50th Wearing of 2019

Well, I got my 50th wearing for 2019 today! When you consider that my 50th wearing of 2018 came on December 29 this is really an amazing accomplishment and improvement. I am still considering it very possible to get another fifty wearings by the end of this year. This is something that would have sounded nothing less short of ridiculous last around this time for 2018 and even earlier this year for 2019. But it’s actually quite possible.

OK, so you could say everything is possible. A better word to use would be probable and I would thus claim that the chances of me wearing disco pants another fifty times this year is indeed quite probable. Even more probable than that is me getting my 200th wearing overall since 2012. That’s pretty awesome.

I would have never thought that I would be wearing disco pants as often as I am now. That was inconceivable to me. Naturally, I imagined myself doing it. I fantasized about doing it. Also I never thought I would be making so much use out of the altered American Apparel disco pants. I’m wearing them more than my vintage and vintage-style pairs. In fact this year I have worn an AA pair thirty-five out of the fifty times. That is huge! That is 70% with my vintage ones at thirteen wearings and the Chinese altered pair at two.

So why have I been wearing the AA ones so much more than everything else? I think one reason is that it wasn’t exactly cheap to have these alterations done. So I want to make the most use out of them. Another reason is that there is something about that slimmer lower leg that is noticeably tighter than the vintage style. I love my vintage pairs and even though they are considered straight leg many of them still have quite the slim leg from the knees on down. I chose my very favorite pair of vintage Le’Gambi disco pants to serve as the model for these altered AA pairs. I asked for the leg opening to be made the exact size of the Le’Gambi pants just because I though it was the perfect all-around fitting pair of pants. There are limitations in being able to make the AA ones fit exactly like that Le’Gambi pair mainly due to the super skinny fit of the AA pants. Theoretically I could ask to have the fit copied from waist to hem, but that would result in extra seams being visible on the upper legs. I can deal with the extra seams from the additional material being sewn on the lower legs being visible but not the upper legs. So the alterations provide a different and unique look to these pants, one which I like a lot and another reason I have been wearing so frequently.

But an even further reason why I have been wearing them is because it makes me feel kind of rebellious to be wearing a pair of American Apparel disco pants. I’m sure that when some women see me wearing them they know the pants are AA and it feels good to have them seeing me wear something they should be wearing themselves. The fact the the lower legs are ever so slightly wider than normal might throw some of them off, but I’m sure they still recognize the pants. I’m just waiting for the day when a young attractive woman wants to talk to me about them.

Finally, I think another reason I am wearing them so frequently is that the AA disco pant by nature just has more of a casual aesthetic to it than the vintage ones do. They’re everyday and everywhere pants. Even many women have said and believe this. This era of skinny and slim jeans and pants and leggings and athletic legwear has really expanded the category of casual clothing from only jeans to a whole new world of different pants and textures they come in. I bought my first pair of skinny jeans in 2007 and my first pair of AA disco pants a year later. This has been a revolutionary period of twelve years not only for men’s clothing but for women’s as well. And the fact that the line between women’s and men’s clothing are blurring—at least in terms of pants which is mostly all I care about—is another step in the right direction.

I imagine the grand majority of the next fifty wearings I am aiming for will be my altered AA disco pants. Plus, soon enough I will have a pair made in imperial purple. I am so looking forward to that!

I’m thinking that even when winter and snow comes I will probably wear these altered pairs with my tall Ugg-style boots. As long as it’s not too cold of course. My cutoff point for wearing disco pants in winter is about thirty degrees. Anything less than that and I go back to denim jeans. But perhaps I’ll be more daring this year and try to wear them when it’s only in the twenties. We shall see.

Not sure if I’m going out tomorrow or not but if I do I want to wear disco pants again. I was rather surprised to see that I only have two wearings of the altered Chinese pants. I need to get more use out of them. But then again, they are really lightweight so it may be best to save them for when it’s really hot out there. Like nineties hot. And since I’ve incorporated some lightweight Nike joggers into my everyday wardrobe they’ve reduced the frequency of the Chinese disco pants wearings. While the joggers aren’t skinny they’re still somewhat slim and do taper at the bottom which makes for a good look.

I guess I should mention which disco pants I wore today; it was the altered charcoal medium. And I wore them without any VPL which looks better and feels better. And when I went to that bank today to fax a document the woman employee told me to sit while I waited for the confirmation. When she brought the it to me I noticed she had a bit of a surprised look/reaction when she saw my pants. But that was it and I was quickly out of there. And then it was off to thrifting where I regrettably didn’t find anything particularly amazing. But there’s always next time!

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  1. AIO says:

    What’s do you wear for underwear?

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