Fave Disco Pants Pic 1

I’m going to be posting and analyzing a series of my favorite disco pants photos found online. These will not be consecutive posts. They may not even be frequent. Either way I will continue to blog about any ‘breaking news’ I have in my world of spandex disco jeans. For instance, today I got my tenth wearing of the month and it’s only the 22nd day with nine more to go. Tomorrow will be another and this is surely going to be another record month.

However, I don’t have a heckuva lot to say about it other than I wasn’t sure I was going anywhere today much less wear disco pants. Sort of at the last minute I decided to go to a clothing store and then had to figure out which disco pants to wear. It was a hard decision today and for whatever reason I felt half-hearted at the thought of wearing the brown, two-tone, midnight navy or charcoal. I wanted to wear my newly altered black again which I only wore two days ago. But I thought I already wore those this week so I shouldn’t wear them again. Then another thought popped into my head; that Zoella internet personality character used to wear hers like everyday so why couldn’t I wear the same one a second time this week? And so I did.

I realize that when it comes to denim jeans, many people wear them multiple times a week if not everyday. When we’re talking raw denim the manufacture actually says you should wear them everyday. But let’s face it—most people don’t wear raw denim. It can be pretty expensive and only those who have any interest in fashion wear them. So that aside most people are wearing the same pairs of non-raw denim jeans multiple times per week most likely because they don’t have that many to begin with. Thankfully, I’ve always had enough denim jeans since my post-college days that I did not have to wear the same pair twice in one week. If I wore any multiple times in a week it was because I liked how they looked and/or fitted. That holds true to this day.

So it was a little difficult for me to even consider wearing the same pair of disco pants I wore two days ago again today. However, as I mentioned once I thought about Zoella and also about how perfect this particular pair fits me I went ahead and did it. Now I’m pretty sure I will not wear them again tomorrow for my thrift store day. At the moment I am not sure which one I will wear but it may be time to give the brown pair a spin.

Getting back to my original topic—my favorite photos. I’m going to start with this one here:


Nice & big. I absolutely love this photo. It captures the essence of how a perfectly fitting pair of disco pants should look from the back. Her pants are absolutely skintight with just the right amount of shine in the natural daylight. It’s possible it wasn’t all that sunny when this shot was taken.

The pants are obviously not American Apparel. You can tell by the shape of the pockets. They have a three-cornered bottom whereas the AA has a rounded or arced bottom. They may be Primark or H&M. That leads me to believe that this is probably not taken in the U.S. but rather in the U.K. somewhere. Notice the wrinkling under the left pocket? And behind the knees? I love those effects. When a pair of pants is really tight-fitting you get those effects in those areas. You also get them across the crotch and just above the knees on front as well. Her left leg is completely perpendicular to the ground as her right one is stepping forward. And even as her left leg is completely straight you can still see those wrinkles behind the knees because they have virtually become impressed onto the pants from the frequent movement. That happens with denim jeans, too when worn super tight.

There is some slack and bunching at her ankles and that can be normal with the modern skinny version of disco pants. And it’s not a bad look either. In my opinion it gives the pants less of a leggings look since leggings would most likely be fully stretched out and firmly against her legs in that area. Of course, we must remember that for the most part disco pants are an off-the-rack item and are not custom tailored to each wearer. If they were, she might opt not to have any bunching down there and to have them skintight all the way down. And on some people the pants may fit just like that as is. I still think the pants as a whole are a perfect fit and look on her.

I don’t care particularly much for the sneakers she is wearing though I prefer them over any high heels many women tend to wear with disco pants. High heels kill the look for me and I prefer to not even look at them. Her sneakers are Vans and while I think Vans look superb with disco pants I don’t care for the patterned version hers display. A solid white or even black pair (or even one to match her jacket) would have been much better. And I don’t see her wearing any socks but she might be wearing some of those that are ‘no-show’ and can only be seen outside the shoe.

Her jacket or sweater (could be a cardigan) is a really nice color—teal, I believe and it goes nicely with the shiny, black pants, though truthfully I don’t think there is any color that wouldn’t! Most importantly is how low cut the top is which gives a solid view of the back area of the pants. Clearly it’s not so low cut that anyone would call it cropped—I put cropped tops in the same category with high heels; don’t like them, don’t need them—but you can see the pockets a good amount and it makes for a very nice view. I am a firm believer that there is no point in wearing disco pants and completely covering up the crotch and bum areas with long tops. And I am glad she is not either. But to each his own.

Her purse is a little long in the strap and serves to cover up nearly the entire right side of the bum area. Would be nicer if she shortened that strap a bit.

It’s a colorful photo. Her pants are black, sneakers are multi-colored, jacket/sweater is teal and purse is brown. Sometimes I wonder about trying to match my clothing especially when I wear red sneakers but to me it appears this young lady is not overly concerned with that as some of those colors are arguably clashing. But she’s wearing disco pants and that’s all that matters!

I would love to see additional photos of this person on this particular occasion. I don’t even remember where I found this one. It might be a one-off thing where someone walking behind her just wanted to get a photo of her in those pants. Or it may be a still from a video. Whatever it is I would just like to thank this person for such a great shot.

It is a highly cropped pic and we’re not able to see what’s going on on either side of her. Someone is walking very close to her on her left side and it’s even possible her left arm is around that person. But we can’t clearly see. Perhaps she is someone famous and some of you may know who she is. I sure don’t. But I would love to see more photos or even the video if this is what it is.

So why do I love this photo? Because it’s disco pants in motion. It’s someone walking in disco pants so skintight that some people would think are uncomfortable without a clue as to the reality of their comfort. It’s disco pants and sneakers which to me is like bread and butter. Peanut butter & jelly. It’s a pair of disco pants gleaming in the daylight while at the same time straining at its max as part of an outfit that would otherwise be unspectacular, yet it’s a complete outfit that looks respectable and sexy without baring any unnecessary skin. It’s a pair of disco pants that didn’t cost all that much yet looks just as amazing as a pair that did. It’s a symbol of disco pants as casual, everyday wear, not just for clubbing, weekend dates or presenting oneself as unsavory. That’s why I love this photo. And even though this girl in the photo probably doesn’t wear disco pants anymore and the one in the photo has long been trashed and recycled into something else, the way the pants look on her inspires me to want to wear mine everyday.

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