Record August For Disco Pants

Boring jeans guy. I can’t imagine being a boring jeans guy ever again. Yes, I used to be one. I used to wear some of the most boring and most ill-fitting jeans during the prime of my life. But don’t blame me. I happened to prime during a time when baggy jeans were the norm. Whether you wanted to wear them or not they were what was available to you. Your only other option was to shop in the older men’s section and get the not-as-baggy yet still crappy fitting jeans they wore. It was lose-lose.

I guess perhaps someday I may be a boring jeans guy again and join the hundreds of millions others out there. But at least for now I like to think I wear some of the best jeans ever made. No, I’m not talking high price, boutique Italian or Japanese denim, though that’s fine too. I’m talking spandex disco jeans and skinny jeans and slim jeans. Brand notwithstanding. As long as they look and fit right that’s all that matters. What’s the point of buying $200 denim if it has a fake-looking wash to it? There are plenty of them out there. Just give me a dark pair of tight-fitting skinny or slim jeans and I’ll fade them out myself albeit over a long period of time. And spandex disco jeans? They don’t need any fading though I have thought it may be interesting to see a pair made that looks like a faded pair of jeans. I might totally wear that if it looked authentic enough. None of this obviously fake whiskering, please.

I was a boring jeans guy until 2007. Then I discovered slim and skinny jeans and haven’t looked back. My jeans have gotten progressively tighter since then. I still have one pair from that discovery year of 2007. It was one of the tightest at that time and remains one of the tightest pairs I have now. It’s a pair of Cheap Monday Tight and it’s one of my most perfect jeans. I wear them a lot during fall and spring and give them a rest during summer. They’re a bit thick so it can be too much in the summer. But they’re one of my favorites along with my Nudie High Kai & Thin Finn, Levi’s 510 and 7 For All Mankind 1 Skinny. And of course all my shiny spandex jeans!

Last week I found a really cool pair of jeans at a new store that opened near me. As I was going through the jeans on the rack this shiny black pair caught my eye and I immediately grabbed it. It was not disco pants shiny but rather leather jeans shiny and it was waxed to resemble leather. The brand is Cristiano Ronaldo’s which was a surprise to me because I didn’t know he had his own clothing brand. Anyway, the pants are very cool looking and they are way shinier than my Nudie Thin Finn coated black pair yet not as uniformly shiny as my 7 For All Mankind Rocker in Indianapolis waxed jeans. It turned out to be the only pair in the store.

The waist size was 31 and I wasn’t sure they’d fit but there was no way I was going to leave them there. I could have tried them on but I was wearing my black AA disco pants and didn’t feel like taking them off. Even if they didn’t fit I could always bring them back for a refund. But I took them home and tried them on and they turned out to be a perfect fit. They have stretch and are a bit heavyweight so they will be a fall and possibly winter piece. They look so rebellious and so rockfish! I think they will look great with my white Converse both high top and low.

I went back to this store today to return some jeans. I walked out of there with a stack of them last week and returned some that turned out not to fit all that well. I had a feeling these would not fit and I could have verified this at the store but as I already wrote I was wearing disco pants and I did not want to take them off. So today when I went I wore disco pants again. Last week it was the black AA, today it was midnight navy AA in medium. So I’m two-for-two in terms of wearing disco pants at this store. It will be another few weeks before I go back there. I’m always looking for new stuff and going there once a week I think is just too frequent.

And yesterday I wore disco pants as well. I donned the Chinese black altered pair. Been a while since I wore those. They’re great and super comfortable but I still prefer the AAs and vintage.

I am up to thirteen wearings for this month. That is a new record. And it’s very possible I could end the month with twenty wearings. Can you imagine that? And if that happens and I repeat that feat in September and October and perhaps even November I could end up with eighty wearings just in those four months!

I have talked about some goals I have for the remainder of this year. I have also mentioned that ultimately the goals don’t matter all that much but rather that I just wear the pants whenever I have a chance to. All that being said here are a few things that are on the short-term radar:

  1. Finishing 2019 with at least 100 wearings.
  2. Completing a Monday-Friday week with five consecutive wearings of AA disco pants.
  3. Getting at least one new color in the rotation and perhaps even three by year’s end.

I think those are all reasonable and feasible goals. In fact, this week could have been the week where I wore AA disco pants five consecutive days but since I started with the Chinese pair that put an end to it. Next week is a possibility but I have to go to a doctor’s office (not for myself). I have actually worn disco pants once at this doctor’s office in the past but I haven’t since and I’m not sure I want to. That was actually an unplanned wearing. I had gone out earlier that day to run some errands and was going to change before going to see him. But time was short and I decided not to. The pants I wore that time was a vintage style one so it didn’t have skintight lower legs. The AAs do even with the alterations. The most notable difference with the alterations is down at the ankles where you can see they’re not gripping. But it’s still a close fit.

I guess my issue with going in AA disco pants is that they are noticeably tighter. It doesn’t bother me so much that the doc sees me in them but it’s all the other patients who go there. There are two docs who have offices there and they share one waiting room. The walk is short from his office door to the waiting room exit but it’s enough for all sitting there to look at you from head to toe. Otherwise I’m not bothered by going there in disco pants.

As far as getting a hundred wearings for the year, I already showed how that is possible. And getting at least one new color is nearly in the works as I have the imperial purple here and ready to go. I just need a scrap pair of the cranberry red and then a medium in forest green.

One more thing to consider—the day I take the imperial purple to get altered I will also have to take the black altered one so the seamstress can copy it. That means I will have to wear the black one early in the week because once I take it in I will be without it for a week or longer. For instance, if I take the purple in this week I can forget about next week being the five consecutive AA week. So this will take some careful planning.

I recently came into a pair of H&M black disco pants in medium. I love the look of the H&M disco pants. In case you forgot or don’t know, the H&Ms have faux front pockets, belt loops, rivets and additional seams on the back above the pockets that make the pants look a lot more like denim jeans than the AAs do. I like these little touches a lot and it give these pants a unique touch. I have a pair in XS and I can fit into it. It is an extremely skintight fit though and I love it.

This medium pair fits much looser but still satisfactory enough to make me happy. When I got these I was thrilled and decided I was going to have them altered as well. Yesterday when I tried them on again, they looked a little looser but most people would still probably qualify them as skintight. Unfortunately, after I took off the pants I noticed what appeared to be some scrapes on the back, one of which turned out to be a small hole. That completely scrapped my plan to have them altered. I even ordered another H&M pair that didn’t have back pockets to serve as the extra material and now I’m hoping somehow to cancel that order. This is why I say you have to be extremely careful when buying pre-worn stuff online. You never know whether the seller is being honest and really didn’t know about the damage or is lying to get a quick sale.

For the most part I’m pretty sure I will be wearing mostly the altered AA pairs from here on out. At least for casual occasions. If I should decide to wear disco pants for anything other than a casual outing I would probably go with the vintage style ones. These outings include visiting a relative’s house, going to church or eating out.

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