pant shorts several more times. But considering that I am more concerned this year about protecting myself from the sun and that I have been wearing spandex disco pants so much more frequently than before, there probably will not be too many wearings of the shorts. Now if I were struggling with the idea of going out in disco pants than I certainly would be wearing the shorts more often though I’d only have the two colors–black & white. So it wouldn’t be all that often.

Speaking of which I don’t think I’ll be making any more shorts out of disco pants–at least not out of the Chinese ones. I would still love to have one (or two or three….) made from the AA pants but I don’t want to buy a new pair just to cut it up. And it’s hard to find a used pair that isn’t expensive and isn’t also damaged in the crotch and butt areas. I don’t think I’d want to spend more than $20 for that project. I’ll keep looking around however.

My preference remains to wear disco pants during hot weather. They’re lighter than jeans, which is what I would normally wear outside of disco pants, and they’re really comfortable and feel good to wear in summer. Did I mention how great they look?

I came across an online store called “Hidden Fashion” and it has many colors of disco pants for sale. It is strictly a women’s clothing store but what does that even mean anymore, right? It’s UK based so if you’re in the States you’ll have to do some price conversions and it will take longer to arrive. But they’re all selling for three British pounds which is mega-cheap even after converting to dollars. I bought four colors—neon lime, neon orange, copper & turquoise. Some of them will definitely not fit me but they’ll be nice to have and again for that price it’s really not a waste of money! The pants are super shiny and skintight. I don’t know how good the quality is. I’m suspecting probably low, but even if they’re as good as the Chinese ones they are very much well worth it. Here’s a screenshot of some of their colors:


Just beware that not all of these offerings are officially disco pants or disco trousers. Some are leggings and some others just don’t look right. But in the photo above the orange, purple, turquoise, yellow, lime green, gold & copper are mighty nice looking. I will definitely review the pants once I get them. I’m only expecting that two of them will fit but it all depends on how much they stretch.

I’m planning on getting my seventh disco pant wearing for August tomorrow. It is my thrift store day but I’m also going to have to go to a bank. I’m thinking this may be mildly entertaining. I’ve been to banks before while in disco pants but tomorrow I’m going to actually have to speak with someone higher up than a teller. And this is not a bank where I conduct my personal banking at. So it will be interesting. I will have to observe the person to see if they check out my disco pants. I just have to figure out which ones I’m going to wear. It will definitely be an altered AA pair. Right now I’m leaning towards either medium charcoal or medium midnight navy.  I just feel like going extra skintight tomorrow, especially after seeing one of the Charlie’s Angels (Cheryl Ladd) wearing a red pair with knee high boots on the show today. I won’t be wearing knee high boots but I will be wearing Converse high tops.


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