Slow Start September

Getting off to a slow start in September. It’s already the twelfth day and I only have three wearings for the month. Not to worry, though. I’m sure I will end up with a very good month.


I was planning on wearing some disco pants today but I ended up not going out. Tomorrow is in the bag for sure. It’s thrift store Friday and I’m strongly considering my skintight brown altered AA pair. It will be my fifty-ninth wearing of the year.


I haven’t worn the brown nearly enough since getting them. I think I may have mentioned they are extra tight and feel almost like a size small. Of course, I love wearing them like that but sometimes that self-consciousness creeps in.


I dropped off the imperial purple pair to get altered this week. That means I will be without my altered black AA pair as well until next Thursday. I love that black pair. I initially thought it was superfluous to get a black AA pair altered but I have no regrets at all! In fact, I am still considering doing a black AA in large as well. But I am eagerly anticipating the imperial purple altered pair. That will be a super fun color to wear this fall!


Been thinking lately—how beautiful a thing the disco pant is. I have really been thinking about spandex disco jeans lately and going through all the photos I have from the net. I can’t help but lament that people (most women, but no one really) aren’t wearing them anymore. The legging doesn’t die but the disco pant has suffered a major wane in popularity. Not that I want the legging to die because I do like its tight-fitting quality. But in all reality it is such a boring piece of legwear. At least if they had some shine to them. But no. Most of the solid color leggings I see being worn out there are all matte, dull. The exceptions are the wild print ones or the ones with other designs on them. And I don’t care for designs on my legwear. Oh well.


I have a lot of respect for any women who are wearing disco pants in 2019. Not because I feel it takes any kind of bravery or boldness to do so. I have said many times that there is very little difference to me between a pair of disco pants and some skinny jeans, but that little difference is huge in terms of what makes them attractive and enticing to me. My respect for these women is that they’re wearing something they truly like even though it may be somewhat post-fashionable. I daresay most women do not do this. Admit it, ladies—many of you who have worn disco pants during its hype in 2012-2014 or so would not be caught dead in them now because “nobody (who’s anybody) wears them anymore.” And those of you who never wore them at all? I think it’s safe to say there may be several reasons why you didn’t.


  1. You couldn’t afford them. I can totally understand that. They always were expensive pants but whether you believe it or not, they were totally worth every last cent. Even when they debuted at $90. I mean really, you couldn’t just get one on a credit card? Just one? You couldn’t ask for one as a Christmas or birthday present? Couldn’t get one when they had their usual holiday sales? I know what it’s like to not be able to afford something you want, but I’m pretty sure all the young women who wanted a pair of disco pants had some kind of job they got some money from. Or a boyfriend or relative who could buy them an $80 pair of pants. Hell, if I had a girlfriend I wouldn’t have even waited for her to ask me for one. I would have gotten her one (or twelve) at the same time I got mine! So while I can respect the affordability factor of the pants for some women, I can still see other options or ways to have gotten a pair if you really wanted one.
  2. You’re too scared to wear shiny spandex pants. So perhaps you already wear leggings and jeggings and the skintightest of skinny jeans. But you could never bring yourself to wear the disco pant. You were curious and even studied all the photos of the bloggers who posted of themselves in disco pants. But you thought you could never “pull off the look.” (I’ve read all the comments). So some of you remained in your state of insecurity while others took an angrier route and claimed you’d never wear such a “hideous pair of pants.” Yet the only physically visible difference between the disco pant and all the other assorted skintight pants you regularly wear is that the disco pant is shiny. And for whatever reason shiny pants give you a complex. So you never bought a pair, you never wore a pair and you say you don’t regret it at all. But I don’t really buy it.
  3. You’re not a follower of fashion or you just don’t wear anything out of the ordinary. This is another reason I can accept. Yes, there are some of you out there who probably never even heard of disco pants. You don’t care for anything but sackcloth. You dress everyday like a boring guy dresses on his best day. You are a Plain Jane. Nothing shiny for you except perhaps shoes. You would look at a photo of someone wearing disco pants and you’d immediately decide, “not for me”! And that’s fine. But either you’re part of the older crowd or you’re not from a metropolitan area. Let’s face it: most older women are not going to adopt new fashions. And most women who were around when the original spandex disco pants came about would not wear them ever again. Most if not all. And if you’re a woman from a big city you most likely already wear leggings and skinny jeans and other tight-fitting types of pants. Or maybe you don’t if you’re a religious type, though I have frequently seen many religious types wear absolutely skintight jeans & pants. Other than that, only if you absolutely do not care for clothing style trends and you are completely out of the loop would you not be interested in wearing or knowing about disco pants.


So those are the women who never wore disco pants. And it really is too bad for them. Too big a deal was made over how these pants made you look and it’s ironic because they don’t really make you look any different from when you’re wearing super skinny jeans or leggings of any kind. Was the high waist off-putting? Perhaps so because up until they came out most all women’s trendy jeans were low-rise. Truth is if you don’t have any kind of bulging stomach the high rise of disco pants makes no ill-effect. Besides if you weren’t used to high rise you didn’t have to tuck your shirt into them, much less wear any belly-exposing cropped tops. If you wore something long enough no one would have to know you’re wearing high-waisted pants.


I pretty much don’t buy the excuses thrown out there for not buying/wearing disco pants. I believe the common thread in the refusals was fear—fear of looking too sexy, fear of looking trashy, fear of looking like a wet seal. The sexiness and trashiness both had to do with what other pieces were worn with the pants. I have seen many photos of women who looked trashy because they were exposing too much of themselves and wearing the highest of heels. I said this before but I’ll say if again: Disco pants make you look sexy in their own right. They don’t need any help. You don’t need to wear cropped tops or other skimpy tops or ridiculously high heels with them. The sexiest photos I’ve seen of women wearing disco pants were with them wearing sweaters, t-shirts, blazers, leather jackets or denim jackets with sneakers, boots or flats. Obviously, while the ones in disco pants and skimpier tops also look sexy, you get the feel that they are trying way too hard and I for one wish they knew they didn’t need to. And what’s wrong with looking like a wet seal??


I will continue on with the posting and analyzing of some of my favorite disco pant photos found on the internet. There are so many good ones!


I wish I had been more actively wearing disco pants over the last years. I’m glad I started wearing them in 2012 but from 2013-2016 I rarely wore them. Seventy-four percent of my wearings have come during 2017-2019 and that number is going to continue to grow. And I am looking at some really significant growth during fall when the temp drops and I get to start wearing jackets again.


A couple of additional goals I may push myself for this coming fall will be to wear disco pants with my denim jacket, my pleather jacket and more commonly my AA shiny nylon jacket. I may have worn disco pants with the AA jacket once before. I love that jacket because it has an elastic waist so it stays close to the body and has the tendency to creep up which allows virtually the full view of the disco pants crotch and butt areas (which, by the way, women commonly allow when they wear disco pants). So while I enjoy allowing those areas to be visible my only hesitation in wearing that jacket is that it is quite shiny and perhaps all that shininess may attract unwanted attention. And while my denim jacket does not have an elastic waistband—they normally don’t—it is still cut a bit short so a good portion of those aforementioned areas are exposed. Ditto for my pleather jacket. But I’d really like to get a real leather jacket. I’ve seen so many photos of women in disco pants and black leather jackets and it looks soooo good. Especially since the leather jackets they wear are cut so short! You get pretty much a complete view of their disco pants from waist to ankle.


That’s it for now. Looking forward to wearing disco pants tomorrow. How about you??

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